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About Arizona Bell

Arizona Bell

Arizona Bell | Editorial Director, Word Wizard

My Stardust: Leo Sun, Aries Moon, Scorpio Rising

My Spirit Guide: My mother

Most Meaningful Travel Destination: Small town Bavaria, Germany, where my family lives

My Mantra: I am aligned with the will of Spirit; all is well in my world.

My Reset Buttons: Writing, reading, bath-time meditations

A dual citizen of Germany and America, Arizona Bell’s first overseas airplane flight was in the womb—setting her up for a lifetime of wanderlust. Spiritual exploration came fiercely in her early 20s and since then she has been gradually shifting her spiritual purpose closer and closer to the nucleus of her life. Two years ago, following the death of her mother, Bell hit the rock bottom necessary to propel herself to fearless new heights. Today, her many years as a writer, editor, traveler, and seeker, have prepared her to launch the project of her dreams: this one right here in your hands. Spirit Guides Magazine, a publication whose only purpose is to help people find themselves within themselves—to be a lighthouse for those in dark waters—is a dedication to her mother, Maria Houstoun, who alone gave her wings and showed her how to use them. Contact her at arizona@spiritguidesmagazine.com.

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