The Art of Divination

Release, Reconnect, Receive

An Alchemy Retreat with Spiritual Medium Diane Richards

Mallorca, Spain | Oct 5-10, 2019

Transmuting the coal of life into the gold of Spirit!

We are so excited to announce our first international retreat! Join us on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca for a spiritual get away built around the themes of release, reconnection, and receiving.

Our resident spiritual medium Diane Richards will be guiding us for five nights in paradise, connecting us with Spirit and instructing on how to strengthen our own intuitive connections and abilities. It’s going to be a one-of-a-kind retreat jam packed with mediumship, mindfulness, and manifestation, oh my!

“Selfcare is never a selfish actit is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on Earth to offer others.”

Parker Palmer

What’s included?

In addition to connecting with an intimate, like-minded group of people in a gorgeous mediterranean setting, The Art of Divination Retreat will include:

Δ mediumship readings
Δ intuition and spirit communication development
Δ mindfulness meditation walks
Δ a group past life regression
Δ sound healing meditations
Δ light/beginner kundalini yoga
Δ reflexology healing
Δ guided meditations built around releasing, reconnecting, and receiving
Δ a moon intention & manifestation circle
Δ a land excursion to a sacred, goddess energy site on the island
Δ delicious food made by a private, Michelin Star trained holistic chef

And all of this will be located on the grounds of our very own private finca with a pool, gorgeous views, and luxury accomodations.


“We just finished the Ghost Circle with Diane Richards and look—I knew I believed in mediums but I was flat out SHOCKED at the detail she knew and provided me. I don’t even know what to say; I’m overwhelmed. If you want to get a great reading, she’s who to go to. I was told that Diane was the real deal but it’s a totally different feeling to experience it for myself.”
– Alyse M.
“Diane is the most amazing medium I have ever been with. She is the real deal and I love her so much!”
– Mary Beth Robinson
“I had the pleasure of attending a group reading with Diane. There were about 30 people in the group and Diane gave EACH person a message from at least one, if not MORE, loved ones who had passed. EVERYONE’S message was accurate and Diane was able to relay events that there was NO WAY she would have known. She told me things I had forgotten! It was AMAZING!”
– Pat H.
“I have seen Diane change sooo many people’s lives with her mediumship abilities, first hand—including my own! In addition to her epic spiritual communication skills and nurturing disposition, she is classically trained in counseling, reiki, and mindfulness, a combo which makes her incredible at holding space for people doing the work. She’s the absolute best—there is no one else I’d rather collaborate on a retreat with.”
– Arizona Bell

Diane Richards

Diane Richards is a renowned and highly sought after evidential medium and energy healer who has trained with the best teachers, such as Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Carole Carbone, James Van Praagh, and numerous Arthur Findlay tutors. She is certification as a psychic counselor with the International Association of Past Life Therapists, and a certified Reiki Master. She combines her formal and practical education with her intuitive gifts and talents to help others on their journey to a healthy, balanced life.

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