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ooh! Look at the stars!” is something that humans have been saying since the dawn of time. We have a natural fascination with astrology, where we come from, and what makes us us. Lucky for us all, astrologer Evelyn Von Zuel created Astrom Council to channel her passion for downloading and decoding the starry messages from above.

Astrom Council began in 2015 when Zuel felt the need to reach out to the community by sharing a space on the internet for people to speak their truths, find helpful information on spirituality, and learn about astrology. “The word astro-om is derived from the Greek root astro meaning ‘star,’ and om meaning ‘person’ and ‘all encompassing,’” Zuel explains. “We strive to utilize our knowledge of the stars and the heavens to educate and illuminate that what is above is also below.”

Pairing gorgeous, mathematical art with a deeply meaningful birth chart creates just about the prettiest and most fascinating combination you’ll lay eyes on—a must for any seekers’ wall art game! It’s your cosmic makeup, on paper, defined by unique art and geometry that’ll be sure to get stardust pumping through your veins.

Spirit Guides Magazine spoke to Zuel about how the cosmic communication began and what inspires her art, soul, and journey.

Astrom Council

How do you draw inspiration for the art you create to accompany each birth chart?

The artwork is inspired by the art deco movement and the beautiful architecture of Los Angeles. Each chart features the same illustration along with a personalized birth chart, a grid of planetary aspects, the elemental makeup of the planets (earth, air, fire, water) along with the modalities. Each of these points are placed by hand, lovingly by me with meticulous accuracy.

How does understanding a birth chart influence or enlighten a person’s life?

One of the biggest take aways I notice from people when they receive a full astrological birth chart reading is the validation and acknowledgment of being. Every single person receives a specific energy pattern upon their first breath on Earth. This energy is a complete picture of where the galaxy was at that specific moment. Essentially the native is breathing in the energy of the moment and to be able to read that pattern is what astrology entails. There is actually a ton of math, geometry and research involved with reading a chart. The specific geometric angles that planets make to each other creates a vibrational wave. So if you can imagine each planetary point on a birth chart emitting vibrations towards each other, that is what an astrologer reads. Some frequencies resonate stronger and some don’t, some create discord and some create beautiful harmony. Each one of these notes creates a song and that song is you. To have your birth chart read is to be empowered with the confidence of knowing what your song is and singing it proudly.

It helps to know where your song resonates the best in a geographical location or if your song resonates with your significant other in a productive way. Your song never changes but it is influenced by the environment and life experiences. Taking steps to know yourself and the energies that make up your being makes you one step closer to becoming united with the divine whole.

Astrom Council

Do you have any experience with spirit guides or messages from “beyond” in your spiritual journey?

My father passed at a young age along with many friends and family, and I was blessed with the opportunity to communicate with them via dreams and otherworldly experiences. Seeing figures and shadows, hearing my name, feeling my hair being tugged, is somewhat of a regular occurrence. I was introduced to Archangel Michael a couple of years back and utilize his protective energy. I ask my guides for clarity during an astrology reading with a client to help communicate information that is necessary in that moment. I practice space clearing and grounding techniques so that I remain a stable force for others as they shift through a transformation.

Where is the most spiritual place you’ve traveled to and how did it influence you?

I’ve traveled all over the U.S., lived in four different states, and have a constant syndrome of wanderlust, so I’ve experienced a lot of spiritual places. Mendocino is one place that I know has something to offer by way of a fantastic spiritual awakening. My friends and I were driving up the coast from L.A. to Portland and stopped in the tiny town of Mendocino off of the highway 1 to get some food. When I heard that the high school kids practiced yoga I knew I was in love. We stumbled upon an old church that had been converted into a health food store, and while checking out the cashier and I had struck up a conversation where she explained Mendocino to be a vortex. Quickly after we had come to realize that we both went to the same small elementary school in Chicago at the same exact time! Joshua Tree will also always remain high on my list, along with Sedona.


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