Aquarius New Moon 2018

Rituals to Usher in The Cosmic Beginning

BY Maeluna Rad


his February, we only experience one lunation in the entire calendar month, and it is a new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. This type of event, a month without a full moon, will not occur again in many years, making the energy of February all about new beginnings and planting the seeds of the future you wish to cultivate and co-create.

In addition to the magic of this cosmic beginning, we are also welcoming the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year: Year of the Dog) on Friday, February 16. What a week! And kicking us off on this magic carpet ride is of course Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate or not, love is in the air across the cosmic board and the vibration of the collective is sure to be high and mighty this week, so let’s work with these energies and make the most of this new cycle.

Aquarius New Moon 2018: The Cosmic Beginning

The energy of this week’s new moon in Aquarius and partial solar eclipse will last for the next six months. That makes the intentions of the seeds you plant this week (see intention-planting ritual below!) extra important. They will be cultivated over the next half a year, so you’ll want to be clear on where you see your life progressing. This is why it is super important to be aligned with your desires with supreme clarity. The phrase, “be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it” rings so true this month. Quiet down, connect with your soul, and allow the guidance of your highest spirit to dictate what you plant and why. Are you planting out of fear (lack) or love (abundance)?

This six-month activation is rooted in your soul’s purpose and will initiate a period of adventure, independence, exploration of your inner and outer worlds, freedom, and overall progression forward. All the planets are currently direct, making this an opportune time to bring those big dreams of yours to fruition. Your plans will be easily manifested if they are in alignment with your higher self, and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor with sweet delight.

Where last month’s supermoon was about releasing to rise, this new moon is about utilizing the space you’ve created and filling it in with the aspects of the life you desire.

Aquarius is also known for breaking out of old patterns, being different, supporting your inner genius, embracing your true nature, and giving others permission to do the same. Love yourself, love others, and give love to your passions and dreams so that you may manifest them with pure intention and a deeply rooted clarity.

Aquarius New Moon Rituals


As this new moon requires a deep sense of clarity in order to plant fertile seeds of intention, it is best to begin by asking yourself some questions that will assist you in tuning your laser-beam vision to the exact point in the future of how you want your life to look, feel, and unfold. Make positive changes and the universe will conspire in your favor.

New Moon Journal Prompts

∆ What do I want to amplify in my life (career, love, friendships, finances, creativity, alone time, familial relations, self-love, daily ritual, etc.)?

∆ What can I do each day that will fill me with joy and bring me closer to the life I wish to create?

∆ In the next six months, what do I want to cultivate in my life that will bring me closer to my fullest potential?

∆ How am I ready to ignite my spark and inner innovator?

∆ What has recently been released or come to a close that has created space to be filled in with a new project or endeavour?

∆ How can I be more courageous with the choices I make? What would bring me the most joy?

Setting New Moon Intentions

These sacred seeds will be symbolically planted in your soul to be nurtured spiritually and manifested materially in your life. Be real. Be honest. Be graceful. Be rational. Be fearless.

With the clarity gained from the journal prompts above, now you can set out your intentions to bring to fruition. There are no rules other than to be in alignment with your truest self and how you want your life to look. Set intentions from a place of love and believe with every ounce of your being that you are worthy of what you desire. That’s it!

Once you’ve written down your intentions, read each aloud and envision them both being planted in your soul and being sent out on a magic carpet delivery service to the universe. This is co-creation and you are never meant to go it alone. Ask from a place of truth, alignment, and love, and the universe will deliver your desires with a singing telegram! Remember: When you’re in alignment with that higher will and allow faith to override doubt, you’re on a team that cannot fail.

New Moon Crystal Grid

Amplify the power of your intentions with a crystal grid! This is a beautiful and intuitive practice that can help serve as a reminder of your intentions and the energy you placed in each crystal.

By choosing crystals that either call to you or are specifically aligned with what you want to cultivate (love, wealth, creativity, travel, etc.) you can charge and program these gorgeous earth gems to assist you in the process of creating your reality. Not to mention they are pretty to look at and raise the vibration of your space—win-win!

Check out this video by the ladies over at Energy Muse to create your very own crystal grid:

New Moon Tarot Spread

To further help you gain clarity, insight, and a course of action, turn to tarot! This spread is one of my favorites to quickly get a read on what needs to happen to get to where I want to go, and where I currently stand. So, grab your favorite deck and do as follows:

Tarot  Spread New Moon

∆ First, ask, “Where am I now?” Then take a deep breath and intuitively pull a card. Put it in the first position all the way to the left.

∆ Next, ask, “Where am I going?” Then take a deep breath and intuitively pull a card. Put in the the last position all the way to the right.

∆ Then, ask, “How do I get there?” Then take a deep breath and intuitively pull a card. Put in the the middle position.

This is your road map. You can get a clear view of where you stand, where you want to be and what either needs to be amplified or released in order to get there.

Live in Ceremony

These rituals can be done on any new moon. This particular new moon is exceptionally powerful and laced with love, but that does not discount from the magic, lessons, and insight that each lunation has to impart.

Something beautiful to remember, is that we are never alone on our life path. Although it may feel like we are not only alone, but completely in the dark, we can always look to the moon to help guide us and uncover hidden emotions that need to be cultivated or released to reach our highest potential. There are always tools to turn to for insight into your intuition when your brain won’t shut up and life seems chaotic. Slow down. Breathe. Connect with Spirit through your soul and ask for help.

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Morgan Garza

Morgan Garza

Morgan is a free spirit, traveler of inner and outer worlds, and co-founder of Spirit Guides Magazine. Her background is in holistic health and wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy healing, and all things mystical. She feels deeply, thinks expansively, and writes to make you feel something, question everything, and make you smile.

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