Writer´s Guidelines

We offer content that activates the soul and strengthens the spirit. If you think you are someone who can bring that to our readers, we invite you to submit your best work via the guidelines below.


People: Interviews

We are looking for illuminating interviews with people on the leading edge of spirituality. This can mean shamans, psychics, mediums, healers, researchers, educators, ministers, medicine men/women, the rare politician, or the ultra wise philosopher dude who sits in the corner of the coffee shop every morning. Anyone who is a serious wayshower in the realm of Spirit we are interested in featuring, in a manner that digs deeper than the surface.

Please note that while we do accept q&a articles, we prefer profile pieces with a strong narrative, and the payment difference between the two reflects the more in-depth nature of a well-written profile.

Places: Travel Pieces

We are looking for travel narratives that include a spiritual or mystical element. Show us Amsterdam through the eyes of the occult. Did your roadtrip through the American southwest involve any native medicine men in sweat lodges? Maybe you studied herbology from a witch in Reykjavik, or talked ayahuasca with shamans in the Amazon. Whatever your journey, we want to see where you’ve been and meet who you’ve met through the lens of your magical third eye. If it marries travel and mysticism in some way, our ears are perked. (And, in an overly saturated travel blog world, this is our niche, so we kindly ask that you stick to this theme and please do not pitch any generic travel articles.)

Things: Conscious Products

If you have a conscious product or company you wish to highlight on our website, please see our media kit.

ETHER: Wisdom articles

This is the part of our magazine that highlights the invisible, the abstract, the otherworldly. Here, spiritual subject matter experts can bring relevant knowledge, wisdom, and advice to our readers. This includes personal essays, how-to’s, channeled material, etc. If you have an idea or topic that is stand out and you believe our readers would benefit from it (this is important), we want to hear about it!


  • Click bait titles with little substantial content
  • Surface-level journalism
  • Opinion pieces
  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Articles/press releases promoting your business (see our advertising page for other promotional opportunities)


We want articles as long or short as they need to be to get people’s heart and soul strings stirring about. We are more interested in profundity than length, and would rather cut down an epic piece than receive a 500-word article that barely probes the topic.


Please send well thought out, serious queries only. Emails claiming you love spirituality and would love to work with us, but lack any specific article idea with a detailed angle, will be disregarded. Send us your specific ideas only, please, in the form of a professional magazine query (and research how to do that if you are unfamiliar).

Show us a snapshot of who you want to profile; not just a name but a glimpse into the person. Convince us why he/she must be known by the larger world. Detail your future travel plan or your past experience and why our audience would benefit from hearing about it. Tell us why YOU are the person to bring it. And please include writing clips that exemplify your voice, even if it is a different topic.

  • E-mail pitches (with clips/links) to hello@spiritguidesmagazine.com
  • Put proposed article title in the subject line
  • Write pitch directly into the email body

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