Nicole Colton – Creative Business Coach at QUARTZ + COAL

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  • Nicole Colton is the Creative Business Coach and Founder of QUARTZ + COAL. She has been living the entrepreneur lifestyle for over a decade. While helping female entrepreneurs in various industries, she helps them combine their spirituality with their livelihood, in order to build a more sustainable business through personal development + magick!

    Nicole offers coaching for creatives interested in building, growing and running their business aligned with their magickal mission in this lifetime. She blends all of the basic business practices with elements from various realms of spirituality + witchcraft. Her coaching helps others sync with moon cycles and the Wheel of the Year as they plan their business goals and large creative projects. She also utilizes manifesting, meditation, candle magick, herbs + oils and other various astrological and witchy tools to give her clients a truly unique experience.

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