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Special Offers
  • Are you just seeking a little more clarity right now? Need someone to help validate everything you have been feeling or sensing? Sometimes we just need a little nudge from the Universe to say YOU are on the right path. I am that nudge! I have been reading & channeling for my clients to do just that – uncover what is most needed right now that will have the most impact on their future.

    What you will get with one of my readings:
    > Empowered guideance
    > A sense of compassion & support
    > Clarity on your questions, concerns or challenges
    > Areas to focus on for the best outcome
    > Who is here guiding you
    > What animal spirits could be around you
    > Connection with loved ones who have passed on
    > Guidance on how to hone your intuitive abilities and how to awaken your senses
    > And someone who can sense your energy and be able to identify right away what is blocking you from reaching your truest potential

    Welcome to my profile, I am Delia the creator behind Spirit Bear Rising, a practice that promotes holistic wellness, soul mentorship, connection & growth. I support igniting the light within and moving towards a more authentic life. I offer you guidance and support on how to connect deeper within yourself using tools such as meditation, release rituals, cleansing practices, and spirit connection. I am a natural and gifted channeller, tarot reader, and intuitive psychic medium. As a Reiki Master I have been able to uncover many past lives during this work to help identify the areas that need the most healing and growth. All of which is designed to support your journey in this life.

    I look forward to connecting with you, much love xo

  • For those who follow and support Spirit Guides Magazine, you will get an emailed reading for just $15 (Reg. price is $33)!! Mention this in your communication to me when you book.