Conversations with Krishna

A Hindu god chooses an atheist to channel his urgent messages and the result is divine


very day, Courtney Beck gets up before dawn because it’s the “most magical time of the day.” She does a 20-minute meditation, journeying to the sky for a check-in with her spirit team. Then, while in a trance-like state, she begins to channel messages directly from the Hindu god Krishna.

Had you told Beck a few years ago that her job would soon be to regularly channel a pretty dang famous god, she proooobably would not have believed you considering she worked as a corporate strategist and considered herself an atheist. But all that changed the day Krishna revealed himself to her, which she describes as a dividing line of her life.

While pre-Krishna Beck was solving problems for big brands, post-Krishna Beck was spending her days compiling Krishna’s solutions to our world’s increasing issues into her first book, aptly titled Conversations with Krishna.

“Our chats begin the same way each day,” she recently told Spirit Guides. “A blank page and one question: ‘What do you wish to speak of today, Krishna?’”

It turns out Krishna has plenty to say! Covering 111 standalone chapters on everything from how the universe was created to practical advice on love, life, pain, and joy, Conversations with Krishna is packed full of sage advice on how to return to our collective soul’s path and live life in the loving and abundant way that was intended for us.

Spirit Guides was pumped to have the chance to interview Beck on her journey to Krishna and what he has to say about things like work-life balance, environmental crises, and, of course, travel.

Conversations With Krishna

Conversations with Krishna is now available on Amazon

Why do you think Krishna chose you, an atheist, to help him channel his messages to the world? Were you shocked when you started hearing him come through?

Yes, absolutely! It sounds like a crazy idea, doesn’t it? Choosing an atheist who has built a career on logic to channel the messages of a Hindu God. Yet it happened and it has turned my world upside down in the best possible way.

Perhaps Krishna needed a neutral and unbiased channel for his teachings. Perhaps he needed a problem solver, and after a pretty successful career solving big problems for big brands, I was looking for something more meaningful in my life than helping brands sell more products.

I’ve experienced some pretty odd things in my life, but the first time Krishna came through wins the award for the most surreal. The day everything changed began with a meditation and a spiral activating up my spine and ended with me feeling like I was still myself, but that someone else was now present too and I had the ability to see through both their eyes and mine.

Let’s just say that after close to a year of conversations with everybody from Krishna to Kali Mata to Horus, life in my house is never dull.

In the book, Krishna says we all must work, but that we must leave the ‘mindless’ work behind. I think many of us feel that pull today—to do work that matters. Can you tell us a little more about his stance on our purposes and living a meaningful life here on this Earth?

How I like to think about Earth is that it’s like one giant school with seven billion students all at various parts of the journey. If you think about our time here in this way, mindless work takes us out of ‘school’ for a day, months, or even years. And it can take us years to catch up again.

What Krishna wants us to know and why he’s happy for us (him and I) to do personal readings for people is he wants us all to find our purpose beyond sitting in an office all day. Because we’ve been sent down here for a reason and we keep coming back for a reason and I’m pretty sure that isn’t to do a job we loathe for the rest of our lives.

Where we need to become masters of balance is when sometimes the work we are most drawn to won’t pay the bills, but it doesn’t mean we should throw our dreams away. It just means we need to consciously balance our time at school and our time at work. There are so many great healers out there that can help us do that.

Courtney Beck

Originally an atheist, Courtney Beck now channels the Hindu god Krishna

Krishna sounds to me like an environmental and animal rights activist. Like, he’d def be vegan! Can you talk a little about his position on how we currently treat the Earth and its nonhuman inhabitants? Why is it such an important message for him to get across to us now?

For Krishna, everything comes back to equality and balance. At the moment, the Earth is treated like a giant farm. We take what we want and it’s often more than we need. There’s a chapter in the book where Krishna talks about how if humans could be eaten, then we’d probably be a bit more respectful with what we take and what we put back. As Elton John said, “It’s the circle of life,” and for Krishna, it’s the web of life. Everything on Earth gives life to, sustains, and is connected to something else. Krishna isn’t throwing down any rules on what we can and cannot eat, he’s just saying ‘do it respectfully and with kindness.’

As for the reason it’s happening now, I think that reason is connected to everything else. We’re not doing a great job of looking after the planet or each other in general. If we keep consuming at the rate we are, eventually things are going to start running out. But we don’t need a god to tell us that, it’s common sense.

Krishna says, “If we do not travel, our heart closes up, as does our mind.” Since travel is a major theme of our magazine, could you explain to our readers why he is so insistent on travel being a necessity rather than a luxury?

Absolutely! Krishna is a huge advocate for travel, not out of luxury but out of necessity, because it helps us grow. Travel opens our eyes to other cultures, people, and ways of life. It also makes us more humble and appreciative of what we have back home.

Even if we’re not in a position to travel far from our own backyard, it’s heading out of our comfort zone and everyday routines that leads us to change and new ideas. Krishna says, “You are a traveler and you always have been.” This is so true. We can have a home we love and a place we feel safe, but eventually there comes a point where safety becomes stagnant. At those times, we need travel more than ever.

Krishna is quoted in your book as saying, “Pain is what makes us grateful and it is what makes us kind.” I found this really profound. Krishna sees pain not as something to be banished or avoided but something almost to be celebrated. In a society bent on avoiding pain, did this surprise you at all when it came through?

Yes! Who would’ve thought that I’d come to a point in my life where I advocated for pain as much as I advocate for joy. Crazy, eh? Not because I want people to be in pain, but because I now understand that pain is as much a part of our experience here on Earth as joy is. I love that there is this epic search and love for finding happiness, but I can’t help but feel that we can’t really know how good joy feels unless we’ve got something to compare it to.

We also tend to learn the most about ourselves and each other in times of pain. Happiness is great, but if we were happy all the time, we wouldn’t really grow. This last year for me, while it’s been grand, has also come with its fair share of obstacles and pain. I’ve had to lose myself completely in order to find my true self, and while that’s been incredibly awkward and painful at times, I wouldn’t swap it for anything.


Krishna is the god of compassion, tenderness, and love in Hinduism

A central theme of the book is that we are not living the way we were intended to live on this Earth. If it were up to Krishna, what changes would we make in order to live well?

If I were to sum it up in one idea it would be that we should treat everyone and everything as our equal.

Think about it. If we looked out the window and saw every person, plant, animal, and insect as our equal, we would be leading very different lives. Think of all the love that would surround us. Think how supported we would feel. Think how connected we would be to everyone and everything. The strange thing about the world today is that we’re more connected in a technological sense than ever but we are also more lonely than ever. If we valued and cared for the lives of others as much as we valued and cared for our own, the love and energy that would come back to us would fill us up mentally and emotionally forever.

Thank you so much, Courtney, for letting us into your otherworldly world for a minute! Are there any other last words that you and/or Krishna would like to say at this time to our readers?

Yes! Thanks so much for reading. Conversations with Krishna is available now via Amazon in print or e-book. And stay tuned for book two, Conversations with Krishna: Awakened Souls, which is a guide to the path to enlightenment.

I’ll hand it over to Krishna now for some parting words.

Krishna, do you have a message for Spirit Guides’ readers?

Yes, Courtney, I do.

In order to live well, we must live equally. We must see that our role is as important as the roles of others. Another’s role is not more important than yours and vice versa. For the Earth to become the beautiful place it originally was and is destined to be, we must love the Earth and all of her creatures as we love our family and friends. Just because an element cannot speak or smile does not mean that it does not need love. It is those elements that do not speak that show us the most love, the most tenderness.


If I could ask each reader to do one thing, one small thing it would be to take care of the world around you. Take care of people, plants, and animals who do not have enough love in their lives. Care for them in any way you can and know that love is equal to gold in this respect. The love we show comes back to us and furthers our journey here on Earth. The love we give others is reflected back to us in our experiences here on Earth. Know that your role and your life on Earth is important. Each human being, plant, and animal has a unique role to play. One that was defined before you arrived here. Do not think that you are not important, do not think that you are not loved. Do not believe that the dark days outlast the light. Do not believe that the Earth cannot get back to the beautiful place it once was. Everything is possible and everything is possible because of you and the role that you play. Thank you for your contribution, for your light, and for the healing you bring by simply existing and playing your part. – Krishna

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