Empath Protection 101

How to set energetic boundaries and stop being a human sponge!

BY Ivory LaNoue


iving life as an empath means walking around absorbing and feeling the emotions of everyone you come in contact with—like a walking human sponge. This makes going to crowded places very uncomfortable, and some empaths end up spending much of their time alone to avoid being overwhelmed.
But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can learn to block much of the onslaught of emotions, and tune down what you receive. Through some simple practices, you will be able to avoid much of the negative emotions that currently assault you.

I am going to take you through the steps I used to take control of my own empathic abilities and live a happier life.

Shutting it Down

First thing’s first: this ability you have to feel what others feel, is a gift. Chances are that it doesn’t feel like a gift now, however. Would you be surprised to hear that you do not have to feel everything all of the time? It’s true! Every day, start by following the steps below:

1. Hold both hands at the level of the top of your head, with palms flat, facing down. As you say the words below, slowly move your hands down to your hip level, then out to the sides.

2. Say out loud:
I am shutting down my upper chakras,
and opening my root chakra.

3. Say this three times, repeating the hand movements, while envisioning doors closing firmly to your upper chakras, and then a root coming down from your root chakra deep into the Earth.

This quick daily practice will allow you to start your day feeling only your own feelings.The first time you experience that, it will be like someone turned off a grating noise that you had been hearing all your life. Take a few moments to experience this novel sensation.

Really Toxic People


If you find yourself in a highly toxic environment where negative energy/emotions are affecting you, repeat the morning ritual in your head, then place one hand over your solar plexus.

This is a major receiver in your body. Blocking it will provide you instant relief. If you continue to be negatively affected, understand that we all have some persons or places that would be in our best interest to avoid.

Do you find yourself resisting that? If you discovered that a dish at your favorite restaurant caused you excessive pain, would you keep eating it? You might be looking around and seeing everyone else in the place eating that dish and having no problems. The point is that you had a lot of pain and it was definitely due to that dish. Perhaps those other people are not sensitive to the dish.

It is the same thing with certain places/people and empaths. Even if everyone else you know loves a particular place or person, but you find yourself getting anxious, drained, and overwhelmed, it is simply not a good match for you.


Setting boundaries with your empathic ability will reduce the amount of emotions outside of your own that you are exposed to. Here are specific ways you can do this:

Avoid watching or reading the mainstream news. The focus is usually on negativity and chaos. It is designed to cause feelings of fear and hopelessness.

Avoid watching or reading anything that is violent or frightening. When you watch or read things that are violent or scary, it changes your vibrations to a discordant vibration, and the feelings of fear brought up by what you see/read affects your emotions dramatically. You, as an empath, will likely feel pain in your solar plexus, a nauseous feeling, and thoughts of not being able to handle what you are seeing/reading.

Stop trying to save everyone. You were not given this gift to save the world, or to enable others. You are here to help people, but it is critical to guard your own energy in the process. Be discerning about who you help, how you help, and your own welfare.

Cut ties or greatly reduce time with toxic people. Some people affect you so negatively that you cannot afford to be around them at all. The effects will last far beyond the actual time you are with them. These people deplete your energy, leaving you feeling like a sponge that has had all the moisture squeezed right out of it. If they are family, drastically reduce the amount of time you are around them, and the conditions that you will be around them in.

Find What Gives You Joy


It is important that you remember to do what fills your soul. As an empath, you give a lot of yourself to others. This can lead to your “battery” being drained. Make time to do the things that give you joy and recharge your spirit. Spend some time outdoors regularly, and try grounding or what I call “watering,” which involves suspending your bare feet in fresh running water such as a stream.

Go back to hobbies you enjoyed in the past, explore new ones, be adventurous, and remember to do something every day just for fun. Other activities that will help recharge your energy is making music, singing, drumming, dancing, painting, gardening, hiking, walking, and spending time with friends who lift you up and leave you feeling empowered.

Giving Readings as an Empath

If you are a professional reader, or wish to become one, this section is for you. You do not need to worry that implementing empath protection will prevent you from being able to utilize your empathic gift in readings for clients. Though I cannot explain how it happens, you will find that your ability to read other’s emotions, or spirit emotions, will be fully available to you in a reading.
I have not found it necessary to repeat the morning mantra again. It comes right back into place after each session.

Oh the Freedom!

Before I implemented these changes, I felt trapped by my ability to feel other people’s emotions. On day one of making these changes, I experienced a turn-around. I could go to crowded stores and events with no problem at all. My overall mood lifted, and I was able to focus even better in my readings.

Since those early days, I have watched many clients put these easy steps into practice and absolutely blossom. Like me, they can go to crowded places, which opened up life for them. You can do this too, and enjoy the incredible freedom of feeling just your own feelings.

I would love to read your comments after trying these steps. What differences did you notice? What was the most exciting change for you? What was the biggest challenge?

Ivory LaNoue will be teaching energetic protection prayers and invocations for empaths in our membership group The Cosmic Collective July 13, 2019. If you are reading this after this date, do not fret! We archive all of our sessions for you to rewatch at your leisure!

Ivory LaNoue

Ivory LaNoue

Ivory LaNoue is an evidence-based medium, psychic, angel communicator, and healer. She is a partner at Sedona Soul Sisters in Sedona, Arizona. Learn more at ivoryangelicmedium.com.

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