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oet Carl Sandburg claimed “the moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.” The majestic moon is indeed our most reliable cosmic sounding board, our midnight friend who soothes our worries, incites our passions, and seduces our souls. And it has never been different: “Look at the moon!” must be the most ancient exclamatory there has ever been.

Co-founder of GAIA Collective, Paula Pavlova, joined forces with other alchemists to harness our connection to the moon mother in the form of sacred and intentional ritual. The MoonBox was born to fuel enchantment and help mystic souls deeply connect with the glowing goddess. GAIA Collective has recognized the benefit, for self and humanity as a whole, to align with the rhythm and cycle of the moon. To honor the influence of all celestial beings on our human forms.

We picked the stardusted brain of Pavlova on how GAIA Collective came to be and what fuels their rocketship.

Gaia Collective

When and how did GAIA Collective come into existence?

GAIA Collective started as a family of alchemists and artists with a collaborative love for Mother Earth and all of her treasures. We began by creating crystal jewelry, essential oil blends, herbal tea blends, moon rituals, meditations, and even workshops, where our focus was to share this love with others.

With time, dedication, and the support of friends and family, we co-created a conscious community of spirit seekers, moon workers, and earth lovers. This has manifested itself as an ever growing collective of makers committed to elevating the beauty of Gaia, the Earth Goddess herself. Each month, we feature these makers in our monthly subscription of moon magic, known as the MoonBox, which always contains the staples of our inspiration: crystals, essential oils, tea, and up to three GAIA Collective featured alchemists/artists.

In what ways does the aspect of community fuel and define Gaia Collective?

In all ways! Our community means everything to us. We carefully plan, hand-pick, and personally package each MoonBox that goes out into the world. Each part of the experience is tailored to remind us through meditation, personal alignment, and deep introspection that we are cosmically bound and collectively engaged in the energy we share with the world. It is up to each of us to raise the vibration and awaken to the tides that bind us as a community.

We may all live by the light of the sun, but we feel by the tide of the moon. As such, our MoonBox is a monthly (or shall we say, moonly) reminder that we are all in this together. The ups, the downs, the retrogrades, and the moments of direct transformation, we feel it all as one here on planet Earth. The MoonBox community is a consistent expression of the GAIA Collective mission to inspire through personal alignment and introspection.

What have you been guided by the most through your spiritual journey?

Naturally, Gaia is our number one guiding light. She is our first consideration for all the we do. We have deep gratitude for all of the inspiration, resources, and support she has given us to give birth to this incredible collective. To give back to Gaia, we have an ongoing partnership with Trees for the Future.

With each MoonBox subscription we send out, we plant trees and support educational programs for sustainable farming practices. As a collective of Earth lovers, we are always seeking new ways to restore, invigorate, and enliven communities with the tools they need to serve our planet.

Gaia Collective - Aries Grid

Where is the most spiritual place you’ve traveled to and how did it influence you?

We recently participated in an incredible Yoga Festival in Rila, Bulgaria. The air there is just pristine and the mountains are crystal-charged with snow caps and never ending high-altitude clear lakes. Words can barely express the divine energy that exists there. Perfectly welcome and untouched at the very same time, the Rila Mountains are a must-see-feel-and-know destination for any spiritually guided traveller.

What benefits do you think we can experience by aligning ourselves with the natural rhythm of Mother Nature and taking time through ritual to honor her power?

There are truly endless benefits to this practice, the most important of which is self awareness. Our modern society is very stimulating to the senses and can very easily distract us. This distraction pulls us out of awareness, out of our bodies, and can even render us fully disconnected from our minds and spirit.

Practicing ritual, meditation, and conscious alignment with the sun, the moon, the stars, and how they affect the energy we share here on planet Earth is essential to building a conscious community. This practice deeply benefits the individual, a proportion of the whole, and contributes greatly to the health of our whole society, one spirit seeker at a time.


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