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s advocates of the “woowoo” way of life, we want crystals everywhere, all the time. When we came across Kat Wright of Crystal Bar Soap, we knew we’d found the ultimate way to wash away the bad juju we energetically pick up while simultaneously helping out the B.O. situation.

“Wash with energy” is the tagline of this good-vibe, conscious company and the intention put into each bar and bath bomb is completely intuitive. From the initial concept to picking the names of each soap, Wright follows the energy of the stone and the medicine it has to share.

“Everything is connected,” says Wright. “The energy, the design, the process of each bar all comes together once the name is created [at the end].”

And the coolest part? Once the soap runs out, you have one more moon- and sun-charged crystal to add to your collection!

Wright has received recognition from the likes of Self Magazine, Elle, and Spirited Lotus for her sustainable, cruelty-free creations and we believe the world is ready for her divine magic! Spirit Guides chatted with Wright on how she got started and what inspires her gorgeous soap names (“Goddess of Clarity” is our fav!).

Crystal Bar Soap

What was the spark that lit Crystal Bar Soap into existence?

I get asked this question a lot and I really like how you used the word “spark.” I want to answer this question different than I ever have. What sparked Crystal Bar was having faith in myself to work and create a life for myself. After four years of retail I finally quit my job and created Crystal Bar, and I have been doing and creating it full time since the very beginning! I had so much faith in this idea and my ability to provide something for people that could change their life. I really do believe I have done that for a lot of people and I can’t wait to continue to spread the love.

How do you go about choosing each unique blend and crystal companion?

Every single bar is 100 percent inspired by the stone inside. I truly believe in the beauty of each stone that has been naturally made. I take the visual and emotional energy of each stone and use that to inspire the other components of each bar. For example, our Peace Bridge bar has amethyst inside—we designed the bar around the visual appearance of amethyst and added lavender essential oil to lower anxiety and bring the peaceful energy of the stone within.

Crystal Bar Soap

On your spiritual journey, what has guided you?

Everything that I do has been guided by something inside me; I am still really young in my spiritual life and I have only explored the top layer of what is inside. I know I have something more within and I believe that, over time, I can really explore a deeper side of my spirituality and connect with my guides. Although I haven’t yet identified how. I had a good friend share that my aquarius energy is here to heal the world and help steer it in the direction of peace. I think this is the very beginning of my work on this planet.

Where have you traveled to that will forever live in your heart as the place that moved you more than most?

I just recently visited California and it felt like my soul’s home! Sunshine, beaches, good vibes! I have only visited once and it was during a guided spiritual journey. It was the first time I have been able to escape my own mind. I fully fell into myself and my soul and the results were remarkable!

Your handcrafted soaps have names like “Moon Child,” “Woodstock,” and “Barefoot Bliss”—what is the inspiration behind the curtain?

The same way I am inspired by the crystals inside each bar—once the bars are created the name comes to me the same way. Everything is connected. The energy, the design, the process of each bar all comes together once the name is created. I never have a name picked until the process is done. It’s kinda like naming a child and once the name is picked the entire experience is created.

Crystal Bar Soap


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