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anderlust isn’t just a feeling, it’s a lifestyle, and Caroline Mauro of INDA Creations has turned her wanderlusting lifestyle into a passionate career as a goddesspreneur.

INDA Creations “channels reverence for Mother Earth to connect modern journeyers to sources of both inner and worldly healing,” says Mauro.

A former art director in the fashion world, Mauro has coupled her sense of style with the healing abundance of Gaia to create chic crystal jewelry and sleek portable pipes for smokable herbal blends. The INDA pipe necklace is every wanderluster’s dream—gorgeous, functional, and small.

Many herbs beyond marijuana are smokable (shocking, we know!) and they each contain their own medicine. Mauro sources her herbs and flowers locally from a farm in Vermont and has wild crafted herbal blends that you can sip on, smoke up, or soak in.

What is this magic?! Spirit Guides recently chatted with Mauro to discover more.

Caroline Mauro

What was the spark that lit INDA Creations into existence?

INDA was founded on a personal story of loss and a journey to healing. My best friend passed away and I was growing disillusioned that I had not received a sign from him—a dream, an idiosyncrasy that couldn’t be ignored, a vision, anything. I traveled and searched for signs from him everywhere and found I felt most connected to him, and myself, when I was exploring and adventuring on the road and in nature.

On one of these adventures, hiking in Vermont, I came across a small charm that was the exact design of the tattoo my friend had on his back. Shortly after, I made the charm into a necklace. The necklace gave me solace and strength, helped me heal, and most importantly served as a new sense of purpose for me. It was on my travels amongst the trees, feeling free as ever yet grounded in mother nature, that this sign and my true calling finally showed itself: designing products to help others heal.

I taught myself how to wire wrap and chose crystals as my medium because of the healing properties they provide, and began further developing products that serve as tools for the wellness journey. Today, I seek to use my creativity to design meaningful, spiritual pieces as sources of strength, self-healing, and protection to help others heal.

INDA Creations

The pipe necklace for smokable herbs is a super interesting concept. How did this creation come about and what was the intention behind making the smokable herbs readily accessible?

Well, thank you! I created the pipe necklace out of necessity. As an avid traveler and experience-driven being, I hated having to carry my loose herbs around in baggies and my pipe separately. This is a ritual I truly enjoy and wanted an easier, more travel friendly way to enjoy it. After scouring the market and finding zero fashion forward, portable smoking accessories, I put my background in fashion and art direction to use. I drew out concepts and then found a maker in Vermont to help me produce my design. The necklace holds up to eight smokes per herbal pack so you can carry it with you loaded. It’s the best companion for everything from on-the-go adventures and festivals to everyday soul searches in the woods or on the beach.

My herbs (and sage for the smudge sticks) come from a very special family-owned organic farm in Vermont, where I split my time. When living on the farm last summer, I became so much more connected with nature and growing and cultivating and consuming plants, herbs, and flowers.

My partner on the farm, Rebecca, is an herbalist and has taught me so much about herbs and their extensive healing properties. I thought the herbal blends would be a great alternative for people who enjoy the ritual of smoking and herbs but try to avoid the psychoactive properties. I also wanted to reach prohibition states who don’t have easy access to cannabis. I love that the herbal blends are multipurpose and can be used as a tea blend, bath soak, incense in your carry on’s, etc. And it was important for me to support small organic farming practices and share pieces of this magical place with others because it has had such a powerful impact on me and is very dear to my heart.

I am looking forward to furthering this accessibility this spring, launching all natural beauty products under the INDA brand that are made from herbs and flowers grown on the farm.

INDA Creations

On your spiritual journey, what has guided you?

Spirit guides are a huge part of my journey with INDA and in my life in general. From discovering the charm, which became my calling to embark on a new spiritual journey and creative venture, to having visits with people who have passed on in my dreams to show me guidance and support, I truly believe that I have angels with me and guiding me at all times.

I also try to tune into the synchronicities around me as signs from the universe that I am on the right path. For example, when I lived in Nicaragua last winter I met an amazing man who ended up taking me into his community and helped guide me. He coincidentally had a strong tie to a medicine woman we both knew in my small town in Vermont—a beyond “small world” moment. The concept of synchrodestiny has always resonated with me—this idea that coincidences are not accidents but signals from the universe that can guide us toward our true destiny.

Where have you traveled to that will forever live in your heart as the place that moved you more than most?

I moved to Nicaragua for a solo winter getaway last year and that was by far the most profound travel experience I have had in a long time. Living in the rural “beach jungle” was such an important and invaluable lesson to stop and unplug, listen to our planet and her creatures, appreciate her greatness and bask in her glory.

My life there was ruled by Her, Mother Nature—ruled by the tides, the moonlight, the sunsets, the howler monkeys, the windy season that took our power and connectivity with her (which ended up being a blessing every single time). I was eventually welcomed into a special micro community of expats and locals where I met friends of all ages who showed me the “Nica way” and opened their hearts and lives to me.

I met so many special beings living alternatively in this community and was so inspired by the non-traditional creative ways they chose to live their lives—how simply and resourcefully they lived yet how happy they were. Living simply, sustainably, and mindfully has been ingrained in me since my visit. I was totally blown away by it all and am forever grateful for the rawness, perspective, vulnerability, and love the place brought into my life and heart.

INDA Creations - Smudge and Tea Blends

Travel seems to be a cornerstone of INDA Creations. How do your conscious products support and promote the wandering gypsy lifestyle?

INDA’s product line channels reverence for Mother Earth to connect modern journeyers to sources of both inner and worldly healing. The pieces I design, create, and share are physical representations and reminders of love that you can take and wear with you on all of your journeys. I create pieces for girls like me to wear their stories of trust, transformation, and perseverance as boldly as they live them.

As I mentioned, our signature piece, the INDA pipe necklace, was created for the girl on the go. I grew frustrated that there wasn’t an easier way to consciously consume on all of my travels. The bolos I create are super versatile and can be worn in countless different ways with a simple flick of a wrist, which of course is valuable when you need to pack light. Easy pieces that are travel friendly and uncomplicated are top of mind.

I also tend to pull my inspiration from the beauty of nature from my own travels and try to hunt and source all of the stones I use on every trip or journey I embark on. Starting the brand has allowed me to combine my love of people and traveling; I am constantly meeting new people and seeing new places when searching for stones and crystals, which keeps me inspired. My intention is to share my own tales and experiences with other fellow wanderers so that hopefully we can all inspire each other.


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