Tantric Massage Therapist & Spiritual Coach

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Spiritual Healer Category: Energy Healer, Life Coach, and Spiritual CoachSpiritual Healer Tags: energetics, Energy, healer, and tantra

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  • A Tantric Massage/Energy Body Healing session is a very specific massage that awakens energy (chi) inside of you. This “chi” is literally your body’s own bio-magnetic electrical energy. By massaging and touching specific points on the body one can activate the chi within. When chi is activated the giver (and the receiver) can start to move the electricity throughout the body. The purpose of moving energy is to guide it through any blockages that one might have, eventually lessening and removing them.

    Types of blockages include:

    Emotional Trauma
    Sexual Trauma
    Psychosomatic Issues
    Past Physical Trauma
    Emotional Imbalances (too angry, too depressed, over-stressed, etc.…)
    Chakra Imbalance
    Diet & Lifestyle

    The main goal in a energy body healing session is to heal these wounds and blockages so that the body can live in its natural and balanced state, and we can return to emotional balance.

    Certified by the Somananda Tantra School – Part of Agama International.

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    Traditional Tantric Massage Therapist

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