Can We All Be Psychic?

Medium Tracey Lockwood Says Psychic Abilities Are For Everyone

BY Tess Bercan


ven if we absolutely-positively-100-percently believe in the ability of psychic powers, having access to those powers ourselves can sometimes seem far-fetched or completely unattainable. It’s easy to believe communication between the physical and spiritual realms is a privilege reserved for only a few natural-born clairvoyants. However, when psychic educator Tracey Lockwood is asked the question “Can anyone be psychic?”, her answer is always a resounding “Yes!”

“Everyone is, but there’s a difference between experiencing a spontaneous occurrence and disciplining yourself to tap into that subconscious realm on demand,” Lockwood explains. Like any other skill we wish to excel at, psychic abilities take time, dedication, and practice.

“My very first memory was of seeing the faces of those in spirit while in my crib, and I have always known, seen, felt, heard, and channeled the diverse messages of spirit,” Lockwood says. Like Lockwood, many people have early childhood experiences with Spirit yet the connection weakens as they grow older. Though born a natural medium herself, it wasn’t until 2010 that Lockwood was formally recognized as a clairvoyant and empathic medium during her training at Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science in England.

Today Lockwood is known for her accuracy and down-to-earth approach in her thriving work as a psychic medium. She also hosts an engaging radio show, From a Medium’s Perspective, and is the founder and executive director of The Universal Mind, a venue for artists and psychic healers to practice meditation and channeling messages from spirit. “It is my greatest joy to connect to the unseen and bring messages of comfort and insight to my clients,” Lockwood says.

Spirit Guides chatted with Lockwood about the various types of psychic abilities that exist and how we can learn to tap into our own.

Tracey Lockwood

How would you describe psychic abilities?

I would define them as our natural senses that extend our awareness beyond the physical into the subtle frequencies of the subconscious.

Are psychic abilities and intuition the same thing?

Psychic ability is a much more specific range of perception. There is a continuum of psychic ability that begins with instinct (basic yes/no, good/bad) and all people have this ability.

That ability of instinct grows into our intuition, and it’s a state of knowing; we just know. Then our intuition grades into our psychic ability, which is a gift of wisdom, but we don’t know where the information comes from. We may ask ourselves, “How did I know that?” Mediumship is discerning the source of the information and being able to give evidence.

Some examples of different psychic abilities are:

Clairaudience is clear hearing.

Clairsentience (or clear feeling) is emotion. Better known as empathy (it’s our soul-to-soul communication), clairsentience is the wordless communication of Spirit.

Our physical sense of sight when we are seeing with our minds eye (mental imagery) or through our subconscious is called clairvoyance (clear seeing).

Telepathy (or mind to mind communication) is feeling, hearing in your mind, or knowing what another person is thinking. It’s a natural ability of all of us. It is the natural way that people out of body communicate as well.

All of these are natural gifts.

What are examples of a psychic “moments” that we may experience throughout the day?

When the phone rings and you say, “Oh! That’s so and so.” Hearing a mental instructive to turn left, when normally we would be turning right—and if we listen, we discover that an accident was avoided. Or, inner prompting—“don’t say that” or “tell them.” The information is quite subtle. It’s the small, still voice.

What is something that would block someone’s psychic ability?

Fear. Energy follows focus, meaning you can focus on fear or you can focus on healing and understanding. Not both simultaneously. We are vibrational beings. We can resonate at one frequency at a time.

Gratitude reduces both fear and resistance and opens the channels between the two worlds. It is also a great reminder that we are not alone, and that we are abundantly provided for and cared for by those in spirit.

Tracey Lockwood

What is an example of something we can do to tap into our psychic intuition almost instantly?

Still our minds and feel, not with our mind or heart, but with our gut. We can do this by first becoming aware of our breath, then becoming aware of our thoughts (mind), then shifting our awareness to our emotions (heart), then finally to our knowing (gut)—that is where truth resonates.

Can dreams count as psychic abilities?

Dreams are the portal to our subconscious. While the left brain, our analytical perception, rests at night, our right mind, the intuitive creative and eternal part of us, doesn’t rest. Dreams can be prophetic, healing, and bring us closure when we meet those we love who have crossed over. They are one of the easiest ways for spirit to communicate with us.

Can becoming immersed in creative activity help us to tap into our psychic abilities?

All right brain creative activities allow us to connect with our subconscious. Musicians, artists, dancers, poets, those who express themselves, are allowing the flow of spirit through them. When the mind is relaxed, inspiration and insight can come more easily.

How does taking better care of ourselves help us throughout psychic development?

I think it’s a bit of the inverse. As our sensitivities increase our tolerance for negativity decreases and it becomes easier to set boundaries. In order to protect our psychic abilities as they unfold we have to take better care of ourselves—getting enough rest, staying away from psychic vampires and time wasters (people who drain your energy), and being more attuned to our own needs is a part of that psychic unfolding. Of course, better care of the body and mind also provide a fertile ground for internal connections.

What are some ways we can improve our psychic abilities?

  • ⚬ Train with a developed psychic medium. Learning with a developed medium is not more important than self-development because it is our self-development that creates the expansion; however, learning with a developed psychic medium can be beneficial because we learn energetically and can be taught a wide array of things that we might not learn on our own. Studying with someone who offers exercises and inside knowledge about the process is quite helpful.
  • ⚬ Practice concentration, meditation, and contemplation.
  • ⚬ Observe everything. Observe sight, sound, sensation, taste, smell in the psychical, and be present. Understanding comes from observation, and deep understanding comes from observing our feelings. For example, a leaf falling might trigger you to remember to “relax and let things fall into place.”
  • ⚬ Educate yourself. Research and read up on the topic as much as possible.


Tess Bercan

Tess Bercan is an avid writer, traveler, and above all, soul seeker. She lives in Vancouver, BC, and is always looking for ways to create a life that feels balanced and in tune, both inside and out. On a rainy day, you’ll find Tess at a café, sipping on a latte and reading (also known as her happy place). Tess’s research and writing has appeared in Everyday Diabetes, Green Lifestyle Market, and Think Health Magazine. To see more of her writing, check out

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