The Grief Recovery Blueprint

Scientific studies on optimal grief recovery show that the combination of grief coaching and mediumship readings proves to be more beneficial than either modality separately.

Yet most grief recovery programs have zero mention of the afterlife at all, let alone offer a space for direct communication.

The Grief Recovery Blueprint is a new course born from the soul synergy between grief coach Arizona Bell and renowned spiritual medium Diane Richards that creates grief relief that actually works.

Together, Arizona and Diane create a safe place for you to feel your grief (we must feel it to heal it), support you on the journey from time-based, material world pain to a spiritual understanding and comfort rooted in timelessness, and work with you on a quantum level to transmute your grief into alignment with your soul’s purpose.

The Grief Alchemy Blueprint includes:

Δ One one-hour mediumship reading with Diane
Δ One one-hour grief coaching session with Arizona
Δ Four pre-recorded video courses from Diane and Arizona on grief and the afterlife
Δ One 1.5 hour virtual group integration session. Includes guided meditation for connecting to your loved one yourself, and Q&A time with both Diane and Arizona (6 members total)

“Grief is resolved when the bereaved are able to recognize their continuing bonds with the deceased.” – The Windbridge Research Center

Every Grief Story Is A Love Story

The Grief Alchemy Blueprint launches December 2018. Every marketing agency out there would tell us not to launch anything in December, but we chose a December launch very consciously.

The holidays are one of the worst times of the year for grievers, and we want you to feel like you have a place to turn during this time.

There are 6 spots total for December’s group on a first-come first-serve basis. We’ve limited it to such so that we can give our full attention to our participants during such a busy time of year.

Pricing Options

  • One-time payment: $599
  • Payment plan: 2 payments of $315 (one upon purchase and one upon start of the course)

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