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Is a free love spell done years ago the source of my marital problems now?

Jess Carlson


ave you ever had a “free spell” done for you through a website? You know those sites? The ones loaded with mystical stock photos from the ‘90s that boast “My free magic spells work fast and they are really powerful! I am a great spell caster…” Well, you know what they say: nothing is free. So what happens if you have a free love spell cast for you and now things are funky in your life?

My question is an honest and sincere one. Years ago I fell in love with a woman with whom I was very good friends with. My feelings were strong but not returned by her, so I turned to magic to help me. After what seemed like a lot of research I found a website called spells4free and a priestess named Doris. I have since done a lot of research about her and most claim her a scam, but I followed her instructions and did a spell calling on the aid of Gjoub. I did the spell not to make her love me in return but to fully understand how much I cared about her…that’s all I hoped for.

Well fast forward 6 years…we are married and have a wonderful child together. Our marriage is rocky and has been full of arguments and heartache. We have been faithful to one another and both still tell the other we love each other, and no plans of separating but I wonder the reason we have never gotten along well is because of the spell? Who is Gjoub? I cannot find any information on them. I don’t regret calling for help and I am grateful for my child but I wonder. Any light you might shed on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Love spells aimed at a specific person are always a bit of a crap shoot. There is always a very good chance that it can backfire. Sometimes that happens right away and sometimes it happens years later. Love spells directed at a specific person to get them to feel a certain way and to do something they otherwise have decided not to do (i.e., date you/marry you/be in a relationship with you) is magick that takes away that person’s free will. And if there’s anything we never want to mess with, it’s someone’s free will.

Even though you say your spell’s intention was not to make her fall in love with you, I can’t help but think that your spell had an underlying energy and desire for her to both understand how you felt but to also act on that in some way. If you just wanted her to know how you felt all you would have had to do is tell her and then what she did with that information was up to her. Clearly there were other desires behind it, even if it was unspoken. Sometimes our own ulterior motives get in in the way even if we don’t think we have any.

Websites like Spells4Free, where you are offered free spells cast on your behalf, are all scams.

There are some solid red flags on all of these sites:

∆ They are often written in poor or broken English. Usually the English text on the site has been translated from another language with an automated service, so it reads oddly.

∆ The website you go to looks like every other website they link out to. They all have a very similar early 2000s web design and often you’ll notice that their privacy policy and site copyright is out of date.

∆ There is no information about the spell caster or other people who work for the website. Everything is a “high priestess” and they have a generic first name. There are no pictures, no personal information, and nothing to indicate they are actually magickal practitioners.

∆ They often focus heavily on love spells. The three most common types of spells people look for are love, sex, and money—the three things that make the world go ‘round!

∆ When you submit your free spell request you get an email with very general and impersonal information within a few minutes. These are automated emails or templates and often you will notice an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom because when you filled out your info and sent it in you were actually signing up for an email list.

∆ You can’t contact anyone directly. There is nobody to ask questions to and no way to get confirmation about your spell being done.

∆ There are always referral services. You’re often told that if your spell doesn’t work you can get a more “exclusive” service if you pay, even if it is just $20. You might also be referred to another person, who is often the same person, who is supposed to be amazing but who charges.

As you now know, “High-Priestess Doris” is known for being a scammer. There is no info about her to be found anywhere, not on her own websites and not anywhere else on the web. She may not be a practicing witch. She may not be a high priestess. She may not even exist! Nobody knows anything about her.

“High-Priestess Doris” is also known to be part of a ring of spell scammers; she will sometimes recommend other spell casters to people if they feel her spell didn’t work and anyone she recommends is part of this group working together.

Just think, if this website gets hundreds of requests for free spells every month, how is she able to actually do all those spells? They can’t and she isn’t.

Paying for spellwork from a reputable practitioner is completely fine and totally legit. Just like any other service, you’re paying for the person’s time, expertise, and work on your behalf. You want someone you are able to personally communicate with that will do the work so you can ask questions. Most spell casters will also provide confirmation of the work done, which often comes in the form of pictures and a written report of the work. All of that makes the service and the person far more trustworthy.

It’s quite common when a spell caster is doing magick for you that they will ask you to do something as well. You may be asked to light a candle, do a meditation, or take a ritual bath. Typically it is something simple but requires time and effort on your part. Spell casters almost never ask a novice to call on spirits or deities, especially ones that the client doesn’t have any knowledge of.

I hope everyone reading this will take away this one thing if nothing else: Never call on a god, goddess, or spirit who you do not know and ask them to do something for you.

Any spirits you call on you should know who they are, what they do, and what their story is. You should also know how to call them properly which includes how to pronounce their name. How do you even pronounce “Gjoub”?

I’ve never heard of Gjoub EXCEPT in relation to “High-Priestess Doris” and her spells. If you search “Gjoub” online every result brings you to people asking about this spirit because of Spells4Free and her “instructions.” That’s because there almost certainly is no “Gjoub.”

All of this begs a few questions.

Was magick ever actually done for you? No, you probably didn’t have any spells cast for you.

Did calling on this spirit have an effect on your situation? Not likely. “Gjoub” isn’t messing with your life because this spirit likely doesn’t exist. However, with the amount of people that believe in “Gjoub” because of this website and the power of the collective unconscious, there is likely a thoughtform of this being out in the world now. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Has any of this stuff caused your current problem? It’s possible, but only because you believe it may have. Remember, you have no proof of anything. No proof of a spell having been and no proof of this spirit you were told to call on existing. Over the years you have created a story about all of this in your own mind.

Your thoughts have power and the story and belief behind those thoughts fuel that. Ultimately you’re projecting that energy into the world. In a sense, you cast your own spell.

Your would-be wife may have come back into your life because she wanted to. Your desire for her to understand how you felt and feel your care for her may have been felt and she found her way back to you.

It’s entirely possible that you’re having problems in your marriage for the same mundane reason that most people do. Maybe you’ve grown apart or your communication has broken down or maybe there’s too much stress in your life and it’s pulling you two apart. It could be any number of issues, but spells and spirits are likely not one of them.

It’s easy to point a finger to the experience you had with the spell website as the reason for your problems. It’s a convenient answer because you may not be able to easily figure out the mundane cause for your issues which makes it harder to address and fix.

The best thing for you to do right now is focus on what’s happening in the present on a mundane level. Even if a spell and a spirit was the reason, it doesn’t change what’s happening now because you can’t undo a spell that was done years ago. Relationships are tough and marriage can be really hard sometimes and I wish you nothing but the best in finding peace in your home.

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Jess Carlson

Jess Carlson

Jess Carlson is a witch, intuitive tarot and oracle reader, writer, and magickal teacher focused on spreading the power and simplicity of magick. Known for keeping her teachings and guidance practical and approachable, Jess cuts out the woo-woo BS that can often get in the way. She uses tools like spellwork, journaling, and meditation to help people activate their inner witch. When Jess isn’t talking to the spirits and casting spells, she loves listening to gothic- and Viking-themed music, playing video games, making art, and napping with her cats. Find her at

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