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Can I practice Christianity and Wicca simultaneously?

Jess Carlson


inding your path as a witch can be a challenge. For most of us walking a magickal path is a choice. It’s a path that many of us consciously decided to pursue rather than being something we’re raised in. That means there’s a high chance you’re starting this journey after having been part of another religion or spiritual practice. That brings us to a question like the one we have this month which is actually quite common among newbies.

“I was raised in the Christian church but find myself aligning less and less with it and more and more with witchcraft. Can you practice Wicca and Christianity/Buddhism/other religions simultaneously or does this make one a hypocrite?”

Before I dive into the specific question, I want to make a fundamental distinction between Wicca and witchcraft. Wicca is a religion whereas witchcraft is a magickal practice.

Wicca has specific spiritual, ethical, and moral beliefs that help form the foundation of the religion. Witchcraft is the practice of using magick in the form of spells and rituals to influence the world around you to bring about a specific outcome you desire. Not all Wiccans are witches, and not all witches are Wiccans. You can practice Wicca as a religion and not use witchcraft. You can also practice witchcraft without following the Wiccan belief system.

Understanding the difference between Wicca and witchcraft is essential, especially in the context of this question. It’s also very important to keep in mind that what I’m going to share is my personal take on this question. This is one of those questions that you can ask ten different people and get ten different answers.

Can you practice Wicca and Christianity at the same time? I don’t believe so, at least you can’t fully practice them at the same time. There are definitely areas of one or both that you would need to either willingly ignore or augment which could be confusing or problematic.

Can you practice witchcraft while following a religion other than Wicca (or any religion that isn’t specifically a magickally based religion)? Yes, I believe you can. You’ll find there are many people out there that identify as Christian Witches or Jewish Witches, for example, since you can discover mysticism and magick in most religions if you look deep enough.

So, what’s the difference? Why are Wicca and Christianity more of a challenge than witchcraft and Christianity?

If you’re trying to follow Wicca and Christianity together you will be attempting to walk two different religious paths at once, ones that don’t really complement each other well.

One issue is the simple fact that Christianity is monotheistic, having only one god and no others, whereas Wicca is polytheistic, holding at the very least a Goddess and a God who are on equal footing with one another. Some who do identify as Christian Wiccans honor Jesus as God and Mary as Goddess but this can be a little questionable since in Christianity Mary is not elevated to this kind of status. To some people, this doesn’t matter but for others, it can be a challenge, and it’s just one of many.

The Bible states quite clearly what it thinks of magick and worshipping nature. The closest thing that Wicca has to a written doctrine is the Wiccan Rede which also clearly lays out how it feels about these same practices. In Wicca, they are cornerstones of the religion whereas in Christianity they are presented as things that should be avoided.

When it comes to witchcraft and Christianity, you will find people incorporate magick into their lives in ways without feeling that they are committing a sin or going against their beliefs. But there is one huge thing that you need to find a way to reconcile, that whole “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” thing.

Some people will debate that this is actually a mistranslation and “witch” should have been translated to “poisoner” and that this has nothing to do with witchcraft. Without getting too into the weeds, this actually isn’t true and has been debunked by Jewish scholars many times. The original Hebrew text uses a term that in ancient Jewish society was used to refer to sorcery, specifically that of herbalists and healers that worked herb magick. So while the word may not specifically translate to our modern word “witch,” the intention and sentiment were the same.

How Christian Witches practice is very personal. There is no laid out path for the Christian Witch so each person will practice in their own way. Since I’m not a Christian Witch, I can only speak to what I’ve seen of the very few practitioners who I’ve met in the past.

Magick is sometimes practiced with the Ten Commandments as a moral guide, meaning they don’t cast spells or do rituals that would break a commandment. I’ve also seen that prayer becomes a big focus in their practice and is used as a form of magick. Those that come from a more Catholic background may work with the angels often as well. When it comes to divination, like tarot or oracle card reading, it isn’t used as for predictions or fortune telling but as a way to gain more insight and understanding of current lift issues from God.

Let’s go back to our seeker’s question about practicing the religions Wicca and Christianity at the same time.

You may find yourself drawn to two different religions because there are aspects of each that you like and you want to find a way to combine them. It can be helpful to look at not only what you like about each religion but also what you don’t like. This can help you find what may be holding you back from fully committing to one or the other.

Ask yourself these questions and really give yourself time to dig into the answers.

  • ⚬ What beliefs have you found no longer resonate with you in the Christian religion?
  • ⚬ For each of the things you listed in the previous question ask yourself “why,” what is it about each of those specific beliefs that no longer resonates with you?
  • ⚬ What do you feel is missing for you from Christianity?
  • ⚬ What is it that attracts you to Wicca specifically?
  • ⚬ When it comes to Wicca what beliefs and practices feel most natural and in alignment for you?
  • ⚬ What do you feel may be lacking for you personally in Wicca?
  • ⚬ And finally, the really big question: What keeps you from feeling you can commit fully to Wicca or Christianity?

One thing that I would suggest is not getting too hung up on labels. You might not entirely be a Christian, and you might not entirely be a Wiccan. You don’t need to label yourself, and you can create your own path.

For you it could simply be that allowing yourself to follow your heart and believe what you know to be true rather than accepting what someone else tells you is true is what you need. This approach isn’t for everyone; some people need the reassurance or confirmation of an outside source to know they’re doing things “right.” For others merely having this permission to follow their own path is all it takes for them to find the spiritual peace and balance they have been looking for.

This is a very personal choice. Just remember that your spiritual path, no matter what turns it takes, will always be growing and evolving. As long as you feel that your path is supporting you spiritually, guiding you in a positive direction, and filling you with peace, it doesn’t matter what you call it or whether anyone else agrees with it. At the end of the day, you need to decide what is right for you. This is your spiritual path, and nobody else needs to walk it but you.

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Jess Carlson

Jess Carlson

Jess Carlson is a witch, intuitive tarot and oracle reader, writer, and magickal teacher focused on spreading the power and simplicity of magick. Known for keeping her teachings and guidance practical and approachable, Jess cuts out the woo-woo BS that can often get in the way. She uses tools like spellwork, journaling, and meditation to help people activate their inner witch. When Jess isn’t talking to the spirits and casting spells, she loves listening to gothic- and Viking-themed music, playing video games, making art, and napping with her cats. Find her at

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