Ethereal Alchemist & Oracle

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Spiritual Healer Category: Clairsentient, Distance Healer, Channel, Dharma Art, Energy Healer, Intuitive Channel, Intuitive Medicine, Meditation, Multidimensional Energy Healer, and Oracular ChannelSpiritual Healer Tags: alchemy meditation oracle

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  • I am a channel from the higher realms, a hot spot for unconditional love, and overall energetic alchemist.

    This path started for me during my spiritual awakening at the end of 2011. I had no idea what was happening and knew nothing of the spiritual life. I only knew that I was suddenly catapulted into solitude to work directly with my guides and my heart for releasing any traumatic energy inside of me. Even though I did not know what was happening in the beginning of this journey, I knew then and there that there was a greater purpose and turning back was not an option.

    With the help of my guides, I had learned how to be in control of my own personal healing & energy. Once I had learned mastery over myself, I was then asked by them to share my gifts in a sacred space for others to utilize the same alchemical process for turning any stuck or traumatic energy into gifts of Pure Love. This is how Death for Love was born.

    It is here in this space where I work one-on-one with clients, but in alignment with what helped me the most during my journey, I have also been creating guided alchemy meditations with the assistance of the higher ups in the 5th Dimension.

    These meditations are perfect for those individuals who are already great at listening to their own intuitive knowing but are looking to go deeper.

    In the meditation sessions I focus on: deprogramming matrix attachments; balancing masculine + feminine energies for Union with the Higher Self; opening the vibrational fields to a more expansive heartfelt cosmic experience; and making peace with your body and physical ethereal beauty.

  • Additional Categories:

    Twin Flame Guide; Pleiadian Channel; Multi-Dimensional Oracle & Artist; Energy Healing; Intuitive/Empathic Insights

  • All one-on-one sessions come with a follow up post-assessment along with one of the meditations that is offered in the shop!