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Arizona Bell

Spirit Guides Magazine is your resource for inspired learning, development, connection, and self-love. Our mission is to make spirituality accessible for soul searchers who want to deepen their spiritual practice and chart new maps for old souls. Whether you are a pilgrim of the soul or a worldly wanderlust (or, likely, both!), we are your divinely-attuned compass.

As spirituality makes its way more and more into mainstream consciousness, Spirit Guides’ intention is to be the modern voice for ancient wisdoms.

What began in Sedona, AZ on a full moon on 1.11.17, has grown into a global and wild creation that founders, Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza, could not have predicted. From a weekly radio show to a thriving and beautiful membership community, this passion project has a purpose all her own: to help people!

Join us as we discover the world around us and the universe within us; charting new maps for old souls.

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Spirit Guides Magazine

The Cosmic Collective is your source for inspired education, spiritual development, and a heart-centered community.

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