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hat fun we all had this year voting for our favorite spiritual people, places, and things!

The best part about it for us—and hopefully for you, too!—is discovering all the new new that you all brought to our attention through your individual votes (yes, we go through every one!)!

Thank you to everyone for voting and sharing and spreading the LOVE. We all rise together, and we hope you’ll enjoy discovering all of the winners, runners up, and honorable mentions on this page as much as we have!

Without further ado, the winners of the 2018 Best Of Spirit Guides are…


Best Tarot Reader: Ruchika Beri

Ruchika Beri

A persona of mysticism and charm, Ruchika Beri—Tarot reader and mystic healer—made it her life’s mission to tap into the powers of Tarot cards four years ago. She believes that Tarot readings not only guide individuals to the right path but also offer a fresh perspective to life.

Many consider psychic phenomenon among other theories to be the real secret behind these readings. Ruchika, on the other hand, believes in the true nature of a common dominion. The reader in her has imbibed knowledge from the surroundings and nurturing the information about the cards while relying on her intuition to give people the answers. Connect with her at

Runner Up: Lindsay Mack

Best Astrologer: Rebecca M. Farrar, Wild Witch of the West

Rebecca M. Farrar

Rebecca M. Farrar (fa-rar, like Ferrari without the “i”), MA, aka Wild Witch of the West, is an astrologer and lover living in San Francisco. Before studying archetypal astrology more than eight years ago, she was a huge skeptic of astrology. She now offers astrology readings with a down-to-Earth approach, utilizing her studies on the evolution of consciousness, mythology, and psychology. In 2013, she completed her M.A. at the California Institute of Integral Studies in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness (PCC) program. While there, she studied with archetypal astrologer Rick Tarnas, activist Joanna Macy, and psychotherapist and pioneer Stan Grof.

When not staring at astrology transits, she can be found wandering Ocean Beach, which she acknowledges is sacred Ohlone land, curled up with a good book, or “force” cuddling her kitty, Freyja. Learn more about archetypal astrology and connect with her at

Runner Up: Shannon Hugman

Best Medium, Best Psychic, Best Animal Communicator:
Apryl Nicole

Apryl Nicole

Apryl Nicole is an internationally recognized psychic medium based in California who has been able to communicate with spirit from age three. She works with her abilities to bring healing, closure, and growth to those seeking insight and guidance. Apryl has been featured on Nat Geo Wild with Andre Milan for her diverse abilities as an animal communicator.

Apryl has been a guest celebrity reader on many notable podcasts including Calling Out with Dr. Drew and Susan Pinsky. Amongst her many prestigious awards, Apryl is a proud recipient of the 2017 Social Activist Award with Best American Psychics and is the top-rated psychic medium in Orange County, CA. Learn more and work with her at

Runner Up for Best Medium: Emma Smallbone
Runner Up for Best Psychic: Nancy Hess
Runner Up for Best Animal Communicator: Jessica Lanyadoo

Best Energy Healer: Rachel Sorrell

Rachel Sorrell

Rachel Sorrell is a Maya-influenced energy worker. Her experience living with illness throughout her life brought her to study plant medicine in the Guatemalan jungle, which then led her home to follow her path. She works closely with ceremonial grade cacao, a natural resource to reach higher states of consciousness in meditation. Her work primarily focuses on soul healing and works directly with the energies in the Mayan Tzolk’in Calendar. Learn more at

Runner Up: The Resonant Witch

Best Spiritual Counselor: Nancy Hess

Nancy Hess

For most of her life, Nancy Hess, founder of SF Spirit House, has worked very closely with spirit to not only bring forth messages and healing energies for those here in the physical but to bring “therapy” to spirits as well—ushering them to their next best place (think grim reaper but with a light sarcastic flair!). In conjunction with that, she also specializes in spirit attachments, soul retrievals, and emotional healing for both those alive as well as the dead.

Nancy works to empower her clients—teaching and guiding them to harness their own power, diminish fears of the unknown, bring a tangibility and vocabulary to conversations about the physical body/energy systems, the dead, and more. Work with her and learn more about SF Spirit House at

Runner Up for Best Spiritual Counselor: Andye Murphy, the Rock n’ Roll Shaman

Best Angel Communicator: Shelly Ayers

Shelly Ayers

Shelly Ayers is a spiritual counselor, lifestyle expert, and healer who helps others gain the clarity and confidence to live their best life now. She is known for just knowing things which is a spiritual gift known as claircognizance or “clear knowing.” She has spent two decades applying many forms of deep spiritual, religious, and motivational practices into her daily life. Shelly sees adversities in life as a chance to transform into something better than you thought you could be. She now helps others do the same.
Shelly’s wisdom and expertise come from a natural ability to read energy, and over two decades of personal development. She is a teacher at heart, and strives to teach you how to recognize your own intuitive guidance with every session. Connect with Shelly and absorb her wisdom, including that of angels, at

Runner Up: Kyle Gray

Best Witch: Juliet Diaz

Juliet Diaz

Juliet Diaz is the creator and owner of The School of Witchery and November Sage Apothecary. She’s known as a witch healer and plant whisperer, as well as a Hay House Author. Juliet is Afro-Cuban and Iberian, and comes from a long line of witch healers. Signs of her natural gifts, including healing, energy reading, communication with Spirit and other realms shone through at the age of three.

She believes magic lives within us all and feels passionately about inspiring others to connect to their own innate powers. She has over 33 years experience as a practicing witch and has a master’s of Science in Herbal Medicine. Learn more and tap into your magic at

Runner Up: Lisa Lister

Best Shamanic Practitioner: Andye Murphy

Andye Murphy

Andye Murphy—aka The Rock n’ Roll Shaman—has been trained in multiple lifetimes for her current role as the Rock ‘n Roll Shaman. With past memories and abilities intact, her skills are cultivated from past-life initiations, powerful shamanic teachings, and spontaneous activations from the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the Golden Elohim.

She has a full-time practice in her Arvada, Colorado office, as well as via phone and Skype. A Cancer in five houses, with rich intuition, spot-on accuracy, and a deep empathy for the current challenges of the Spirit, Andye offers a profoundly personal space for healing and remembering, and for general soul delight. Her laugh can be heard through the walls and a box of kleenex is always at the ready. She’s a true gift to the world! Learn more and heal with her at

Runner Up: Shaman Durek

Best Horoscopes: Chani Nicholas

Best Horoscopes

Chani Nicholas has been a student of astrology since she was 12 years old and a counseling astrologer for almost 20 years. Many of her ideas, philosophies, and concepts have been and are constantly shaped by LGBTQI2S, POC, feminist writers, artists, thinkers, activists, and community members, as well as by her colleagues, and folks who she works with both in individual readings and group settings.

She aims to make astrology practical, approachable, and useful. Otherwise, she says, it’s all just cosmic hot air and planets far from reach. Learn more at

Runner Up: Soulshine Astrology

Best Spiritual Retreat: Spirit Weavers Gathering

Spirit Weavers Gathering

With a tagline like “An embrace of the feminine and ancestral ways,” it’s no wonder why Spirit Weavers Gathering won best retreat of the year! Spirit Weavers Gathering is a five day celebration of cultures past and present—a remembering and practicing of basic human skills to ensure the survival of the body and the soul.

Farming practices, working with fibers, weaving, creating ceremony, sharing meals at night and dreams in the morning, the making of plant medicines, singing songs, together as a community—these were the common knowledge ways of the past and part of the simple pleasures of a life lived in balance and harmony with nature. At this retreat, women gather together and share our skills in remembrance of the beauty path and an honoring of our Ancestors. Learn more at

Runner Up: Anton Mackey & Amy Solara Peru Retreat

Best Spiritual Festival: Wanderlust Festivals

Wanderlust Festivals

Wanderlust Festivals are all-out celebrations of mindful living. In the midst of some of the most breathtaking natural settings imaginable, be surrounded by a dynamic family of one-of-a-kind instructors, musicians, speakers, chefs, and fellow celebrants. Step into what’s beyond: new ideas, new friends, new foods, new moves. And at the end of all this blissed-out exploring you’ll find you’ve come home—to yourself. Learn more at

Runner Up: Envision Festival

Best Metaphysical Shop (Online): November Sage

November Sage

November Sage houses real healers and Witches with the sole purpose of helping you heal and rise. We are daughters of the Earth that work with the spirits of Nature to bring you natural, powerful, medicinal, magickal ingredients filled with pure honest love. Holistic products lovingly handcrafted and 100 percent natural/organic and vegan. Learn more at

Runner Up: RitualCravt

Best Spiritual Book (2018): Evolution of Goddess

Evolution of Goddess

Emma Mildon is a modern mystic leader and author who has worked with and learned from medicine men, healers, psychics, authors, artists, activists, yogis throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. She is the author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, and this year her new publication Evolution of Goddess: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Activating Your Feminine Superpowers knocked y’all off your seats this year! Learn more and buy the book here!

Runner Up: The Goddess Life by Cherise Williams

Best Tarot Deck: The Wild Unknown

 The Wild Unknown

Artist and author Kim Krans created The Wild Unknown Tarot deck in 2012 and since it has been a staple in now-age spiritual circles. Each year it continues to surprise, enchant, and defy its own definition. The phrase The Wild Unknown is taken from the lyrics of a Bob Dylan song called Isis, and Krans says “The Wild Unknown” is a feeling. It is a place within. It’s the part of us we do not yet understand, but long to know. Learn more and check the deck out at

Runner Up: The Starchild Tarot

Best Oracle Deck: Angels and Ancestors Oracle

 Angels and Ancestors Oracle

It’s no surprise that your favorite Angel Communicator has also won the Best Oracle Deck with his freshly release Angels and Ancestors Oracle. Congregating within the hidden spiritual realms are angels and ancestors who are using their wisdom to help heal the Earth. We can access this incredible force of love, but first we must be willing, says Kyle. This oracle will help you forge that connection. Learn more at

Runner Up: Work Your Light Oracle

Best Spiritual Podcast: Ghost of a Podcast

Ghost of a Podcast

Ghost of a Podcast is the brainchild of super cool San Fran astrologer, psychic medium, and animal communicator Jessica Lanyadoo. Tune in weekly for your horoscope and homework based on the current astrology! Lanyadoo chooses a listener question weekly and offers guidance that is practical, mystical, and ultimately helps you help yourself! Also, on top of extremely skilled at her craft, she’s fresh, funny, and real hip! Listen to the podcast and cast your question at

Runner Up: Goddess Life Podcast by Cherise Williams

Best Spiritual Webinar/Course: Soul Tarot School

Soul Tarot School

When Tarot is intentionally utilized as a tool for the soul’s growth, it can aid us in organically releasing identification with fear, ego and brain chemistry. It can assist in healing trauma, and it can be deep medicine in the face of pain. This is Soul Tarot. Developed by Lindsay Mack, Soul Tarot is an unlearning, a reconnection, a re-wilding; it is tarot for a new consciousness.

Soul Tarot School is an online center for workshops, courses, and retreats, all to support an exploration of the Tarot as a mirror to our truth, and to the present moment. The material presented in these classes can help us to re-align with our soul’s truth, our inner compass, and our innate wildness. In Soul Tarot, there are no “good” or “bad” cards—it is all medicine. It views each and every card as an opportunity, an invitation into growth and expansion through life’s challenges and contractions. Learn more at

Runner Up: Awaken Your Chakras

Honorable Mentions

While it wasn’t possible for everyone to be at the top of the list, we want to give love to all the people who received a vote in Best Of Spirit Guides 2018. These badasses are all raising the vibration!

Biddy Tarot | Ethony | Alice Grist | Olivia Pepper, Lunaria Tarot | The Mindful Wigwam | Jennifer at Celestial Rites | Radleigh Valentine | Sal Biadora | Tatiana Tarot |Mat Auryn | Mary Grisey Anais – Mystical Mandrake Root | Lisa Boswell | May the quartz be with you | Star Sight Tarot | Natalie Ash | Melanie Huestis | Marcella Kroll | Soho Zen Tarot | Michael Blackthorn aka The Deviant Witch | Rory Lula McMahan | Behati Life | Lisa Boswell | Biddy Tarot | Melissa Cynova | Steff Black | Golden Girl | Avalon Cameron | Liz Burmeister | Pamela Chen | Amy Kathleen | Madame Pamita | Anna of Sisters Enchanted | Angela Mary Magick | The Witch Down The Lane | Kiki of Opulent Witch | Cindy Rogers | Stephanie Moynagh | Nicole Mayefske | Vix Maxwell | Cooper Kaminsky | Laura Boone | Devin Strickler | Gypsyqueentarot | Jen Joseph | Dia Nunez | The Van Mystic | Kelly-Ann Maddox | Christie Tate Bokulic | Rachel Quinlan | Jess Carlson | Shawn Engel, Witchy Wisdoms | | Deepseamercury | GypsyLuv/Magda | Devri Speaks | Misty Dawn- Dawn’s Divine Tarot | Brandon Alter | Sterling Moon | Terrie Huberman | Remington Donovan | Tirrell Cherry | Lance Juniper | Lisa Boswell | Elise Entzenberger | Merhipsy | Cherise Williams | Day Johnson | Alexis Bruno | Krystal Cleary of Power Femme Tarot | Greyson Winter | Gregory Scott | Arcanum.iter | Alexa Gonzalez Bruno | Brigit Esselmont | Steven Bright | Michael Anthony | Lexi Rae Bruno | Nancy Feranec | Cosmic Chica | New Age Hipster | Terri Humberman | Danielle Anne | Traci Otake | Dear Tarot Cards | Paul Jacek | The Cackling Moon | Karen Rontowski | Elaine Britten Bryant | Tracy Otake | Cosmic Creeper | Sarah Beth Lambert | Brit Carmichiel | Michelle Salas aka Michelle the Oracle | Kerrie Li- Wisdom Goods | Laurel Flynn | Tarot by Susan | Sara Walka | Leita Stewart | Amber Khan | Gina Spriggs | Erica Howell | Leah Samuels | Debra Silverman | Troy Taylor | Christie Bokulic | Natalie Miles | Monica Ten-Kate | Marcia Tinoco | M&L Designs | Carol Fakih | Rosa Raya | Analisa Rutstein | Kelly Behrend | Laura Deponte | Valerie Moilov | Ceryn Rowntree | Ryan Mabee | Marti Joslyn | Martha Joslyn | The Mindful Wigwam | Jaqueline Marie | Vonetta Taylor | Alexandra Roxo | Lynn Roberts | Sandra Ingerman |Karyn Crisis | Asia Suler | Elliot Black | Bobbie Seller | Christine Brown | Dianna Knoch | Nicolle Levert | Asha Frost Rainbow Healing Woman | Malcolm Rossiter | Sarah Petruno | Malamalama | Dr. Colleen Vailancourt | Wild Playground | Shaman’s Way Podcast | Rosa Raya | Genie Hobbs | Nandi Hetenyi | Ania Munay | Ray Crist | Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen | Itzhak Beery | Timonthy Cope | Alyson Charles | Alejandro Villalobos | April Rucker | Portia Richardson | Jenn Demarest Soul Whisperer | Liv Wheeler | Stephen Young | Astara Livingston | Sean Walking Bear | Susanne Connolly | Colin Bedell | Bondi Guru | Mecca Woods | The Astro Twins | Behati Life | Daily Om | Mystic Medusa | Mystic Mamma | Jessica Lanyadoo | Spirit Daughter | God | Star Sign Style | Hoodwitch | Soul Garden | | Mia Astral | David Cainer | Annabel Gat | Mystic Medusa | Renee Dills | Rob Brezsny | Susan Miller | Aquarius Nation | Debra Silverman | Debra Silverman | Walter Mercado | Rick Levine | The Numinous | Siobhan’s Mirror | New Age Hipster | Elizabeth Peru the Tip-off | Co-Star | Michelle Knight | Time Passages App | Heidi Rose Robbins | Jennifer Racioppi | Christy Caramelo | Inner Awakening | Pagan Spirit Gathering | Tarot for the Wild Soul Retreat | Light Codes Wellness | The Ontario Vipassana Centre | Ashley Pfeffer | Isha Yoga Centre | Scandinave Spa |Pacem in Terris, MN | Blue Morpho Tours | Namaste Healing | Pranic Soul with Leigh Mallis | Ash Ram | SOAR | Sanne Aronsson | Soul Camp | Haramara | Shiva Rea | 3L Tribe | Mindbodymana | Columcille | Vinny Ferraro Spirit Rock | The Andes Summit | Gabby Bernstein | Alana Fairchild’s Retreats | Lindsey Marino | Fairy Fresh Farm | Path of Love | Bonnie Minnis | The Sisters Enchanted Salem Witchy Weekend | Tesora Sacred Travel | Kim Isherwood | Pagan Spirit Gathering | Sedona Yoga Festival | Zen Awakening | Sat Nam fest | Pantheacon | Mahashivaratri | The Lumi Summit | Holi | Navratri at the art of living Bangalore ashram | Mile High Conjure Gala | Science and Non-Duality Conference | WellSpring | The Huon Valley Midwinter Festival | Inner Peace Holistic Expo | Intuitive Way | 1,000 Goddesses | Into the wild gathering | Midwest Mystic Fest | Spiritual Guru | Organic Punk Rocks | Tamed Wild | Starry Eyed Supplies | The WooShop | May the quartz be with you | Maha Rose | Light Witch Tarot | Hauswitch | Seven Sisters | Modern Mystic Shop | Dolly Moo | Dyona | Spirit Nest | Broomstick Betty | Ole Magic Ways | For Heaven’s Sake | The Witchery | Roro’s Glass Art and Crystal Skulls | Love Light and Legacy | The Seven Directions | The Sword and the Rose | The Spirit Den | The Sacred Spirit | The Quirky Shop Collective | Victory Crystals | House of Intuition | Sage Goddess | The Spellbox | J Southern Studio| Little Red Tarot | Pagan Dreams | The Crystalline Moon | Haus of Hoodoo | Brewing Intuition | Modern Mystic |The Flowerchild | Soulterra | Everyday Magic | Bakaraw | Conjured Cardea | Haus of Conjure | Mystic Wolf | Zenned Out | Art of Root | Heathen Moon | Energy Muse | The Almighty Pineapple | The White Witch Parlour | Sugar Muse | Next Millennium | Shaman’s Market | Her Art of Surrender | Six Ways: Approaches & Entries for Practical Magic | May Cause Miracles | The Illustrated Herbiary | Mystical Girl, Material World | Witchery | From Dark to Light | Witch | Inner Witch | Journey of Souls | Reiki for Beginners | Light is the New Black | Being More Of God: A True Spiritual Evolution | Agora Series | White Hot Truth | The Barefoot Medium | Consciousness Becomes You | Light Warrior | Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker | Crystal Muse | The Holy Wild | Belonging | WTF Should I Do with My Life | Radical Dharma | The Magic Mala | The Wild Unknown Journal | Everyday Tarot | Starseed Footsteps | Change Me Prayers | Social Media for a New Age | Survival of the Soul | Modern Tarot | Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself | You are Magic by Tess Whitehurst | Jess Carlson Planner | What the Fuck is Tarot | Lunar Abundance | How to Get Sh*t Done | Everyday Tarot | Bonestone and Earthflesh Tarot | Cosmic Mother Tarot | Slow Holler | The Good Tarot | Animal Tarot | Osho Zen | Welcome to Night Vale | Uusi’s Otherworld | Considerate Cat Tarot | Celtic Tarot | Mesquite Tarot | Mystic Mondays | Crystal Unicorn Tarot | The Brady Tarot | Night Sun | Naked Heart Tarot | Prisma Visions Tarot | Accurate af | Green Witch Tarot | The Unicorn Deck | Wisdom of the Hidden Realms | Pagan Otherworlds | The Illest Tarot | Fountain | Zombie Tarot | Tarot of a Moon Garden | Moonchild Tarot | The Sasuraibito | Tarot Fauna | Serpent Fire | The Story Medicine | The Wisdom Deck | SheWolfe Tarot | Rider Waite | The Vagabond Wild | Golden Thread Tarot Deck | Ambient Light Tarot | The Enchanted Tarot | Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot | Ostara Tarot | Shadowscapes | The Cosmic Woman Tarot | Starseed Tarot | Dark Days Tarot | Motherpeace | The Moon Deck | Lumina Tarot | Moon Child Tarot | Soul Journey Deck | Osch-Tarot | The Persephone Tarot | Doreen Virtue | Darkness of Light | Santa Muerte Tarot | The Chrystalline Oracle | The Good Tarot | Leanne Thomas | The Mythic Tarot | Antique Anatomy Tarot | Pixicurio Light Seers Tarot | Circo Tarot | Spiritsong | The Sun and Moon Deck | The Fountain Tarot | Our Tarot | Postcards from Heaven | Earthly Souls and Spirits | The Universe Has Your Back | Hollow Valley Deck of Symbols | Vintage Wisdom Oracle | The Weavers Oracle | Nature Nurture Oracle Deck | Crystal Moon Mystic Oracle| Moonology | Tea with Karin Steampunk | Earth Magic Oracle | Wisdom of the Hidden Realms | Seasons of the Witch Samhain Oracle | Inner Star | Wonder Deck | Mystic shaman | Keepers of the Light | Uusi Supra | Spirit Speak Tarot | The Sacred Creators Oracle | I Am Becoming Deck | The Goddess Oracle Cards | Third Eye Oracle | Rebel Deck | I Am Power Deck | My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck | Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Card |The Flower Essences Deck | Isis Oracle | Zoey Sigmond | Merhipsy Mystic Rebel Deck | Chakra Oracle | Earth Warriors Oracle | The Dreamer’s Journey | Sacred Rebels |The Journal Deck | Lightworker Oracle Deck | Connected and Free Oracle | Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck | The Spiritual Tarot | Theta Wave Oracle | Oracle of Oddities | Inner Hue | Alchemists Oracle | Compendium of Constellations | The Song Of My Heart Oracle Deck | Hedgewitch Oracle | Esmeralda Lenormand | The Spirit Animal Oracle | Strange Lands Oracle | The Inner Star Oracle | Gods and Goddesses Card Deck | Threads of Fate | Spirit de la Lune | Crystal Angel Oracle | Kuan Yin Oracle | Life Bliss Foundation | Carmel Joy Baird | Elephant journal | Saged App | Gaia | Infinite Waters | The Explorer Dream Discovery Centre | You Matter You Know | Witch Vox | Traveling intuitive | Evolve & Ascend | Woo Culture | Hay House Radio | Rising Woman | Hay House | Freedom Franklin | Black Girl and Om | Dream Freedom Beauty | Spirit Science | Deepak Chopra | Tom Kaypacha Lescher | Cory Gunn | JuJu | Lonerwolf | Word & Wyse | She Power Collective | Readings By Vida | The Cosmic Calling Podcast | The Tarot Lady | Stepping into the Light | Healers Wanted | Down at the Crossroads | Medicine Stories | The Sovereign Society Podcast | Wine and Spirits | Mythic Medicine | Your Own Magic | Paula Vail | 3 Pagans and a Cat | Esoterica | Modern Witch | The Shift | Elizabeth Dialto | Tara Brach | Sivana East | Fat Feminist Witch | Kyle Gray’s Angel Club | Vix Maxwell | Manifest This | Healing Grace | Expanded with Lacy Phillips | The Elevator | Hippie Witch | Witchcraftsy | Why Shamanism Now | Life, Death & Tarot | Strange Magic | 11:11 Podcast | The Serpent Cast Medical Medium | BGIO | Rune Soup | Candelo’s Corner | New Age Hipster Radio | Sadhguru | Hex Rated | Colby Psychic Rebel | Hey Nini | Higher Self Sahara Rose | Lightworkers Lounge | Medicine Stories | Lindsay & Tony | Paranormal Katen | Emotional badass | Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour | Enlightened Empaths | From the Heart with Yoga Girl | Brene Brown | Amber Khan | The Today I Am Podcast | Inner Awakening |Carmel Baird Intuition University | Soulburst Academy | The School of Witchery | School of the Modern Mystic | The Navigation Map | Influence |Unlock Your Design | Tobi Tichner | Lisa Lister’s Coven | Seeds of Shatki | Wooschool | Spiritual Activism 101/102 Rachel Ricketts | Modern Shamanism Courses | Quantum Leaping | Free + Native courses | Own Your Value | Ethony Dawn Tarot Summer School | Crystal Mastery Course | The Kwan Yin Kung Fu Qigong Lesson Films | Worthy in Business | Tending The Witch Wound | Remembering Lemuria | Sharon Bassetti | Connections Devin strickler | Shaman Durek x Sahara Rose | Intuitive Badass Course | Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital | Alanna Kaivalya | Akashic Crystal Healing Institute | Lifestyle Tarot | Sharron Basanti Tea Leaf Reading Course | Manifest Being Seen | A Course In Miracles |Spiral Sea Tarot’s Course on Guides | Progressive Online | Unlock your Inner Medium Course | Kelly-Ann Maddox | Lisa Williams Mediumship for Beginners | Guiding Echoes | An Enchanted Journey by The Sisters Enchanted | Tarot Reader’s Academy Summer School | Angel Academy | Moondaughter Mystic School | DailyOM | Sean Walking Bear’s Classes | Amanda Frances | BloodMoonMilk

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