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hough Sarah Wilder thinks “we all begin [the spiritual journey] at birth,” she recalls three significant moments that specifically propelled her as a mystical seeker: the death of her father, transitioning to vegetarianism, and giving birth to her son. It was the last of these that inspired her to start the business that we so love, The Fifth Element Life, where she creates modern talismans for the stylish spiritualist.

The 5th Element Life

“He came at such a pivotal time in my life, in 2012–right when mass awakenings were occurring around the world. It feels like I literally woke up the day he came into our world, and I’ve been exploring this woman that I am ever since.”

Thank goodness, because we love the woman that she is, and the products that she creates. We want them all! Spirit Guides Magazine caught up with Wilder to learn about her personal spirit guides, favorite spiritual getaways, and chosen talisman.

The 5th Element Life - Sarah Wilder

When did you begin your business?

This business concept came to me when I was pregnant with my son (in full creation mode it seems!) and a couple of weeks before I birthed my son, I birthed the 20 original mandala designs for my first collection.

It wasn’t until early 2014 though that the business kicked off officially with the sales of my first small run of mandala rings with those designs imprinted on them.

Who/what are your spirit guides, whether cosmic or of this world?

I don’t think I am currently consciously aware of all of them, but I definitely have quite a few family members (father, aunty, uncles, grandparents, cousins, pets) that have passed over who I know do help out from time to time. I feel an infinity to animals, so I have heaps of spirit guides in animal form here on earth (probably because I’m quite a realist too). My power animal is the peacock/peahen (depending on whether I need guidance from the masculine or feminine energy at the time), as well as willy wagtails, who are little messengers from my dad. Lately I’ve been really connected to Currawongs, too.

Where is the most mystical/spiritual place you’ve ever been to?

I would say (maybe a bit stereotypical) but my favorite places to reconnect with myself and my spirituality are in Byron Bay/Mullumbimby and Bali. There is just something about the energies in these places which make me feel most at home. It also helps that some of the best, most awakening times of my life have been had in these places.

You’re a creator of modern talismans. What is your chosen talisman and why?

I’m so glad you asked me this! I’m currently wearing the “consciously complete” talisman around my neck. This is my reminder that I am enough as I am, and that I am worthy of all the love I desire. Since going through a separation after 12 years together, I have slowly had to rebuild my confidence, self-love, and wholeness all year and this symbol has helped me remind me of my power to do this.


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