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olor influences our lives in ways deeply conscious and subconscious. We are light beings, so naturally the reflection of light that gives us the color spectrum is not only fascinating but defines our perception of the world around us. Lovers of tarot and all things mystic, we were totally pumped to encounter Leticia Covarrubias of Colour Gypsy and her unique Deck of Colour!

Covarrubias is an artist and a medium and receives messages from beyond in the form of color. When these messages began to get stronger and more frequent, she decided to fold this into her readings, and Colour Gypsy was born. “What I do is get shown what the aura color is and ask what the individual is wanting in their life, and what their guides or loved ones are suggesting,” Covarrubias describes, “they do the real work.”

Color and meaningful messages from spirit guides and loved ones? Count us in!

We wanted to explore the full spectrum of this fascinating healing method and how the Colour Gypsy began her craft, so we picked Covarrubias’ brain and discovered some bright and shiny things.

Colour Gypsy

When and how did Colour Gypsy come into existence?

Colour Gypsy actually started out as an art business called LolliArtPOP. I was in the middle of creating bold and colorful art and was selling it when I began to hone in on a gift I was given—communicating with departed loved ones and spirit guides. I realized the color and the medium sessions belong together for me, as I was given many colors during sessions as a form of communication. LolliArtPOP soon became Colour Gypsy in 2014.

What is the most surprising or fascinating thing you’ve experienced while doing color readings?

It was at the beginning of developing my healing abilities, during a distant healing session (a cosmic rainbow healing). I was working on a woman’s chakras one by one, painting “cosmic  rainbow symbols,”  just recharging and sending healing color, is what I thought. As I got to the heart chakra, my hands began heating up intensely from the healing energy and I began feeling more energetic. By the time I made it to the throat chakra, my music shut off on its own. I just continued to work. As I got to the third eye, I was instructed to send a violet color—so I did—and suddenly I saw her spirit eye open and then her soul looked as if it had separated from her physical body.

Her new soul was indigo violet and gave me an innocence feeling. Her crown opened and white energy shot out. It was stunning. At the time I didn’t understand what any of it meant. I thought okay, did anyone else see or feel this? I quickly text her and she responded immediately with “my headache is gone and I’m in tears.” She asked what I did. I answered, “I just did what I was told—I energetically painted your chakras.”

I believe she was already experiencing an awakening prior to the session with me, but I believe that tiny amount of color gently boosted the process. The thought of simply setting the intention of sending a chakra some color seems so basic for such a life changing experience.

Do you have any experience with spirit guides or messages from “beyond” in your spiritual journey?

When I began my spiritual journey, a reiki master guided me into meeting my spirit guide for the first time. I had no expectations, only an open heart and mind. I was in a forest and greeted by a woman with an upside down tulip as a hat. I could not see her face. The petals were so full and long. I needed guidance. So I asked her what am I to do with this new found spirituality?

She answered “spread it.” I asked how. She replied, “with color.” I was instantly covered with the most vibrant colors I’ve never seen in the physical world. I suddenly just knew right at that moment what she meant. I found myself wanting to just color the world after.

Where is the most spiritual place you’ve traveled to and how did it influence you?

I have been to several places that aren’t necessarily labeled as spiritual, yet had a spiritual connection unintentionally. My favorite was in Yosemite. I was hiking under tall green trees. I felt so connected to nature. At peace. I looked up and as the sun was peeking in, I noticed a bright flooding of violet pouring onto the tips of the trees. It looked as if it was coming from the sun.

I took a picture immediately. I did catch it on camera. It is a very vibrant violet and looks like paint pouring onto the trees. To this day, I don’t really know what it was or what it meant, but I knew something magical was happening there.

How does understanding messages through color influence or enlighten a person’s life?

I view color as a tool. It can heal us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. What I have witnessed first hand is color can shift our entire aura and energy field. During sessions, guides or loved ones gift color, which are to be visualized during color breathing or meditating, eaten, or worn. Because we are energy and so is color, it helps us align to the frequency of the color given. I view it as another way to raise our vibration quickly.

Colour Gypsy


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