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Spiritual Healer Category: Apothecary, Astrology, Botanical therapist, Channel, Flower Essence Practitioner, Intuitive Channel, Intuitive Medicine, Meditation, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Other, Plant Medicine, Skincare, Yoga, and Soul WorkSpiritual Healer Tags: alchemy, Clinical Alchemy, and Herbalism

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  • Sarah is a wholistic integrative practitioner, she has been trained to use the vast wealth and wisdom of Western Alchemy, and healing modalities from around the world to promote wellness and longevity. Sarah has over 20 years experience applying integrative botanical formulas for holistic health and inner balance. She has a degree in Holistic Integrative medicine and is a master herbalist. She is specialized in botanical extraction and clinical alchemy.

    Sarah’s great joy is to revitalize and restore harmony to the entire body. She specializes in all aspects of women’s health, balancing the endocrine, limbic, and hormonal systems, maternity, and pre-post menopause. She also works extensively with healing anxiety, grief, and restoring emotional stability after periods of stress and trauma. She also offers special alchemical protocols for enhancing psychic awareness and the conscious evolution of our being. Gaining access to the cosmic rhythm through planetary medicines.

    The extracts she uses in her practice are from the system of traditional alchemy, they are called Spagyrics. These essences are extracted and distilled in laboratory glass in accordance with the proper planetary timing for each herb. This captures and concentrates these subtle celestial energies into unique and unparalleled extracts. These essences have profound healing properties and powerful actions on the physical body, subtle body and mind. They bring restorative balance and healing to the entire body.

    Sarah is also a natural perfumer utilizing unique alchemically extracted aromatics. She creates customized natural perfumes and therapeutic oil blends which contain extensive healing components.

    Through Sarah you will have access to personalized alchemical products of the highest quality, which will support you in your personal health goals.

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    Clinical Alchemist, Laboratory Alchemist, Natural Perfumery, Botanical Distillation

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