The Healing Power of Following Your Bliss

How Intuitive Alchemist Laura Brown Guides Souls to the Light


n the Aquarian age, we are seeing more and more starseeds emerge from a societal coma and follow their bliss. One such goddess shining her unique light is Laura Brown. A reiki practitioner, energy alchemist, tarot reader, certified life coach, and breathwork facilitator, Brown teaches that “nothing is beyond our reach when our hearts are open and we are fully ready and open to receive.”

This intuitive goddess changed her trajectory from lawyer to lawless healer through her own journey of self-inquiry and transformation. It is said that the wounded make the best healers, and Brown is one of the good ones making waves of positive change in the world by helping others find their own authentic bliss.

Featured in House of Citrine, Cosmopolitan, Life As Ceremony, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Brown has clearly got it goin’ on and we wanted to tap into her high vibe.

Spirit Guides talked with Brown on how she navigated to her path and the healing technologies she applies to help her clients align mind, body, and spirit.

Laura Brown - Intuitive Alchemist

As an intuitive healer, how did you heed the call to go into this line of work and help others?

My evolution as a healer and coach was deeply personal and born out of my own healing journey. It’s my heart’s belief that when we learn tools that help us through our own evolution we have a choice to begin to take that work further by helping others. I chose to abandon the pursuit of a career as a lawyer and instead opted to utilize the gifts and implement the tools that transformed my life knowing they would be of great service to other women like me—women who were looking for deeper meaning and purpose within their lives.

What is your favorite modality to use for healing and coaching?

Great question! The medicines of breath, Reiki, and sound are my three favorite healing technologies. Each offers a spectacular form of healing in motion that attracts to us that which we need while removing what limits or holds us in place.

The method I use in my coaching is one which includes holistic measures, such as healing technology, intuitive arts, and meditation, along with more traditional coaching technologies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I strive for a traditional and holistic blend that bridges the gap between mind, body, and spirit.

Who/what are your spirit guides?

I have many guides and masters whom I work with spiritually whose names I hold as sacred. Each has a specific goal or aim in their interaction with me and have been a source of great spiritual evolution and support. Some of my guides have been with me as early as I can recall while others come onto the scene, so to speak, when I am working on a new facet of my spiritual evolution.

Lately I have been working closer with my animal totems Owl and White Tiger, who often are my guides as I learn a new intuitive skill or expand upon an existing intuitive tool. Another guide which has been an invaluable tool to work with is stone medicine. While not typically thought of in terms of “guides,” I believe mineral medicine holds a unique spirit that brings great healing into our lives.

Laura Brown - Pendulum Board

Where have you traveled to that has had the most impact on you spiritually?

I am most affected spiritually when interacting with the elements, more so than characterization of location. The two places on this Earth where I feel the most connected spiritually and which have proved to be spiritually expanding are at the top of a mountain peak after an arduous climb and while feeling the tide of the ocean undulate around my body. I have been fortunate to live in two places where these elements were readily available.

Colorado has some of the greatest peaks that allow you to see from a perspective that cannot help but elevate your entire being. When I lived in both Michigan (where I grew up) and Salem, Massachusetts (where I moved after college), I was within walking distance of some of the most beautiful and powerful water sources that cleanse the spirit with its soothing sounds.

As someone who had to experience their own healing before helping others, how do you feel your perspective helps you relate?

I am a firm believer that our past does not determine our future and that no matter the decisions we’ve made or how old we are we can all reach our highest potential. My own healing work and the path that I have traveled are proof positive of this.

I have a very colorful past with a very colorful upbringing that derailed my path for many years. The work that I do was born out of the work that I did on myself to dial into my desires, heal wounds of old, and take me toward a life that far exceeded what I ever thought to be possible. I’ve made it through experiences that I know take many of us down and not because I have something others don’t, but rather because of the dedication to my own healing.

As cliche as it sounds: If I could do it, anyone can. What I offer with my perspective is hope. And a firm belief that so long as you are willing to do the work, and it’s hard work, there is nothing you cannot achieve with your life.

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