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Founders of Energy Muse Offer A Primer On Crystals and Their Powerful Magic


rystals are the unofficial mascots of spirituality. Often the first step on a spiritual path for new seekers, crystals offer a peek into the mysteries and beauty of the world around us—and also invite us to explore the world within us and bloom to our highest possible manifestation.

At Spirit Guides, crystals line our shelves, sleep under our pillows, ride with us in our cars, accompany us on our worldly travels, and serve as talismans and reminders of our own innate power and brilliance. It’s safe to say that we are obsessed with Mother Nature’s eye candy, and we’re pretty sure you are too!

To discover more about the power and palpable energy of using crystals as spiritual tools, Spirit Guides chatted with the crystal goddesses of Energy Muse, co-founders Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro. Crystal enthusiasts, makers of inspirational jewelry, spiritual beacons for A-listers, and now authors of the just released Hay House book, Crystal Muse, these two women are on a mission to educate, inspire, and enlighten the masses with crystal magic.

“When we combine the healing properties of crystals with a mindful effort to evolve, we can finally embark on the spiritual path toward the person we were always meant to be,” the duo says. And lucky for us, Heather and Timmi gave us the low down on how to start on the path of using crystals as the powerful tools for spiritual development.

Read on to absorb the wisdom of Energy Muse and discover how crystals really work, how to choose the right ones for you, and how to properly care for the beauts!

Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro

First of all, do crystals really work?

We will be the first to tell you, if anyone thinks that just buying a crystal is going to change their life, they’re going to be really disappointed. Trust me, I wish that were true, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not. Using crystals is like any new diet or fitness regime—you have to put in the work! Like any new program, it takes time and consistency to get results. The magic is not the crystal, it’s you. It’s not doing the work, you’re doing the work. Crystals are allies on your journey. A tool to help you get where you want to go.

Crystals have been part of the Earth since the beginning of time, so even if they’re new to your world, you’re not new to theirs. If I could take my 25 plus years of connecting with crystals and interpret their message, it would be this: As a society, humans are continuously looking forward. It’s always about bigger, better, faster, and more. Maybe it’s time to slow down and notice that many of the answers we seek are just below our feet, nestled into the Earth that we share. To feel is to heal.

At the end of the day, crystals are really just a tool, a reminder, that you can find peace even in the midst of chaos.

What should someone who is brand new to the world of crystals do first if they want to learn more? How do they choose a crystal?

Either go to a local metaphysical shop or browse a crystal website online. Scan the shop (or the page) and see what catches your eye. What crystal stands out to you? Which one are you drawn to? Then, read the meaning and properties of that crystal. Nine times out of 10 you will find that the meaning of that crystal correlates to your life in some way, shape, or form. And at this time, that is the crystal for you!

We have a “crystal test” in our new book, Crystal Muse, that shows you just this. Once you can get out of your head and into your heart about working with crystals, the path opens and becomes much simpler. You can’t choose a wrong crystal—people are always so worried about that!

After you choose your crystal, take the time to hold it, touch it, and tune in to its frequency. Look at its color, shape, and size. Be aware of any sensations that come up while you are holding it. You may experience a tingling or warmth in your hands. And don’t worry if you don’t “feel something” when you hold your crystal. It just means, at this time, you don’t feel anything! It’s that simple. Try not to judge the experience, just be with it. Sometimes it may take a while for a certain crystal to resonate with you, while at other times that same crystal will make the hairs on your arms stand up.

Ok, so once we find our crystal of choice, now what do we do?

Give your crystal a job and a purpose! One of the most important components to working with crystals is setting an intention, “programming” each stone to reflect what it is that you want. It wants to work for you, but you have to tell it what to do. Life doesn’t always go as planned, and it can throw you off-kilter. In the moments when you’re vibrating at a lower frequency, your intentions can fly out the window. When you reconnect with your programmed crystal, it will help you remember your goals and limitless potential.

Aloud or in your head, say, “I ask that the highest vibration of love and light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy and any previous programming. I command this crystal to hold the intention of (say your intention here).” To finish the sentence, add three intentions for your crystal—energies that you wish it to hold for you. End by repeating “thank you” three times. By saying it three times, you emphasize that what you’re asking for already exists in the universe.

Energy Muse

Why do I have to cleanse my crystals? How do I do it?

The reason that crystals are so effective in energy work, is the same reason that cleansing them is essential—crystals pick up energy. Cleansing your crystals resets their energy, so that every time you work with them, you are starting from an energetically clean slate. If you never clean your crystals, they will continue to store energy they’ve picked up from their environment or people they’ve come into contact with. Think of it like this: A towel can wipe a mess clean, but if you never wash the towel, it will begin to add to the mess. Crystals are similar.

There are a few different ways that you can set about purifying the energy of your crystals:

Moonlight Spa: Let your crystals bathe outside in light of full moon (or sun) for at least 4 hours.

Couple Your Crystal With Selenite or Quartz: Act as a crystal matchmaker and pair your crystal with either a selenite or quartz crystal! Both of these crystals have the ability to charge and purify other crystals, without ever losing any of their own energy. Lay your crystal on a piece of quartz or selenite for six hours.

Smoke It Out: Not only will burning sage and palo santo clear the energy of your space, they’ll also have your crystals feeling great. Immerse your crystal with the sacred smoke until you feel its energy and vibrancy return.

Return to Nature: We could all use the energetic reset that comes with a return to nature. To give your crystal that revitalizing pleasure, place it on the Earth or in the branches/soil of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours.

How do you choose which crystals to wear, which to place in a specific spot in your home, which to meditate with, etc.?

At the end of the day, you have to trust your intuition and decide what is right for you. Not necessarily what so-and-so is doing, but what feels good to you. Trust yourself; you know yourself better than anyone.
Your favorite crystals will change as you grow and evolve. One day you could be really vibin’ with one, and the next day, it’s just not doing it for you. Don’t judge the experience. Just live in the present moment.

What are some simple ways to use and benefit from the energy of your crystals once you have them?

Carry a crystal in your pocket or purse. Wear it. Place it on your altar, nightstand or office desk. Lay it on your body. Meditate while holding it.

Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You

Tell us about your new book, Crystal Muse. How do you hope people will use this book?

Our mission and passion has always been to share information and educate people on the benefits of using crystals in daily life. We were fortunate enough to have Hay House come to us about writing a book, as they wanted to add a crystal book to their repertoire. We wanted to write a different kind of crystal book—one centered around storytelling. I’ve had the opportunity to study with healers from all over the world, and much of the knowledge I have about crystals and holistic healing was passed down to me through storytelling. That is one of the central themes of our book—Timmi and I tell our personal stories (kind of in diary style) about the triumphs and hardships throughout our lives and how we used crystals as touchstones to get through those times.

Think of Crystal Muse as a recipe book with the main ingredient being crystals—you don’t have to read it cover to cover, although you can. Each chapter covers a different subject matter or intention with rituals that tell you exactly how to use certain crystals to focus on a specific outcome. You can start reading the book at chapter 10 or chapter 3, there’s no right or wrong place to start. We’re sharing formulas that we’ve perfected and have been working on for over 25 years, so it removes the “guesswork” for the reader. Let our book take you on a crystallized journey to tune into the real you.

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