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6 tips for more successful spellcasting

Jess Carlson


o you’ve cast your spell. You’ve cleaned up your altar. You are psyched! You’re ready to see the results of your magick come rolling in. But now what? What should you do after the spell is cast to help you find success? That’s the question we have this month.

“Hi! I am so thankful to have found you. My question: after the love spell has been cast, what do I do? How can I make the energy get my spell to work 100%? Is there a daily prayer or quote that I can say all day?”

I absolutely love this question because the “what next” part of magick is something that the books rarely talk about, which is unfortunate. Just because the candle has burned down and the ashes and herbs have been scattered, does not mean your work is over. In fact, it’s just getting started.

Before we get started, I want to just throw in one little caveat.

There is no way to 100% guarantee that your spell will be effective. Especially with a love spell, your success is heavily determined by how much you’re able to impact another person’s will. And that’s not an easy thing to control.

With all spells, there are a lot of factors involved that can impact your success. While we’re going to mainly talk about what to do after casting a spell, what you do with the spell itself is so important.

Before you even cast your spell, set yourself up for success by:

1. Being super clear on your intention and working toward your end goal—not focusing on how it will happen. If you want to take a vacation, cast a spell for the vacation, not the money to pay for it.

2. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. We have a tendency to focus on what we don’t want to see happen and say things like, “I don’t want to get pulled over on my road trip.” Instead focus on what you actually want—“I will have an easy, safe drive with no delays or problems on my road trip.”

3. Know who and what stands in the way between you and your goal. While you want to work toward the final goal, you do need to keep in mind what stands in your way. Magick is intended to influence change, not create it. You want to influence the things that are between you and your goal to access the goal. If you’re doing a spell for money what do you think will be easier, doing a spell to win a million dollars or a spell to get a promotion at work that comes with a significant pay raise?

The bottom line is that if you can’t say what you really want, you can’t manifest it with magick. A love spell that states, “As this candle burns it creates a fire and passion between us that ignites a long-lasting connection,” may mean one thing to you in context but it says something else in plain language. You might want to manifest a lasting bond and loving, romantic relationship, but this wording and the energy of those words may give you a strong sexual relationship that may or may not be monogamous. You may also find that the bond it creates makes it hard to walk away if you decide to leave.

As silly as it might seem, state your intentions as though you’re telling a 5 year old what you want. Use specific words that indicate what you really want without dancing around it. If you can’t say out loud what it is that you want in particular terms, especially in a ritual context, you won’t ever be able to manifest it.

So now the spell is cast, and the ritual work is done. What now? Here are six tips to help you see more success in your spells.

Stay Positive
It can be hard sometimes, but it’s essential. Stay positive and focused on the outcome you desire and don’t let doubt derail your thoughts, and thus your energy.

Let It Go
If you can, try not to overthink about your spell. Don’t spend a ton of time wondering if it’s going to work or replaying it all in your head to see if you screwed something up. When you do this, you’re energetically holding on to what should be allowed to release and work on attracting your outcome. Let the energy go to do its thing.

Be Careful Who You Talk To
This is something that every witch has a different opinion on, but this is mine. Don’t tell people about your spell. Don’t tell them what you do, why you did it, and what you’re hoping for. If someone doesn’t want to see the same outcome for you that you want for yourself, their thoughts and energies can have a negative impact on your spell. If you’re going to talk about your magick, only tell people about it after the results are complete.

Do Divination
Using tarot or oracle cards, runes, stones, or whatever your divination tool of choice is, you can always check in with your spell and ask the Universe, the gods, or your helping spirits if you need to do anything else. In my free ebook “Spellcasting Secrets for the Wild Witch” I share two spreads I use with my own spells for planning them and checking in on them after they are done. These reading spreads have been invaluable to me over the years in my magick.

Add a Little More Energy

This isn’t the same as not letting the energy go; this is adding to the energy you’ve already put out there. I like doing this after consulting the cards and getting a sense of whether or not there are any specific issues I need to address. Supposing there isn’t, it can be helpful to just add more energy toward your goal. Focus on your end goal, not how it will come to you, and use tools like meditation, visualization, affirmations, and even things like candles, incense, and herbs to keep the energy strong.

If you’re going to use tools for this, be mindful of what you used initially. If your initial spell was based in the element of water, like a cleansing spell that used oils and water, you don’t want to use fire now. I find that incense along with visualization and affirmations always works here. You can do this work daily or a few times a week, but pick something that you can be consistent with. If you know you don’t have the time to do a solid meditation every day, plan for a few days a week. Don’t start strong with daily work and then peter out after a week. The energetic message that sends is not going to be helpful to your cause.

Be Patient
Despite what movies may show you, magick is not instant. You may feel an immediate energy shift within yourself after a spell is done (in fact, you should otherwise something probably didn’t go right) but the actual intended results will take time. I like to use the Rule of Threes to see how progress is going. In three days you should see some of the first changes, even if they are small. In three weeks there should be significant and measurable changes. After three months most spells should have fully manifested. Most don’t take that long, and there are naturally some things that will take longer. But on average, most spells should be manifested entirely within three months.

The most important thing that you need to do no matter what is to stay open to whatever happens. Sometimes the Universe has other ideas for us that at first might not seem ideal. Sometimes what we want isn’t what we need, and somehow the Universe always has a way of balancing that out.

Once your ego and pride are done being hurt and you breathe deep, step back, and look at things objectively, you’ll usually see the positive in the outcome. You may even see in hindsight that what you thought you wanted wasn’t what you really wanted at all. It may turn out that what you got, even if it is miles away for your intended goal, suits you just fine.

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Jess Carlson

Jess Carlson

Jess Carlson is a witch, intuitive tarot and oracle reader, writer, and magickal teacher focused on spreading the power and simplicity of magick. Known for keeping her teachings and guidance practical and approachable, Jess cuts out the woo-woo BS that can often get in the way. She uses tools like spellwork, journaling, and meditation to help people activate their inner witch. When Jess isn’t talking to the spirits and casting spells, she loves listening to gothic- and Viking-themed music, playing video games, making art, and napping with her cats. Find her at

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