Myranda Bennett Boundless Warrior

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Spiritual Healer Category: Claircognizant, Distance Healer, Channel, Clairvoyant, Crystal Healer, Energy Healer, Intuitive Channel, Life Coach, Meditation, Medium, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Coach, Tarot, Past Life Work, Soul Work, and Spirit Guide ReadingsSpiritual Healer Tags: alchemy, Esoteric, Healing, and shamanism

More Info
  • I am Myranda Bennett, owner of Boundless Warrior. Ever since I was a young girl I have been on the path to spiritual enlightenment and my mission has always been that of connecting with the earth and with the energies that surround us every day.
    I was raised in a spiritually-focused home, my mother, a Lakota guide and intuitive, brought us up with an awareness of the universal healing light. As children growing up it was not uncommon for us to be a part of intuitive work, meditation journeys, medicine wheels and healing. The Shamanic way has been the way of life for me since birth, my mother and elders the greatest teachers. For the last decade I have focused on combining Shamanism with the Ancient Hermetic Mystery Teachings I serve the planet as a Guide, Holy Gaurdian, and High Priestess. My goal is to help people remember who they are, what gifts they were born to share in this great life. I myself was born with the ability to see beyond the veil into other dimensions. I use a multitude of Shamanic and Etheric healing modalities. I focus on the physics of energy and how it brings healing and change to so many. My Guideship program is for the advanced healer who wishes to learn all sacred paths of Shamanism and the Mystery Teachings. I own a 40 acre ranch outside of Denver, CO where my healings, retreats, and workshops are offered and where one can be one with the Great Mother. Prayers Up. Blessings.

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    Holy Gaurdian of the Ancient Mystery Teachings, High Priestess, Alchemist