Divine Connections Circle Online

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  • For Intuitives, Healers, Spiritual Explorers — Engage, Explore, Experience!

    Raise your vibrational frequency, engage in an exploration of all things Divine from spiritual guidance to quantum physics, move energy, develop spiritually, practice your gifts, and form connections. Join Divine Connections Circle (online and interactive using Zoom).

    Have you ever wanted a group of like-minded friends to discuss metaphysical matters, “talk shop” and further develop your gifts? If you have, then this is the circle for you.

    First and third Tuesdays of each month starting March 20, 2018, through July 17, 2018, at 7:00 pm central time (8:00 pm Eastern time; 6:00 pm mountain time: 5:00 pm Pacific) (March 21: 1 a.m. in London, and 12 noon in New South Wales, Australia.)

    Our Divine Connection Circle will be about 40 minutes in length but expect Divine connections to continue throughout your week. Spirit has no time or distance limitations. The time may be extended with up to 11 members participating.

    We will:
    • expand conscious connection with Universal Source.
    • connect with others in the group no matter where each of us lives.
    • delve into what spiritual guidance is and how to be receptive to it.
    • explore the mysteries of the universe.
    • activate positive energies.
    • learn more about moving energy and using energy to clear, heal, and renew.
    • engage in spiritual practice and learn some practices that might be new.
    • develop and practice our gifts in the intuitive arts.
    • engage in conversation around exciting topics.
    • have fun with the occasional odd news and reviews.

    Accelerate activation of your gifts and fulfillment of your soul purpose!

    We’ll start out with a meditation, move into a discussion of a topic for the week, have an energy activation of a specific area or function, have occasional odd news and reviews, receive a spiritual practice to do the following week, and even optional homework.

    As a member of the Divine Connections Circle you will also have access to our private Facebook group
    for exchanging information and posts with other Circle members.

    Divine Connections Circle is a politics free, dogma free, and judgment free zone. We’ll have some simple guidelines around that so that we can focus on the intent of the circle.
    Expect positive and powerful experiences to come your way.

    Register: email me at connect@MaryaOMalley.com with “Circle” in the subject line. In the body of the email be sure to include your name and contact information. I will send you confirmation of your registration and after payment, the link to the circle. We will be using Zoom and you can sign up for Zoom free of charge.

    Price: Registration after March 20, 2018, $22.00 per month, paid in advance.

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    Online twice monthly connection circle for intuitive, psychics, mediums, and spiritual explorers.