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  • All of my life I have been aware of something special, let’s say a gift that others did not have. Unfortunately, I suppressed it for way too long. Now, I am fortunate to have the people and opportunities in my life that allow me to nurture this spirit inside and share it with those who need the healing.

    My background is in reiki, chakras, auras and medium work. My intentions are always focused on the healing of our energy fields and how to get past any blockages we may have created.

    I am an earth Angel and Intuitive Healer and Guide. I work on all three levels of a persons being: emotional, spiritual and physical. I have been gifted with the ability to communicate and sense a person’s energy, even from thousands of miles away. I believe in energy reading with cards to help a person get a tangible insight or perspective on possible changes for their life.

    I am also a spiritual Oracle and can hear, see and feel spirit during my readings. If they present themselves I will let the person know. As I know how important it is to connect with loved ones who have passed over.

    I am the teacher and creator of a program I call “Spirit Journaling”. In my private intuitive sessions, it became very apparent that the major blockage for most people was communication. It was very hard for people to articulate their emotions in order to heal.

    I’ve always knew that a beautiful way to communicate your emotions was through the direction of spirit (or intuition). Journaling allows one to put a pen to paper and flow with the words of guidance. Eventually, you’ve written a book. The healing begins when you realize that you co-wrote it with them.

    This form of communication helps blocked energy to leave the body and honors ones vulnerability to let go of judgement, let go of perfection and not worry about being politically correct because this is your story!