Love, Sex & Sacred Union – July 2019

Your Relationship Q’s Answered by Love Activist Heather Kristian Strang

Heather Kristian Strang

Q: At what age do people stop having sex?

A: Dearest one, some people have sex until the day they die.

We know this may be shocking to some as there exists a significant cult-ural matrix that says sex becomes painful for women and men lose all interest in sex as they age. We are typically programmed to believe that aging is a decrepit and painful process of disease that halts all sexual activity, or any vital life activity for that matter.

But. What if that were a farce?

A farce intent on keeping you from your natural healing abilities, your innate power, and your ability to live a vital, healthy, fulfilling life up until the day you choose (yes, you do choose) to make your transition out of this body.

What if these old cult-ural beliefs were a program running to keep folks disconnected from each other through sexual intimacy and from their pleasure through self-pleasure and sexual intimacy?

What if your sexual chakra was a pleasure portal that impacted your creativity, prosperity, how long you live, your health, and more? (Hint: I’m being rhetorical, it is!)

And so, because of this, perhaps you and all of us are ready to install a new program, one that says that sexual energy is vitality energy, it’s creativity energy, it’s prosperity in all of its forms and it’s the energy that supports us in magnetizing to us exactly what we need to fulfill our mission in this life.

With this new program installed we can get clear about how we want to engage with this sexual energy. We may wish to continue having penetrative or oral sex, we may not—but those are choices we can make at any age.

Our sexual energy contains our vital lifeforce energy and so we want to find ways to work with it that most light us and our partners (if we have a partner) up.

I have had clients who upon becoming quite ill, were given an orgasm prescription from our sessions together! The prescription was for them to have orgasms two to three times a week minimum to support their body’s natural healing abilities.

For one of my client’s, when she was so ill she was not able to get up and move around much, her partner pleasured her or she pleasured herself. As she began to heal, she engaged in the sexual activities that felt most aligned for her.

Working with your sexual energy is a beautiful way to activate the body’s natural healing energy that exists within the sexual chakra.

This is a natural energy that can uplift every area of our life when we engage it in a conscious, healthy way.

That means staying out of any demeaning sexual fantasies or activities so that our natural sexual energy can serve us and create more Love in our body and, thus, in our life. Because sexual energy is our creation energy we want to engage in sexual activities that are positive, sacred, and orgasmic—that’s the kind of energy we want to create more of in our life.

You’ll notice the quality of your climax will be short and not lastingly pleasurable when you have activated demeaning activities and fantasies. However, when you’re specifically focused on the pleasure in your body itself and love itself, your climax will lengthen considerably (I’ve had orgasms to climax that have lasted upwards of five minutes-plus of pure pleasure with this practice!).

If we have sexual trauma, we want to work with a skilled practitioner we trust to release those traumas so we can reconnect with this incredible healing energy that naturally exists in our bodies.

So, dear reader, I encourage you to shed those old beliefs that say sex “stops” at any age and instead step into a new experience with your sexuality, allowing it to be as vital and thriving as feels aligned for you. Your whole life—from your money-flow to your personal magnetism to your health to your sex life—will thank you when you do!


Q: My beloved is finally getting into a mindset of retirement and going to 30 or 20 hours a week. He’s also starting to connect more with his intuition and his Higher Wisdom (YAY!!!!!). He’s still nervous about cash money and what people will think of him as he gets more ‘woo.’ Is there anything I can do to help him other than hold space?

A: The most important thing we can do for anyone is to love and support them unconditionally.

And so, when your partner is beginning to come into greater alignment with himself, that’s something to celebrate, bless, and cheer on.

While we cannot do the work for those we love, our positive encouragement and positive belief in them can have a far greater influence than we know. In fact, simply holding our beloved in a positive light and seeing him/her excelling—in your case in living a more peaceful, love-based, relaxed life—can be a powerful energetic and psychic influence to support him in laying claim to this and living it more fully.

I would dare say your beloved is able to step into this more ‘woo’ way because of your psychic influence simply by embodying these truths for yourself.

So often we think that we have to ‘get’ our partner somewhere, but we have all had the experience of trying to get our partner to do something by pushing and suggesting and efforting.

That always backfires because it’s too much energetic force and efforting to try to get someone somewhere they aren’t sure they want to be, and they are certain to rebel/resist this force.

It’s far more effective for us to praise our partner daily, to encourage them to follow their true self in all they do, to be who we actually are each day (which means staying on point in our emotional and spiritual work), to include them in our prayers and blessings each day, and to ask that if it serves the Highest Divine Will that they are able to live their Highest Path alongside us.

The above combination will have far greater impact and results than complaining, pushing, or trying to ‘get’ our partner somewhere ever could.

And if I may, I want to invite you and encourage you to let go of calling it ‘woo.’ That was appropriate in the early days, but it’s 2019 and it’s no longer woo, it’s actually, factually and scientifically true.

Meaning Spirit Science is a real thing and no longer is it woo or “out there” to pray, meditate, use holistic and energetic healing, live like you’re on vacation (see our book on this topic if you’re ready to live in this way!), create heart-centered work that’s a true expression of our Spirit, or work with money as energy, not only as a tangible form.

This is legit, 111 percent, the real-mother-f*cking deal.

As you embody this yourself, it opens the space for your beloved to assess living spiritually in a different way.

Embody it, be it, live it fully from the inside out and it won’t just be a weird fad or trend but actual truth, being lived through your form.

That’s what this time in consciousness is all about—embodiment. Becoming that which we truly are.

If we got to the Spirit-led party after we were already in partnership, we can now invite our partner to join us.

A great way to invite your partner in, is to gift them a copy of our Truth About Love Guide. For only $11.11, there’s literally no reason not to, and then the two of you can do the many rituals included together as a team. This will not only deepen your intimacy, it will support your beloved in becoming more fully who he/she truly is.

For those who are single, calling in a partner who also cares deeply about growth, becoming who they really are and living the absolute best, highest, healthiest version of themselves possible is strongly recommended. Our Truth About Love rituals can support you in calling in this beautiful partner as well!

When two people come together to co-create knowing what we’ve shared here, they are truly unstoppable. Even better, they’re filled with greater purpose, meaning, fulfillment, love, joy and peace.

And that’s a life far better than retirement!

Heather Kristian Strang

Heather Kristian Strang

Heather Kristian Strang is a bestselling author, Love Activist, and mystic. She has written seven books, including the most recent Live Like You’re On Vacation: An Oracle From The JOGs, as well as her spiritual romance The Quest series. She has written for and been featured in Bustle, Elephant Journal, Spirit Guides Magazine, Elite Daily, The Huffington Post, Sivana Spirit, Sedona Journal of Emergence, FinerMinds, The Oregonian, Portland Monthly, and the book Fierce on the Page. She is the founder of Rising UP for Love, an organization that brings more Love to the Earth plane through meditations, emotional empowerment tools, healing transmissions, and more. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology. Learn more at and

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