Courtney Beck: Find & Activate Your Life Purpose

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  • “Unique, utterly gifted and super down to earth. Courtney GETS human struggle, and she will help you in ways you can’t even anticipate. Having done the big corporate job, and had her life turned upside down to become a scribe for Krishna, she is a sage when it comes to personal transformation. Her deep healing sessions, have removed blocks that I have been trying to dissolve for 8 years, (that others were unable to touch). I feel blessed to have finally found Courtney and privileged that she is in my life. You will not be disappointed!” – Karen, USA

    There’s a phrase that life works in mysterious ways, which seems applicable when a Hindu deity chooses a strategist (and atheist) to be his scribe for a series of books on how to get people to live a better life on Earth before it’s too late.

    Courtney Beck is no stranger to logical and critical thinking due to her years as a strategist solving business problems for global brands. Logical and critical thinking take a back seat when Courtney lets her spiritual abilities shine and channels messages from the other side, something she’s been able to do since her youth. Swapping strategy for spirituality, she now works full time as an author, channel and healer, embracing the spiritual gifts she always had but chose to ignore for most of her life.

    Courtney offers healing, personal guidance sessions, advice and coaching for those seeking to find and fulfil their life purpose. Available for appointments globally, you can visit her here: