Shamanic Counseling and Akashic Healing

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Spiritual Healer Category: Akashic Records Specialist, Distance Healer, Energy Healer, Grief Counselor, Life Coach, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Oracle Card Reader, Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach, Tarot, Past Life Work, and Soul WorkSpiritual Healer Tags: coaching, dreams, Intuitive, and shadow

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  • Expanding Potentials of Possibilities

    What do you want in life? Your goals, heart’s desires and soul’s purpose? Tired of feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Alone? Haunted by the past?

    Welcome star child!

    Connect to your cosmic self! Connecting to divine knoweldge designed to provide you what you need to know. Healing on an emotional, spiritual, physical and mental levels.

    Together we can:
    *explore and understand your multi dimensional cosmic self
    *clear energy blocks, staginate energy and unblock chakras
    *connect to guides, ancestors, allies, angels, and ascended masters
    *meet, know and integrate your shadow essence
    *recieve and gain insight
    *connect with past lives
    *align chakras and energy centers
    *align with your highest self
    *heal the traumas of Atlantis

    We are awaking you to the potentials of possibilites! Exploring and understanding your path in the universe.

    Who am I?
    *Reiki Master (trained by an Ifa priestess)
    *Masters in Counseling
    *Certificated Transpersonal Counselor – playing with imagination and decipher dreams messages
    *Shaman trained in the Akashic, pscyhopomp and journeying (connecting to the spirit world)
    *Certified Regression Therapist
    *Certified Assertiveness Coach (empowering empaths )

  • Additional Categories:

    shadow coach and dream analyst, offer sound healing with chimes and tuning forks

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