Leo Supermoon, Blue Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Release to Rise with this Week’s Celestial Magic

BY Maeluna Rad


n January 31, 2018, we will experience an astrological event that we haven’t seen in 150 years! This blue moon (a full moon occurring twice in a calendar month) is also a total lunar eclipse and supermoon, in the zodiac sign of Leo at 11 degrees. Wowza! This is a trifecta triple threat, in the best way possible! Bingo, bango, bongo!

The night sky is always of particular interest to us earthbound souls, but every so often there is a celestial event that is seen as particularly significant and reminds us that we are stardust and there is so much more to this human existence that we could ever imagine. This lunation is one of those times, loves. Are you ready to RISE?

The Wisdom of the Moon

We began 2018 with a full moon and will end it with a full moon—talk about power! The numerology of this year is also crazy powerful, and this is definitely a time to see intentions come to fruition and deeply align with our soul’s purpose. The stars are in our favor, and the vibe is high!

The first month of the year is always a little rocky for most. We are in transition, recovering from the holidays, getting clear on what we want the new year to look like, and reflecting on the lessons of the year prior. It is not uncommon to feel a bit like you’re in a cosmic tornado, watching the lessons and dreams swirl around you in a seemingly chaotic fashion. The cosmic dust will settle, however, and all will be illuminated by the light of this week’s lunation.

Full moon lunar eclipses are a powerful time to release, reevaluate, reorganize, and realign.

This lunar eclipse in Leo is also a culmination of the Great American Solar Eclipse we experienced in August 2017 (also in the sign of Leo), so think back to what intentions you set, what was brewing, or what life experiences you were going through. Eclipses always occur in cycles, and this week’s lunar eclipse is completing the circle.

There is no room for bullshit and everything will be brought into the light, literally and figuratively. This is a time to truly follow your bliss.

Leo Supermoon, Blue Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Not sure what all this means? A supermoon is when the moon is closer to the Earth than usual, appearing to be visually larger in the sky. A blue moon is a full moon that occurs twice in a calendar month, a rare event which coined the phrase, “once in a blue moon.” A total lunar eclipse is when the alignment of the sun and moon is perfectly obstructed by the Earth, making the moon appear red in the sky.

While the new moon is a time to plant seeds to manifest, the full moon is a time of pruning, purging, and cleansing. Lunar eclipses, always occurring on a full moon (while solar eclipses always occur on a new moon), amplify this energy of purging, providing a superpowered time to really clear out those dark corners we’ve been avoiding.

It is also a time to reflect on the progress of your dreams and monitor their continued relevance and importance in your life path. You are always able to readjust and reaffirm your dreams.

By performing an intentional ritual on the night of the full moon, you can open your heart and soul to the energy that is abound and more easily manifest and release what you are being called to.

Release to Rise

Get into the darkness and bring all the sticky, limiting beliefs out into the moonlight. Shine light on those parts that hold you back and limit your growth and offer them up to the universe. Releasing is available for your mind, body, environment, and soul. You can apply this ritual to your home, office, incessant thoughts, emotions, closet, garage, refrigerator, pantry, Instagram feed, friend circle—any area of your life can benefit from an intentional cleanse.

This is also a time to look ahead and set into motion the way you’d like to see your life. Once the space has been made, you can invite in what you’d like to cultivate.

Release ritual:

  • ⚬ On a blank sheet of paper, write down all that you know has been holding you back. These could be limiting beliefs about money, your career, your home situation, your love life, your platonic relationships, family matters, etc. Anything that makes you question your power and own your wisdom, write it all down.
  • ⚬ Once you’ve unloaded all that has been in the dark on this piece of paper, read each item aloud and say “thank you, goodbye.” There is no room in your heart, soul, or physical body for that bullshit to live rent-free anymore. Kick it out and give thanks for the lesson.
  • ⚬ Burn baby burn! Light that shit on fire (in a safe space, outside, or in a fire-safe bowl please) and release all of it to the universe. Feel the relief of the space you’ve created and meditate on the openness and willingness you experienced to show up and grow through what you’re going through.

Acknowledge and release from the darkness into the light. Let it all go.

Space ritual:

Now that you are freed of those limiting beliefs, you have created unlimited space. Don’t jump right into filling that space up with your own thoughts, however. Leave some room and opportunity for higher level desires and dreams to move in and mature. Sit in the stillness for awhile and meditate on how you can best serve in this new space.

Once you are clear, on another sheet of paper, write down where you want to be, go, see, accomplish, create, cultivate, and share. Answer from the depths of your soul, your most authentic place. Don’t hold back.

Once you have written down your desires, visualize them from your third eye. Project the events, people, circumstances, and synchronicities out into the universe as if you were playing the movie of your life.

Play it out. All of it. Feel every detail. This is powerful stuff.

You are powerful beyond measure—the designer of your life, in co-creation with the universe. You will be divinely guided if you are open and receptive to asking and acting.

Go forth and be badass

You got this. The power of ritual and intention have been used since the dawn of time and it is ever more important to integrate these ancient wisdoms into our modern lives. We are human and must nurture that aspect of our spiritual existence with as much love and compassion as possible.

We are all going to fuck up, get lost, fall off, disrespect ourselves and our desires, and live cloaked in fear at times. And that’s ok. As long as you acknowledge and own your darkness, your shadow, you will exercise the muscle of your wisdom and light. Learn from the dark and carry those timeless lessons with you into the light. It’s a never ending process that even the highest of spiritual leaders are also going through. No one is exempt from the school of life, and death is the only graduation.

Live it up. Release to rise. Go forth and be badass.

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Morgan Garza

Morgan Garza

Morgan is a free spirit, traveler of inner and outer worlds, and co-founder of Spirit Guides Magazine. Her background is in holistic health and wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy healing, and all things mystical. She feels deeply, thinks expansively, and writes to make you feel something, question everything, and make you smile.

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