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Creating a roadmap for intentional, high vibe living


here is little more important in life than raising your vibration through sharing your truth and living your purpose. This world needs the inspired, the passionate, the fearless.

Tara Schulenberg and Britt Deanda founded High Vibe Livin to remind us that the power we have within can help us shape and create our realities through aligning with the vibration of which we wish to attract. More than the law of attraction, vibing high is a lifestyle, a philosophy, and the more straight forward way to make your wildest dreams come true through manifestation and alignment.

These two kundalini goddesses have invited their palpable serpent energy to rise, aligning with their truth and acting as beacons of light for the rest of the world. Through focused spiritual practices and lots of self-love, Britt and Tara have built an intentional business as conscious creators to show us the path to living our best lives as our most authentic, high-vibing selves.

Spirit Guides had the chance to talk with Tara and Britt about their spiritual inspirations, shamanic experiences, and of course tips on how to live the high vibe lifestyle.

How did High Vibe Livin make its entrance into the world? What was the spark that lit the flame?

Britt: High Vibe Livin (HVL) launched just about two years ago. It was after dealing with a big break up and my mom being diagnosed with lung cancer, and passing shortly thereafter, that I was able to get really clear on my purpose and get HVL off the ground. I got myself out of the Hollywood party scene and was living life as a certified kundalini yoga and meditation instructor and had adopted the high vibrational lifestyle that we share with the world today.

Right after my mom passed, I went to Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass live in New York and was empowered to share the healing I received and the high vibe lifestyle with others. The spark though was really when Tara, my best friend since middle school, moved back to LA from San Francisco. She had also started practicing kundalini yoga and living the high vibe life!

We were joined together as partners after being guided to see the healer John of God at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. We had what we can only describe as a profound vision the night after seeing him that clearly showed our path of working together to elevate consciousness.

High Vibe Livin

Britt and Tara rise up to say hello to a high-vibe lifestyle

How was your experience with John of God at the Omega Institute in New York impactful for your spiritual journey as partners?

Tara: We wouldn’t be working together now if it weren’t for that experience. It’s something we are so incredibly thankful for because it changed our lives, literally overnight. The vision Britt mentioned came through me. It was an enlightening, wild and crazy experience that neither of us were expecting or had experienced before.

What I was shown through multiple visions, and for about an hour and a half, was us working together to elevate consciousness. They showed me what we were going to do and exactly how to get there. At the time we had not even thought about working together but that vision pieced together everything we both had been experiencing that year prior. Everything made sense and just fell into place.

It was so undeniable, we could feel it in our bones that this is what we were supposed to do. Almost like we just remembered our plan all along. Everything we’ve done since that day has been guided by our spirit guides and everything we saw in that vision has come true or is on its way to us.

Who are your spirit guides and how do you connect?

Tara: We personally have connected to many guides individually and together that have supported our mission, but those that we connect with the most are Yogi Bhajan, Britt’s mom, and my grandmother. We can literally hear Yogi Bhajan speaking to us in his voice sometimes; he feels almost like a father figure to us both.

Britt’s mom, wow, she’s really connected to Britt and our HVL mission. She gives Britt so many messages and sets up so many things for us. Her spirit was actually there when we received the download after seeing John of God. My grandmother, Gail, is also on the other side and is someone I connect with often. She was the person who opened me up spiritually so I have an extra special connection with her.

We all have our own spirit guides that are always with us and guiding us. If we want to speak with them all we do is bring in love and light and ask our question. They speak through us in our thoughts, so you clear your mind, ask and listen to that voice that comes through in your thoughts. That’s spirit. The key is to not question if it’s them or you. It’s them!

High Vibe Livin

Practicing kundalini yoga has been the guiding light in Britt and Tara’s lives

What are the seven High Vibe Livin pillars and how do you use these to help people come into their full power?


  1. Kundalini Yoga + Meditation
  2. Mindset
  3. Plant Based Diet
  4. Self-Love + Care
  5. Natural + Organic + Sustainable
  6. Giving Back
  7. Manifesting

These pillars are what comprise the High Vibe Livin lifestyle and there are so many tools within each of these pillars that we use to raise our vibration daily. Thing is, all of these pillars are connected because as is everything in life—everything is connected. Someone may find their “way into” this high vibe livin lifestyle by focusing on one pillar over the others, but ultimately as you start to raise your vibration and expand your awareness, we have found that you become more and more interested in the rest of the pillars.

We have our eight-week program RISE UP: A Course in High Vibrational Livin which teaches and gives all the resources needed to make it easy to implement this high vibrational lifestyle.

High Vibe Livin

Where was the most transformational place you’ve traveled to and why?

Britt: Justin (my husband) and I traveled to Peru five years ago and we went to Cusco, The Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. I had been wanting to go there for awhile; it was definitely calling us there. In The Sacred Valley we met an Aussie, Tony, when we were hiking who gave us the name of a shaman we were supposed to see. He said to just tell the taxi driver his name and he would know where to take us, so we did.

It was New Years night and we didn’t have any other plans since we were on our way up to Machu Picchu, and so we showed the taxi driver the paper with the shaman’s name and he took us up to his house. It took forever to get up there and then when we got there, he performed a ceremony and lots of rituals, sage, music, drums, asked us our purpose, and gave us a lot of wisdom and healing. It turned into a celebration and lots of people continued to join us dancing, playing music, and singing. It was one of those transformative, healing, hard-to-describe experiences that left a huge impact on us.

The next day we hiked up Machu Picchu and Justin proposed to me on the top of Machu Picchu, with ring in hand (which I had no idea he had) and it was the most beautiful day. Looking back on that trip, I realize it sparked a lot of change and purpose inside of me. After that experience I knew I wanted more freedom in my life and that my purpose was to create change and help others do the same.

Tara: I went to India when I was 20 during a semester abroad on Semester at Sea. I’m sure a lot of people say this about India, but for me, looking back, this is the place and the time of my life where I saw a shift in my perspective.

India is a magnificent place but it’s also very polarized—the beautiful colors, vibrant music and energy, the palaces, the rich food, all set against the most poor areas with massively polluted water sources, trash literally everywhere, children with deformities living on the street. Just so much poverty. It was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. It expanded my view of the world and the extremes people can live their lives in.

I left India a more open, tolerant, and wiser person. It lit a fire in my soul to know more about the world, to experience different ways of living on the planet, and to understand people and how to be happy in any life you’re given. I’m extremely grateful for that experience. It opened my eyes.

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