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ligning passion with purpose to create a fulfilling career is the driving force for entrepreneurs in the Aquarian Age. We are no longer happy with working a job to simply get a paycheck, and gone are the days where we are overworked, underpaid, and under stimulated. We conscious creators, magic makers, intentional doers, have taken the reins of our lives and our careers. We are seeing the rise of the soulpreneur as magic, intention, and spirituality find their way into business in a way we’ve never seen—not since Miss Cleo at least.

Never before in our modern world would you think that tarot and SEO go hand-in-hand, or that numerology determines launch dates. And never, do you ever, sign anything during Mercury Retrograde. There is room for spirituality in business, and we may even argue that the two cannot exist independently if we are to make the impact we came here to make.

Stepping into the spiritual space with a conscious mission in business ourselves, we’ve come across many other soulpreneurs working with magic to bring their passions and purpose into the world. One such company is karma digital, an intentional and conscious SEO agency co-founded by creatrix duo Cassie Boca and Caroline Elliott, and fueled by Elsie Birech. This divine feminine powerhouse assists companies, in a conscious way, to gain more exposure, traffic, and conversions through authentic strategy and helping the consumer find what they are looking for.

In our consumer society, it is important that we at least consume consciously, and karma digital helps other conscious creators find their ideal customer and stay true to their own passion and purpose. Being a conscious consumer is voting with your wallet and we are totally on board with what these women are doing, and helping others do.

We were lucky to chat with Cassie and Caroline about their spiritual journey, conscious approach to SEO, and, of course, all the mystical shit we love!

Karma Digital - Cassie-Boca
Karma Digital - Caroline Elliot

Cassie Boca (left) and Caroline Elliott (right) started karma digital to align their love of marketing with their loyalty to spirit

How and why did karma digital come to be? What was the spark that lit it on fire?

Cassie: karma digital really came from my passion for helping good people with their marketing. I always knew I wanted to run my own company someday, but I’m also a perfectionist and constantly feel like I have so much to learn so it never seemed like the right time. I worked on the agency side for a long time, gained a ton of experience, but eventually burnt out.

I had a massive company as a client that normally you’d call a beef jerky company, but in this case I had the challenge that because they weren’t made of actual beef we couldn’t use that in marketing—try marketing “meat sticks.” It’s just not fun or authentic for me to create marketing strategies for companies I don’t consume, wouldn’t consume, and certainly wouldn’t be proud to sport their logo. After my “meat stick” client, I moved to a conscious media company really hoping to learn how to better align my personal spirituality with my love of marketing. That’s really where I had that spark moment. I was helping one company that I believed in, but figured, why not more?

As soulpreneurs, how do you integrate spirituality into standard business practices and how are you personally guided by spirit?

Cassie: I really hope that in all interactions with us as a company, our spirituality shines through. Of course, in our own marketing, logo, and most importantly our actions. At our core, we believe in being authentic, and sometimes that means passing up on a business opportunity or missing out on revenue because it doesn’t align with us. A lot of marketers are so good at selling something they can’t deliver on—they are marketers after all.

At one point in my career I was in sales. It was one of the most challenging and soul-crushing experiences of my life. And I learned that selling someone else’s way or style doesn’t work for me. I have to be authentic. When I launched karma digital, I promised to always be authentic personally and as a company. If we aren’t a fit, we will tell you because we believe someone else is and it’s not personal.

I’ve always been very intuitive, but for some reason, it took seeing the Rock-n-Roll Shaman for me to own that side of myself and trust it. My best ideas and solutions come to me when I’m dreaming, so I attempt to go to bed with something in particular on my mind in hopes that I can get guidance or clarity.

Caroline: I believe that where you are in your spiritual journey impacts how you interface with other people and how they respond to you. Your people know that they are your people, and when you put off a certain vibe, that attracts a similar vibe to you. Hence karma, and the clients and connections that are attracted to us.

Personally, I’ve been on a spiritual rollercoaster over the last year (and not the bad kind, the good kind where you’re screaming all the way and don’t want the ride to be over), from discovering a soulmate, to honing my intuition and seeking clarity in unexpected ways. And that path led me to start karma digital with the intention to take a risk on companies that actually care about what they do and how they’re impacting the world. Starting karma digital is part of my spiritual path, and my soul contract with Cassie has taught us so much about what working for ourselves really means, how we can harness our strengths, and has allowed us to create our own reality.

You’ll find me most days pulling cards about our business, asking for guidance through light meditation, or giving myself a break with my yoga practice. By doing the spiritual work, I find that I’m clearer going into business conversations and powering through my never-ending to do list.

How do you go about helping conscious creators reach their ideal customer and market their services in a conscious and intentional way?

Cassie: The biggest miss we think most marketers have is talking too much and not listening enough—ok maybe that’s the world as a whole. First off, our customers have to align with us personally. We can’t be authentic in our marketing strategy if we wouldn’t be a customer of the product ourselves. Second, we believe education is critical. We don’t have any rabbits up our sleeves or do magic tricks, we want our clients to understand the basics so they are empowered to ask the hard questions and give us feedback on our strategy.

Marketing overall falls into three categories, paid (things you pay for), owned (assets you own), and earned (visibility you earn). We focus on owned and earned because those are the hardest, but most authentic. When people raise their hands looking for what you have, we want to make sure your brand or company is there. Because we work with companies who deserve a lot of visibility, our job as marketers is easy and authentic. Tactically speaking, we find the places people are looking and optimize our clients’ owned and earned content to appear at the right time, in the right place, in the right format.

In the realm of spirituality, how do you see the world of marketing and advertising shifting to embody more intention and collaboration and less of a capitalist competition mentality?

Cassie: We are already starting to see consumers care a lot more about where their products come from. As marketers, we focus on telling the story. I think it’s less about the marketing and advertising shifting, and more about companies shifting.

Five years ago, I don’t think the average person thought, “If I buy this, where is my money going?” Today, this thought process is a lot more common, and growing. As consumers’ awareness of how their dollars really do directly endorse a company increase, a company’s answer to that question will have to become more thoughtful or they will risk losing revenue.

Marketers don’t take any types of vows, although I wish like lawyers and doctors that we did. I wish we would promise not to create misleading advertising, to be authentic, to recognize that not every product or company is for every consumer, but we don’t. So, it’s up to consumers to demand more from the brands they purchase from. As consumers demand more, companies will raise the bar, and hopefully they will also come full circle by demanding more from their marketing partners.

Many conscious companies in the spiritual realm have a hard time with self-promotion and marketing in general. How do you empower them to run a successful, spiritual business and attract their ideal customer?

I get this a lot actually, and my response is pretty straightforward. If you have a good idea, product, company, and offering, then people are looking for you. Would you rather they find you or some big box? Your lack of marketing doesn’t stop consumers from looking for what you have. It’s actually doing yourself and other conscious companies a disservice when you don’t do marketing because the big guys win.

As marketers, it is NOT our job to sell something that someone doesn’t want. It’s our job to help consumers find what they are looking for.

Caroline: I think spiritual badasses usually have an easy time solving everyone else’s problems but their own. So, my advice would be to take the time to self-promote shamelessly, because you’re awesome, and reach out to people who can help you. It’s okay to look for help if marketing isn’t your specialty!

Another factor that holds a lot of people back is of course money, and it’s okay to reach out and trade for services or be realistic for what you can spend. And by being more transparent about where you are, the right partnerships will manifest naturally.

As spiritual entrepreneurs and founders of a company that helps empower other spiritual entrepreneurs, how are you disrupting the SEO and marketing industry?

Cassie: We are disrupting it by removing all the marketing-jargon, making SEO (search engine optimization) and digital marketing approachable and honest. Folks in SEO don’t have the best reputation, which is why we want to demystify the entire topic.

Caroline: As if a female-run tech company wasn’t disruptive enough, we’re teaching you how to fish, whether you like it or not! Training and education are core to our business, we love teaching people what SEO is and geeking out together. Have SEO questions? Shoot us an email or text any time, we love that shit!

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about yourselves or karma digital?

Cassie: We are humans, and just like everyone reading, we love genuine connections, conversations, and questions. If there is someone out there that has no idea where to go with marketing but is afraid to even ask, we hope that we can provide that safe space for those questions.

Caroline: The real beauty of karma digital isn’t that we’re an SEO company; the reason we get up every morning to work hard at this business is because we have the skills to help awesome companies show up online, and we love a good challenge. I look at companies we’ve helped and see their rankings and traffic increasing week after week and that’s what gets me going. We’re good at what we do, real companies are seeing real results, and we have the ability to make consumers aware of companies that deserve to show up. Just takes a little magic, ehhhem, I mean SEO.

Karma Digital - Cassie Boca and Caroline Elliot

Authenticity is the driving force behind Cassie and Caroline’s SEO company karma digital


Calling all soulpreneurs! If you’re looking to improve your visibility and reach, Cassie and Caroline are gifting Spirit Guides readers with a FREE SEO audit for your website! Just email them at hello@karmadigital.io and tell them Spirit Guides sent you, and they will identify what is holding you back from the visibility your company deserves.

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