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Infusing Your Everyday Life with Crystal Elixir Magic


f there’s anything we love more than crystals, it’s crystal elixirs! Filtered water infused with crystal energy has long been a ritual and remedy of ours, but the little crystal babies would bump around in the bottle and sometimes end up in our eager-to-be-healed mouths. With their gorgeous crystal reusable water bottles, Glacce Bottles solves this dilemma and allows for drinking high-vibe H20 on the go.

Crystal elixirs have been used for centuries to infuse water with the healing power of Gaia’s crystal medicine. When the essence of a crystal is immersed in water and then consumed, you spontaneously combust into a burst of sparkles, rainbows, and unicorns, and are instantly healed of all ailments. JK. But really, you pretty much feel like a sparkly rainbow unicorn jumping from cloud to cloud in the ether.

Not only do these sleek and gorgeous glass bottles have a permanent crystal (smokey quartz, clear quartz, rose quartz, or amethyst) locked in the base for ultimate healing, they also cut down on plastic water bottle waste, helping the environment within and around you. Water takes on the sight, smell, taste, feel, and mood of its environment, so by adding in some high-vibe crystal magic, you are literally drinking the essence and beneficial properties of these stunning crystals.

The goddesses behind this modern magic, founders Sharon Leslie and Julia Schoen, let us into their crystallized world, talking with us about their origins, intentions, and even a few of their fav travel spots! And pssssttt…Spirit Guides readers get a super special discount, so be sure to cruise down to the bottom of this cosmic interview.

Glacce Bottles

Glacce Bottles offer crystal elixirs on the go.

What was the spark of inspiration that lit Glacce Bottles into existence?

The exact idea of a Glacce Bottles came to me in a dream. I saw it so clearly in my mind as if it already existed. It felt like it was my purpose to make it real.

I woke up and immediately started to put together a rough prototype. For more than two years, perfecting the design became our priority. Julia and I were exposed to the benefits of crystal elixirs at a young age because her father had always been into alternative healing methods. My father is an engineer and most of his friends are geologists so it has been interesting to see how these worlds have come together to create this product.

Permanently putting crystals in water for a high-vibe elixir is genius. What are the benefits of this practice?

Why, thank you! Crystal elixirs have been used for centuries but we really set out to create a modern, portable version of this ancient tool. The benefits of having the crystal secured like this is that you can integrate the use of crystal elixirs into your everyday life seamlessly.

When working with crystals, it is important to understand the known attributes of each stone:

  • Clear quartz is the master healer, helps with focus, and has the ability to turn negative energy into positive.
  • Rose quartz is used to attract love but more importantly guide you to focus on healthy self love and forgiveness, and also helps with clear communication.
  • Smoky quartz is the grounding stone, perfect for those who struggle with anxiety.
  • Amethyst helps calm the mind, body, and spirit, has been known to enhance intuition and creativity, and has been used for those who struggle with addiction.

These inherent qualities are a great place to start, but it is most important to recognize how your own energy and personal power enhances how the stones work for you. The intention you place within the crystal is crucial.

The Glacce lifestyle revolves around a simple concept: We believe beauty can play a key role in the healing process. When we see or notice something beautiful, we are struck with a feeling of appreciation, of a deep presence, and it is from here we are more able to heal gracefully.

When we are mindful and present, we are allowing ourselves to heal at the pace nature has intended. We hope that people connect with the beauty of their bottle and stone within it. Bringing this elixir around with you serves the purpose of a talisman, a reminder to recognize the beauty around you.

Glacce Bottles

Glacce Bottles come in (left to right) smokey quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz.

How do you commune with spirit and what are your modalities of connection?

We’ve had a lot of discussions lately about what it means to be faithful. Both of us commune with the spirit through our intuition and gut feelings. We’re focusing a lot on finding the courage to have faith in our gut feeling or intuition, which we believe is the spirit guiding us. This can be really difficult in today’s modern world with so many distractions and a constant stream of information.

Our personal goal is to keep up this practice not just during yoga, meditation, or moments of bliss, but finding a way to carry this courage and fine tuning the art of following our intuition in our daily life, despite the distractions.

For me, I focus on always paying attention to the way I feel and let that be my guide. Part of that process has been about being intentional. This word is huge to us right now. Drinking from my Glacce Bottle is a practice of making intentional choices. The choice to be more present, mindful, less wasteful, and more connected.

Where have you traveled that has left an imprint on your soul?

We’re so grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to travel. We both grew up in New Orleans which has really shaped the way we see the world. Julia also partially grew up in Italy. Here are some of the most memorable experiences for both of us:


  • The Sahara Desert. Surrounded by nothing but, essentially, tiny quartz crystals where all you can see is sand. This was a moment I will never forget.
  • Wading around and swimming in Florida’s beaches and lagoons. Being in those waters surrounded by all of the strange and beautiful sea creatures will always be a special memory for me. The sea slug is my favorite creature of all time, and I love imagining what their life experience is like.


  • As a kid, hiking or biking for hours in the Dolomites with my family is an experience I’ll never forget. Surrounded by the most beautiful plants, lakes, rock formations, and skies. Sharing the freshest food prepared with so much love, I’ll always hold that experience close to me.
  • Same with the oceans of the Mediterranean, where I was born. The beauty of the land and the way that changes the way people interact with one another is so interesting and a really special thing to experience at a young age.
Glacce Bottles

Founders Sharon Leslie (left) and Julia Schoen (right) celebrate the launch into Free People Retail Stores.

How have you felt the effects of drinking crystal infused water overtime? In what ways has it impacted your life?

It has helped both of us establish a daily routine, both in the morning and in the evening, which really has a grounding effect. Throughout the day, having your bottle with you and taking in this very intentional charged energy, has really helped us remain grounded and focused on our goals.

Beyond that, it’s been so beautiful to get feedback from friends, family, and customers about how much they love incorporating crystal elixirs in their lives. Running this business has been a really magical experience for us; we’ve fully embraced the journey that we’re on and it’s fun to see the energy we put out come back to us in really unexpected and amazing ways.


Wow, right?! We chose the amethyst Glacce Bottle to invoke creativity, insight, calm, and clarity, because we are master manifesters and this crystal elixir is going to help us superpower that already super power! If you, too, want to experience the magic, the Glacee goddesses are offering Spirit Guides readers an exclusive and limited-time discount: take 10 percent off the Clear Quartz Glacce Bottle with code crystalspirit10 while supplies last!

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