The Shadow and Soul Priestess

Clairvoyant Eleni Gray’s Work Helping Women Overcome Past Trauma and Bloom Authentically


rom a young age, all Eleni Gray wanted to do was use her intuitive abilities to help others. But, as is the case with many prodigy spiritual healers, the people in her life weren’t as keen on her taking that path. She found herself conforming to those societal expectations that were considered ‘normal’ for a long time. Eventually, with quickly growing marital issues and a deepening depression, Gray finally hit her own rock bottom and decided nothing was worth ignoring her true heart callings any longer.

Since making the decision to drop from her head to her heart and put authenticity at the forefront of her life, Gray says her life has begun to work and happiness is the great reward. Now, as a multidimensional lightworker, her mission is to guide women back to their true selves and deep happiness, too.

“I am here to assist you in becoming aware of what is blocking you from stepping into your own light,” Gray says, “whether that be wounding, shame, guilt, low self-worth, low self-confidence—anything to do with your shadow side.”

Her story is relatable, her advice is love-based, and her heart is huge. Spirit Guides was honored to have the chance to pick Gray’s head (and heart!) on things like shadow work, authenticity, and how to drop from your head to your heart.

Eleni Gray

What started you on the path of spiritual healer? What was the catalyst?

I was always one to do what I thought was ‘right’ or what I ‘should’ do. I was a straight-A student, hard worker, went to University only to realise that nothing seemed a right fit, went from certification to certification trying to find something that society and my family said was ‘normal’ or ‘okay’ for me to do.

But ever since I was 8 years old all I wanted to do was intuitively read for others, work with my crystals, and do light healings. That was what my heart always called for but this path was never seen as acceptable to those around me. I was mocked, told I was stupid, and belittled in so many ways that I shut myself off from my joy for such a long time and never pursued my passion for anyone other than certain people I practiced on. I am (and have always been) highly telepathic and always able to read others’ energy through feeling. And, although a very high achiever in every area of life, I was very much an introvert.

I married at 25, had two beautiful children, owned really nice cars, had an investment property, and was a stay-at-home mum with a beautiful husband who worked so hard for our family. It all looked right on the outside, and I was the envy of many around me— however, it didn’t feel right on the inside. I was dying inside because I felt like I was giving myself to everyone else and being what everyone expected me to be by playing my role as mother, wife, friend, and daughter.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved being there for everyone and my children especially, except I felt like I had forgotten who I was. It felt like there was an inner flame wanting to burst out of me but with every day it started to dim more and more. I became highly depressed at home with two children under 2, and my husband and I were arguing and almost at the point of divorce. This ultimately, finally, led me down the path of healing and personal development—and I have never looked back!

The journey hasn’t been easy, but it has been absolutely worth it. The more that I connected to my truth, my heart, and my soul, the happier I became, and what that also meant was that I was a much better person to be around—a better mother, a happier wife, and a better friend. I was filling my cup up first so I could give out more to others. All I wanted was freedom. Freedom to be me without outside expectation from others telling me how it ‘should’ be or how it ‘should’ look. This is what I have created for myself, in my life and business, and I am proud to say that life has never been better!

The truth is you can have everything that you desire—everything! The relationship, the body, the relationship with yourself, the money, the career—but it is up to you to decide that you are worth it and deserving of it, because unless you can see it and know it, nobody else will.

Wow, what a journey! You are now a global clairvoyant and multidimensional healer. What is the main purpose of your work? In what ways do you help people heal?

The main purpose of my work is to guide women back to themselves, get them onto their life purpose and mission, and give them the tools to build a life and business that they love in a very yin way. I assist women in truly embodying their authentic self by clearing out anything that is in the way of them showing up as the beautiful Being that they are. I truly believe we all want freedom—both freedom to be who we really are, and the freedom to live the life that we all want to live. This is the container which I hold for people. Nobody was made to live in a cage.

I help people heal with light language, deep activations, aligning people with their higher self, inner child healing, forgiveness work, throat chakra clearing, third-eye openings and transmissions, as well as helping women be seen for who they truly are by clearing past shame, trauma, and low self-confidence. I help them feel inspired and juicy about life again!

I am also highly telepathic and read people’s energy very well, guiding them in where they may be struggling to shift forwards, giving them the tools to shift when they need assistance, as well as shifting and clearing energy for them fast.

Eleni Gray

You are dubbed a “shadow and soul priestess.” Can you elaborate on what you mean by that? Is shadow work part of your healing modalities?

Many people are afraid of their shadow side. They are afraid to look at the pain which they have gone through in their life because of the feelings which may surface if they do. Human beings avoid pain, but the thing is the more emotion that is stored and not expressed, the more build up there is and over time it gets stored on a body level, which then means that one day someone may say something and—snap!—there’s an outburst of anger, aggression, or sadness because of so much stored emotion in the body that the body cannot store anymore. I do a lot of shadow work and I find it the most rewarding part of my work.

When people acknowledge their shadows and how they actually feel about things, it is the first step to healing. From there, as the healing takes place, there is more room in the body to call in what they actually want to bring into their lives.

It is never about ignoring our shadows—we all have a shadow side and a light side. It is coming to peace with that side of ourselves because by doing this we are accepting ourselves fully and wholly.

You say that switching from our head-space to our heart-space can help us greatly in getting into alignment. Do you have any advice for us on how to start tuning back into our hearts?

I truly believe that the reason there is so much anxiety and depression in our society today is because people are living in their heads. They are thinking about what they ‘should’ do, rather than what they actually feel they want to do, or what feels right for them, and so living out of alignment and away from their truth.

Here is a great exercise that I get my private clients to do to tune back into their heart space: The next time they are faced with a decision that needs to be made that they are unsure of what to do (in fear of what others may say/rejection, etc.), I ask them to drop their energy and awareness from their heads down into their bodies and place one hand on their heart and ask themselves, “How am I feeling?” The first answer that pops up is their soul’s answer. Once they get their answer, they then ask, “Why am I feeling this way?” And from there, ask, “What action step do I need to take from here that is going to be for my highest good and keep me in alignment with my higher self and truth?” The first answer that comes up is always their soul’s answer.

How important do you think authenticity is on one’s spiritual path?

Very important. When we are authentic and totally honest with ourselves, the Universe moves mountains for us. Being authentic is truly one of the most precious gifts that we can give to ourselves because it makes the journey of life that much more beautiful. We attract people, places, events, etc., that are vibrating at the same frequency as we are and it keeps us in total alignment with our truth. We grow, we evolve, we expand, and there are so many more things to feel grateful for because we are living from our hearts and that authentic space.


Are you ready to remove the blocks to your authentic, loving self, and shine bright like the diamond you damn well are? Email Eleni directly at and mention this article to receive $22 off a 45-minute energy and card reading or $77 off a 90-minute intensive healing session! Happy healing, lovies!

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