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  • Hey Cosmic One!

    I’m Tara. Alchemystic Astrologer, Seer and StarBody Healer.

    Here to support multidimensional humans (like you) create Cosmic Sovereignty by cultivating an intimate, expansive and grounded relationship with your StarBody.

    Now you may be wondering what IS a StarBody?

    In short, the StarBody is what I call your Astrology Birth Chart.

    Something that (to me) is SO MUCH MORE than a simple piece of paper, or ‘snapshot’ of where the planets, asteroids, and stars were when you were born. So much more than a ‘blueprint’, ‘roadmap’ or picture of predetermined potential, purpose and destiny. 

    No different, no more or less real, wise and ALIVE than your physical human body, your StarBody is a portal to experiencing the FULL frequency of what you are! A direct connection to your multidimensional self – a living, learning and vibrant world of ever evolving consciousness.

    And as you stand on the precipice of a vast and fertile unknown, I want you to know that I see you.

    I see you as you feel the unexplainable in immeasurable depth. As you come to simultaneously experience waves of life, dying, death and rebirth on inconceivable levels, remember all you forgot, and reclaim every single part you were coerced to shapeshift beyond recognition (over lifetimes) and lock away simply as a means of survival.

    You’ve been through much, and truth be told, you are eons ahead of our time. You are courage made manifest – and not to be underestimated.

    You love this Earth, and want to be here fully.

    You want to make the absolute most of this opportunity to be ‘human’, relating, expanding, creating and uncreating in concert with Great Mystery for the highest good of all beings.

    Gone are the days you abandon your instincts to abide by the cultural training.

    You will fulfill your mission. 

    But the path you walk is unlike any other, which is why I’ve dedicated all versions of now, to walking that path with you.

    ~ It is through our choosing that we become the chosen ~

    So if you’re nodding your head in resonance, if you feel that deepening in your belly and that spark in your bones, then perhaps it would be powerful to take this journey together?

    Visit to lean in and learn more. Or reach out at or DM me @cosmicsoulmedicine

    I can’t wait to connect and get to know you more!

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