Reclaim Your Sacred Woman

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    A 9-Month Mentorship Program
    February 1, 2019 through November 1, 2019

    There’s an unclaimed woman who lives inside of you.
    A woman who the Earth and all beings are in desperate need of …
    This woman is Your Sacred Woman.
    This is your Highest essence, and truest Self.

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    Your Sacred Woman is your wise woman. She is filled with parts of the Goddess, parts of the Divine Holy Mother, and parts of the Queen. Yes, the Sacred Woman is all of these things.

    She holds in her heart what is most Sacred and creates in the world in a way that is on purpose, and is filled with Love, Peace & Prosperity.

    The Sacred Woman is not swayed by the fanatics of the time, rather she sees and feels what is occurring deeply and allows her connection to All-That-Is/Great Spirit/Source/God to lead her forward.

    She deeply Loves the masculine – within her self and in her counterparts.

    She deeply Loves, adores, honors and reveres the feminine – within her self and in her counterparts.

    She deeply Loves and cares for the Earth plane, animals and all that is Alive (which is, all things).

    She is not interested in pitting anyone against anyone, her intent is Love.
    Her intention is Peace.
    Her intention is over-flowing Prosperity for all.

    This is the woman – the unclaimed woman – who lives inside of you.

    And this woman cannot hide inside of you any longer.

    She is ready to be unleashed.
    She is ready to shine brighter than the Sun.

    She is ready to, with her masculine counterpart in tow, heal.this.Earth.plane, and ascend to realms far beyond her dreams.

    It will take a 9-month birthing process for her to be born into the world, just in time for the next grand upleveling set to take place in 2020.

    Together, we will gather for this accelerated birthing process.

    As mentioned previously, at various times, our masculine counterparts will join us (whether identified as male or female – this is not about gender or orientation, only Soul, Spirit, and primary essence) for this journey, as there is much we are learning that we must do together.

    Throughout this 9-months we will remember and expand into our holiness, into our Divinity, into our human-ness, into our Love, Peace and Prosperity.

    Together, we will go so much further than we ever could on our own.


    Reclaim Your Sacred Woman

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