February 2019 Small Group Reading: Connect with Spirit

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Event Category: Other

  • EXPERIENCE A ROOM FILLED WITH THE LOVE FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD! THIS VERY SPECIAL SMALL GROUP SESSION IS FOR ONLY 7-8 PEOPLE. EVERYONE WHO ATTENDS WILL BE INCLUDED Susanne will speak during the first half hour with 2 important intentions: (1) she will explain what to expect and what not to expect; (2) she will share ways you can make your own direct connection with your beloved people and pets in spirit. Having Susanne speak for the 1st half hour is part of the session as advertised and does not take time time away from messages.

    Everyone is included but no medium can guarantee who will connect, for how long, or what they wish to say. Your understanding of that reality is appreciated.

    Registrants may have the rare opportunity to purchase a private session for self afterwards if the schedule permits.