Heart-led Hustle

Embracing business as part of your spiritual experience

BY Bella LaQuatra


elcome to the Age of Aquarian: a new paradigm for existing. As old structures fall away, we’re trickling into new models on both the macro and micro levels.

The collective pulse is left downloading the question, “How do we do this?”

And by “this,” we mean navigate.

There has been a dramatic shift in our consciousness; a distinct call to move from gestation to creation. 2018 brought in action-oriented energy that’s difficult to understand because we’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

It’s not masculine or patriarchal, but it’s uniquely different from the old ways of femininity. It’s not oppressive or a power struggle of juxtaposition, but rather a collaborative union of both elements in balance.

It’s a space for co-expression and expansion in which we’ll have to build new ways on how we relate to ourselves, to each other, and to the greater world around us.

It affects us personally and in our relationships, but it also affects our business.

I said it: Business. The big “B” word. Like the big “M” word, it’s something many in our spiritual community will feverishly run away from.


Gone are the days of being “too woo woo” for business.

No longer is it acceptable to say that spiritual healing has no material value or worth.

We’re not just being called to talk about these things. We’re being called to mobilize and integrate ourselves into a new world where we master them, because the world so badly needs our medicine.

Business matters. Money matters.

Both, at the end of the day, are energetic expressions.

And energy is everything.

Heart-led Hustle

Enter conscious commerce here.

And, WTF is that, exactly?

Commerce is part of the fabric to our humanity; it’s expressed communion in physical form. Since the beginning of time, we have been bartering and exchanging things of perceived value amongst each other. Bringing awareness to what, why, and how we’re cultivating and qualifying these transactions is simply part of our collective growth.

First thing’s first: Stop saying you’re too hippie-dippie for a business. A lot of people, creatives especially, flip out and think I can’t do business or I can’t do numbers/I’m not disciplined/I’m too free-spirited and therefore I’m not a business person.

You are a business person.

You’re just not tapping into the right aspects of business and then finding the right support structures to help you with the rest you’re not as good at. Business isn’t a one-sided thing you either “get” or “don’t get.” Your business is innate and natural to who you are. It’s the tangible expression of your unique gifts. It’s your divinely given right to have a business because you came to this planet with purpose.

Especially if you’re a giver. Especially if you’re a healer. Especially if you’re a heart-led leader. Your business and your purpose are directly intertwined. They’re one in the same, on one singular platform of your life force, which is all that animates and inspires you to BE.

So let’s first wrap our minds around the fact that because you have a purpose, you have a business. And there has never been a better time to design one on your own terms.

So, who am I? My name is Bella. I went to school for Business Management and Global Cultural Studies. By trade, I’m a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Advanced Yoga Teacher and Master Trainee. I am a card-reading, Earth-dwelling, tree-hugging, Bible-loving granola girl. I’ve also been called “bougie” because I want all the beauty and lovely things (as any good Taurus does), and I adore my French Bulldog, Little Mac.

I’m okay with the contrast of my lifestyle because my wish is for all people who pour their hearts and souls into the work be generously rewarded for their service and contribution. So they may pay it forward, but they may also pay it back, and refill their own cup before it runs dry.

I’ve spent a lot of dedicated time for almost a decade working on my selves (bod pod, mental, spiritual, ethereal), and after reaching a certain point in my process, started helping other people do the same for themselves. Eventually “people” turned into “businesses” turned into “international corporations” that I was passionate about and stood behind. Meaning, I’m a strategist with an emphasis on sustainable brand architecture and alignment.

Through purpose, I help people activate and accelerate their conscious businesses.

Heart-led Hustle is a monthly column dedicated to all things related to the above. Stop by for commentary in the vernacular of a millennial. We’ll keep it esoteric, weird, real, and raw as we traverse into unknown lightworker territory.

The heart-led entrepreneurial journey is never easy, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Write in, ask questions, let’s werkshop some answers.

Together we rise.

Bella LaQuatra

Bella LaQuatra

Bella LaQuatra is a Business Educator and Brand Strategist. She especially loves working with personal development leaders, wellness experts, and holistic health professionals. Bella runs her business from wherever she pleases, which is usually somewhere close a beach. To download free goodies from her site, go to genygypsy.com. Open enrollment for The Crash Course: Brand Architecture & Alignment 101 is now up and running.

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