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  • There’s no denying your Cosmic Nature.

    You’re here on a mission (with potent medicine in hand) and are completely and totally devoted to giving it everything you’ve got!

    You’re courage made manifest, and NOT to be underestimated. You’re aware of the power you be, wield and hold, and yet don’t feel fully expressed at the level you desire most.

    If you’re:

    * A multidimensional being who’s tired of living a one dimensional life

    * Fed up with suppressing your Celestial self in order to be human

    * Done abandoning your instincts to abide by the cultural training

    * Ready to command the level of Cosmic Sovereignty that is your God given Birthright be returned to you

    Then you KNOW for sure, that it’s time to cultivate intimate, collaborative, expansive and grounded relationship with your StarBody!

    If this is resonating with you, check out the video in the video tab to lean in and learn more!


    Click this link to schedule your complimentary StarBody Connection Call with me today!

    See you soon!

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    Shamanic Astrologer

  • Hey Cosmic One!
    Who am I? What is a StarBody? And what is this work about?
    I’ll answer all your questions (and probably inspire a few others too) in this quick and awesome video! Enjoy! (Book your complimentary StarBody Connection Call here: )
    (Watch the video to learn more about Shamanic Astrology here: )