5 Things That Happen When You Live a ‘Fuck Yes’ Life

Sure signs that you are in complete alignment with your soul

uck yes! When was the last time you could honestly answer that way when asking yourself if you were 100 percent in alignment—with love, with work, within your home and, most importantly, within yourself?

Living authentically and in full surrender to Spirit is not something that is praised or comes naturally in our Western society. Many of us struggle in the modern world with the expectations of society, family, friends, and our own small selves pressuring us to get our ducks in a row and settle into how things should be in the eyes of those deemed to have their shit together.

But the thing that most of us don’t realize is that having shit together looks different for everyone, and what works for one is the nightmare of another. Life should be seen as being customizable and 100% creative in expression, on a person to person basis. Learning to forgo these social limitations and expectations and to begin creating the life you love to live is the most fulfilling and joyful process because you become the artist and your life becomes the canvas. Your highest you is in control. Your highest you is the one calling the shots. Your highest you is the only one you are answering to!

To be absolutely, unconditionally in love with your life and be open to making adjustments when necessary makes space for the universe to bring you all the beauty and expansion that is meant for you (which is a shit ton!). Life is fluid and change is the only constant. When you flow with instead of resist what is, life begins to work. Straight up.

So when change happens, allow it to. It’s happening because it needs to for your highest growth. Something that once felt great may feel heavy or sticky later on. That’s ok. Flow with it and adjust as necessary. Struggle is a sign that you’re not in alignment, so observe rather than judge and ask yourself if you are still saying “fuck yes” or if it’s time to move on. No is just as powerful as yes!

Where attention goes, energy flows. This is a spiritual law and no one is immune to it. Where is your attention going? Are you obsessing about what’s not working? Are you envisioning everything working smoothly and feeling blissed? Are you resisting the flow or allowing it?

When you ease into this flow and allow your authenticity to lead the way, you’ll notice some undeniable truths start to take shape. These are five things (among many others, surely) that happen when you live a fuck yes life! Are you?!

1. Synchronicities
When you’re in the flow and in alignment with your truth, the universe takes note and places the people, circumstances, and opportunities in your path to help usher you to where it knows you need and want to go. And the more you learn to trust what the universe gives you, the more it will give you. This is the magic of alignment.

2. Supreme Clarity
There is something that you just can’t deny about being able to see clearly when you are in the flow. The air smells fresher, the colors of nature are brighter, the love in your heart is stronger. Life just feels better all around. As you go through the day you may notice that you smile more and actually say out loud, “fuck yes!” as you realize that you are doing what you love.

3. Caring Less About What People Think
When you know that what you’ve got going on makes you the happiest clam, you will begin to realize that the opinions of others matter little, and that the only person you need to impress is your highest self. Set out each day to make yourself happy and notice how at ease your heart is and how joy seems to radiate from within. This does not mean you’re selfish; you’ll also experience more tolerance and love towards others because you are coming from a place of grounded peace.

4. Unwavering Confidence
Trusting your intuition to guide you through life creates a deep confidence in your power. This trust builds over time and you’ll find that you get to a point where you never question the guidance coming from your soul, but simply flow with it and watch the magic unfold. Your intuition will never lead you astray and the confidence you have in your self and the universe is the most beautiful and meaningful relationship you’ll ever experience in your life.

5. Eloquent Grace
Saying “fuck yes” to the life you created is like dancing gracefully with the universe. You know every step like the back of your hand and each movement is orchestrated with the grace and confidence of a ballerina. You know the steps, you trust your body, you’re guided by your soul, and you’ve unlocked your inner power to use as your guiding light. You are in the most graceful of flows and this impacts your entire life. Every step you take, each decision you make, each soul you encounter is met with grace.

The human condition can be a mother fucker sometimes. But it’s meant to be this way; we are here at this Earth school to learn and grow and bloom. We are not here to struggle without purpose and live limiting lives, we are here to shine with passion and clarity and expand our awareness to infinity. So let’s shine on, babes, and never allow ourselves to believe that we have to go it alone.

You are the master of your universe. Fuck yes!

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