Akashic Records Part 1

Notes + Homework for Part 1

Here are the tools to support you and the homework that you’ll need to do before we gather for part 2.

To support you through the Initiation:

  • Open the Field
  • Aqua aura
  • Brandberg
  • Rose quartz
  • Rue  forgiveness, dissipates the stuck Kas
  • Plant brushing
  • Epsom Salt Baths (with cedar is ideal)
  • Cedar creates a mystical force (protection) on inner planes


  • Clear the Beams (to be done 4 times before part 2)
  • Rotate Pineal
  • Sothic Breath (daily)
  • Chants to support you as needed
  • Go in the field to prove there’s no reason for stress
You are purged cleaned and activated, be gentle on you, something is dying and giving birth to the next phase of your light!

Akashic Records Part 2

Notes + homework for part 2:

  • Go into the Akashic Field and ask for a teacher/guide specifically for you
  • Stay awake within the field
  • Ask for a crystal that will be a sacred tool for the Akashic, that you can use or acquire for part 3
  • Make a wish with your star self 
  • Lavender is the essential oil to use for support this next week

Akashic Records Part 3

Notes for Part 3

Treat this course as an “introduction.” You have been gifted with so many resources, practices, and guides, don’t possibly expect that you can do it all in 3 weeks. Let the tools serve you way beyond our time together.

This week we will be doing the Akashic Records Initiation and getting into your sweet, sweet records. Huzzah!

Please do this before watching this session:

– bring your crystal if you have it
– have a notebook ready to capture your ceremonial experiences
– have some questions/issues you’d like to take a look at in your Records
– print out, or have handy, this Akashic Records prayer 

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