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  • I offer Yoga, Energy Work (Biodynamic Energetics, to be specific, building on the foundations of traditional Craniosacral holds), and the Shamanic Arts.

    My Spiritual interest regarding my Personal Journey began in the Shamanic Healing Arts. After a few trainings and Initiations, I kept getting called to Yoga. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, I was trained by a Teacher who not only teaches Yoga, but does Energy Work and Shamanic Work as well. I’ve blended my knowledge of Yoga and it’s beautiful ability to open up the body, senses, and awareness with the subtle and subconscious realms that Shamanic practices and other Energy modalities tap into.

    My gift as an Intuitive Card Reader came quite by accident. Already feeling connected to the healing power of Nature and Animal Wisdom through my own personal journey, I began working with an Animal Wisdom deck for fun. A dear friend of mine and wonderfully gifted, successful Tarot reader let me do a reading on her, and by-chance watched me do readings for people deep in the Amazon jungle. She pulled me aside and pointed out that I had a great gift for Intuitively pulling the Animal Energies needed for the individual when they sat to get a reading with me. She started training me and motivating me, and then we started working together.

    It’s now one of my favorite things to incorporate into my Healing Practice! It’s a clear, succinct way to get messages and guidance to our questions in this beautiful Quantum Universe that we live in.

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  • Currently running a 2-session package special for Energy Work. $80 for 2 sessions!