Boho and Indie Wild

Gorgeous Tarot for the Cosmic Journeyer and Modern Mystic


onnecting to spirit and intuition through tarot is a tried and true way to receive messages from other realms. Finding a deck you resonate with—one that speaks to and through you—is a nourishing, expansive experience as you dig deeper into tarot.

At Spirit Guides, tarot is a tool we use almost daily and we love discovering gorgeous decks, such as the work of Tiffany Sosa, creator of Boho and Indie Wild. Sosa is crushing the tarot game, using mystical artwork to inspire the spirited bohemian with wanderlust and cosmic travel.

An artist and avid traveler, Sosa has spent much of her time on the road and has drawn inspiration and mysticism from the many places she visits—resulting in stunning, unique flares in her work.

We had the chance to learn more about what fuels Sosa’s starship and how she intertwines divination, bohemian folklore, and the cosmos to create whimsical tarot decks for modern mystics.

Boho and Indie Wild

How did the Bohemian Wild Lenormand and Indie Wild Rune Oracle get its start and its name?

The Bohemian Wild was my first deck that I self-published in July of 2016. I loved the Lenormand style but it was really hard to resonate with the traditional style. I love cosmic energy and I have a very whimsical art style with a vintage, bohemian look to my girls in the deck, so it was very natural to create my own in that vein. It was a wild journey where I found out a lot more about myself.

All three decks have the word ‘wild’ in them. This relates to one’s journey of self discovery, which is a wild ride. The Indie Wild Rune Oracle was a project that was ongoing during my time with runes. I’m a massive traveler and didn’t want to carry runes along with me. I actually would lose a few here and there! So this prompted me to create a deck that I could transport along with my Lenormand and tarot decks.

My most recent deck, The Vagabond Wild was a little bit different. Many of my friends and family would say things like “…so a tarot deck?” or “is this like tarot?” and I found myself always explaining myself, and then “can you do a tarot reading for me?” would always come next.

I would pull out my favorite decks like The Wild Unknown or The Universal Rider Waite Deck, but I wanted to connect like I did personally with my Rune Oracle and Lenormand. This was kind of the beginning of me wanting to create a tarot for people who had an interest in tarot but didn’t fully understand divination systems. Tarot is a great universal tool for self discovery.

Boho and Indie Wild

Can you talk more about the inspiration behind these gorgeous and unique oracle decks?

My inspiration came from my travels. I really got my inspiration for The Bohemian Wild Lenormand while I was in France. I remember being in St. Tropez Cemetery, which by the way has the most beautiful view a cemetery could ask for! But it wasn’t because of the cemetery; it was my curiosity about Marie Allendale Lenormand and her journey as a reader. I wanted to know more about her system of divination and it very much powered my deck.

Indie Wild Runes was started while I was in Scotland. I was planning my trip to the Nordic countries when plans changed and I moved down to Palma, Spain. I was a little bummed to have missed the northern Viking culture and history, so I was driven to study and create a deck based on the Elder Futhark—a pre-Latin language and divination system hybrid.

Boho and Indie Wild

Who are your spirit guides and in what ways do they counsel you in your journey?

The cards! I really get to know the cards and each story. I will find myself listening to the cards and hearing what they have to say. My stalker has been the Magician-—guiding me and helping me make my own creative power and to manifest my own desires.

Where have you traveled to that opened your heart and will always live in your soul?

Wow, that’s a tough one. Anytime I’m traveling I become the bohemian, an indie, and a vagabond! Being in a foreign place and having to navigate through towns and oceans, seeing a place for the first time—it all opens my heart. From Southeast Asia to South Africa, from Scotland to Mykonos, and all over America, Canada, and the Caribbean. Each place is magical and teaches a lesson that’s valuable in life.

Boho and Indie Wild

As a soulpreneur and conscious creator, how do you balance the spirit world with the real world and how do you integrate the two?

Well, for me it’s a little harder than I would like! It’s my escape from the “real world,” actually. I’m not really accepted by my friends and family because I create decks for divination—my family would rather I become an accountant or a real estate agent.

My boyfriend has been my support through and through and helps me find time for Boho and Indie Wild. I’m usually on before 7 a.m. and after 11 p.m. working on our website, content, shipping labels, etc.! I’m working on 2nd editions for both The Bohemian Wild Lenormand and Indie Wild Rune Oracle! I’m hoping to get them out around December of 2017.


We can’t wait to get our hands on these dazzling decks and connect with Spirit! Spirit Guides’ readers can save 15 percent on all decks in the Boho and Indie Wild shop with discount code SPIRITGUIDE15!

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