Dude, where’s my spirit guides?

Afterlife researcher Cyrus Kirkpatrick explains why your spirit guides might be MIA

BY Cyrus Kirkpatrick


s a writer about the afterlife, I commonly hear people despairing about their lack of spiritual experiences, and how their guides seem to have blocked them off the cosmic Facebook page—they’re just nowhere to be found. In fact, when someone has had no ‘para’ experiences they may find themselves frustrated by the accounts of people who do.

This subject, for a long time, was even more mysterious for me. That’s because I’d always had no lack of para encounters—from out-of-body experiences in other worlds, visits by the newly deceased (and some very old deceased), to poltergeists and even UFO sightings. Why then, I wondered, were my own spirit guides nowhere to be found? No late night encounters, visions, or sightings in my astral body.

Save one: Recovering from surgery at a rural hospital in Thailand and facing potentially weeks in the hospital after a critical injury, I fell asleep and dreamed—or perhaps more accurately, astral projected—of these mesmerizing Egyptian sisters. During this experience, they revealed they were once worshipped as crocodile-Goddesses among the inhabitants of an ancient Nile city; I later researched and learned about the city of Crocodilopolis. The experience ended with their assurance that no harm would come to me during my days of recovery (with the pervasive threat of infection lingering over me).

A couple of years later I began having proficient out-of-body episodes—in many ways, the experience with the sisters was my first. As this apparent link to the other side became wide-open, I expected to soon have experiences again with the Egyptians. Yet, no such thing occurred.

“If they are my spirit guides,” I thought, “then surely they must be floating around me all the time. If I were to go out-of-body, they’d be right there waiting for me.”

This appeared not to be the case, however. No dreams, no visitations, no OBEs, nothing. Perhaps my odd visitation those years ago in Sriracha, Thailand, was just a fluke.

A Most Surprising Revelation

Skip ahead to late 2016 when I had a fateful session with one of the world’s greatest mental mediums, Susanne Wilson.

After discussing many deep and personal family topics, I knew I had to ask about my spirit guides. To my surprise, Susanne identified more than one. First, she explained the existence of an aboriginal Australian man (to whom I’ve never had a single smidgeon of evidence about). But when the vision entered her mind of a pair of beautiful Egyptian twin sisters, I was definitely listening.

Her link became so strong that these guides—the Goddess-like sisters and their ‘boss,’ a kind of male pharaoh figure—were essentially speaking directly through her.

As my mind proceeded to be blown, Susanne explained that these guides, although Egyptian, were extraterrestrial in nature, probably suggesting Egyptian culture itself may have originated off-world by this same group. She pointed out the sisters and their matching tattoos—infinity loops representing eternal existence. I hadn’t seen such tattoos during my astral experience with them, but it would have sure been wildly evidential if I had.

Naturally, I began to inquire about why they were not present in my life at all. And they responded, “We cannot come into your world, because if we were to do that, our energetic presence would be so powerful it would physically kill you.”

Susanne, relaying the exact messages from the ‘pharaoh’ of the group, then continued with a few more revelatory points:

  • ⚬ The Egyptians suggested only communicating through intuition. They suggested for me to close my eyes, focus on them, and seek to elicit yes/no responses. They would be able to communicate this way the easiest.
  • ⚬ They revealed they were my guides because of our affiliation in a past life. They thought of me as their “younger brother” due to my placement in a family along with the sisters who had incarnated. This was implied to be around the time of the construction of the pyramids.
  • ⚬ The Egyptians scolded me for going to a mental medium, which was a funny thing to do because the mental medium herself was relaying the message. They explained, “A mental medium is never accurate. Contact us directly for assistance. Understand whatever the medium tries to tell you through us is going to be heavily filtered through her own mind.”

What it all Meant

Unpacking this experience, it became clear why they were not in my life directly: their energetic profile was too strong. Before this time, I’d never imagined a spiritual force could physically harm us by their mere presence. That even if they were to appear astrally, in the same dimensional space, it could actually kill me—this was a lot to swallow.

I consulted with out-of-body writer and teacher Kensho, whom, as with Susanne Wilson, I consider a credible source. His experiences are a lot more dynamic than mine, and often involve extended trips with his guru (a Mexican mystic known as Dharmapa) encountering all variety of cosmic entities. Kensho confirmed, “Yes, this is consistent element, that among the very powerful entities they cannot appear directly in our world or near to our world because it may hurt us as their energy is so powerful.”

Perhaps then the mystery was solved about why the Egyptian’s influence on my life felt minimal.

What it Means For You

In my case, my guides are nowhere to be found because they literally exist in an inaccessible dimension and they don’t want to risk killing me by manifesting. This seems a reasonable enough explanation.

However, many other types of guides exist. The reality is, not everyone has alien Egyptian super-dimensional guides. For many of us, it’s our friends and family members who have passed before us, and it should be easier for them to make contact.

If they’re not, the likely explanation is that you haven’t developed your proverbial third-eye. If you are not prone to visitations from beyond, including out-of-body experiences or a developed sense of intuition or energy-detection, then it’s unlikely your mind is receptive to forces in other dimensions.

There is no shortcut to developing this ability. So many things could be blocking your third eye from opening, including (but not limited to): work stress, anxiety, excessive Internet use (information overload), lack of rest, negativity, fear, depression, or a poor diet.

Something well-planned, like a retreat, could help squash many of these problems at once, until a more permanent solution is formed. Incorporating meditation into your daily life will also do wonders.

And of course, perhaps most importantly, setting the intention to make contact. If you know someone in particular that you want to contact (and who you sense is a guide) then as you meditate, set that intention. Focus on their presence, energy, smell, etc., and let them know you want to be contacted. Do this enough consistently and the connection will strengthen, although for some of us, it may take a long time.

Consider, as the Egyptians told me, to focus more on your intuition, as well. Can you meditate and focus on just yes/no answers? It may be much easier for them to send subtle impressions versus making a grandiose entrance.

In Summary

Even if a person’s guides appear non-existent, this doesn’t mean they do not exist. What we don’t fully understand is how they ‘guide’ us. I am not positive that it involves following us around like an angel from It’s a Wonderful Life but it may be more a process of maintaining a psychic awareness and link to your life. So, if you’re in despair, they’re listening, or if you’re in trouble, a little alarm goes off metaphorically, or who knows, maybe literally. If you’ve never heard from your guide, I suggest to focus on opening your proverbial third-eye to the other side as best you can. If you are still not contacted—maybe it just isn’t physically possible.

Cyrus Kirkpatrick

Cyrus Kirkpatrick

Cyrus Kirkpatrick is the author of the 2015 book, Understanding Life After Death and moderates the metaphysical discussion group Afterlife Topics on Facebook. He lives in Culver City, California, and works in marketing and publishing. An avid traveler, Cyrus periodically returns to a nomadic lifestyle of backpacking to accumulate experiences and adventures. He recently spoke at the 2017 Afterlife Symposium in Phoenix on the subject of out-of-body experiences and making contact with the other side. Learn more at cyruskirkpatrick.com.

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