The Art of Fearless Living with Sevapreet

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  • The Art of Fearless Living is a three week Kundalini Yoga journey with Sevapreet starting July 25th.

    This course is for you if you’re ready to delve into the marrow of life — to discover what is most meaningful to you, what it is your heart is asking of you and how you can serve that call. It is for you if you are hungry for a life rich with depth and vitality.

    Fearless living is a path of magnificent beauty, expansion, excitement and joy. It is a path of coming into deep connection and integrity with your soul.

    Together we will explore what it means to to live fearlessly, how to cultivate fierce authenticity, leaning into the universe with faith and trust, the importance of living your truth and how to navigate the fear, doubt and uncertainty that come along the way.

    Using the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga as our foundation we catalyze real change to create a life driven by passion and purpose. With these potent yogic tools we can break free from the habitual and comfortable patterns which do not honor our soul and come into alignment with that which nourishes us at the deepest level.

    Join me now and discover the path of living fearlessly, a profoundly fulfilling and liberating way of living in which your very aliveness becomes the embodiment of your purpose and your greatest gift to both to yourself and the world.

    This course is open to all, including those new to Kundalini Yoga.

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