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High Vibe Malas Infused with Ancient Mantras


verything in the universe is energy, and the current that Jessica Sevapreet Hesser, founder of Mantras + Miracles, emits is one of the highest vibrations we’ve felt! A Kundalini Yoga instructor and jewelry designer, she truly lives a life of passion, purpose, and divine light.

What sets Hesser’s jewels apart is the infusion of mantra, the intentional practice of Kundalini Yoga, and the conscious energy of reiki. “Wearing the jewelry or using the stones aligns your etheric body and aura with the intention held by the gem and the mantra,” Hesser explains, “creating a continued level of higher resonance within and around you.”

Her beautiful journey began with a bath and the rest is still being written. Spirit Guides got a peek into her soul and the inspiration that sparked the flame which has grown into a roaring fire of miracles.

Mantras and Miracles

When and how did Mantras + Miracles come into existence?

It happened in the bath. Seriously, it did.

I’ve come to live my life directed by the guidance Spirit gives me. A few years ago, my messages came most frequently in the bath. At the time, the bath was my ritual space, my little haven.

I was soaking one night and I heard a voice very clearly tell me that I needed to start a jewelry business. I was shown a vision of it, but it was more like the potential energetic field of it. There was so much energy behind it I was amazed! Of course I said yes, although I had no idea what that really meant.

I had made jewelry as a hobby in the past and had accidentally stumbled upon this amazing alchemy of mantra combined with crystals and stones, but I didn’t really know how to start a business. The next day I got a call from a woman I had never met. She got my number from a friend. She was opening a yoga studio and wanted some custom yoga bracelets made and asked me if I could do it. Again, I said yes—and the Mantras + Miracles jewelry line was born.

What is your go-to mantra when you need clarity and peace?

It’s so hard to try to pick my favorite mantra. Like, almost impossible. I use the mantras from my Kundalini Yoga practice. Sat Narayan is perfect for clarity and peace. It invokes the water element and is said to give peace even where there is none.

What have you been guided by the most through your spiritual journey?

Wow. A little bit of everything for sure. It almost feels like I have more mystical experiences than “regular” ones and those come in all forms—animal guides, voices, visions, deities, angels, ancestors, etc. But  if I had to pick one, I’d say my intuition. It is my compass and guide. I hear communication from Spirit most often through my intuition; it’s just this very clear and constant flow of direction.

Mantras and Miracles

Where is the most spiritual place you’ve traveled to and how did it influence you?

I don’t know if I can imagine one place as more spiritual than another. I think all places have some magic and I love seeking that out no matter where I am. In that way, they all influence me, they all change me somehow.

Sedona is definitely a magical place. I get lots of Spirit messages when I’m in Sedona and the land kind of talks to me.

I’ve watched red and blue and green lights flashing and dancing all over the hills in Urubamba, Peru. I’ve felt the most profound silence in the Redwoods of northern California. I’ve experienced deep healing in the Gulf of Mexico and been broken wide open by the Grand Canyon. Plaza Blanca in New Mexico is pure magic. Here in Hawaii the stars are absolutely brilliant. You can see the whole Milky Way and it cultivates a very mystical energy. It’s pretty profound.

But my heart is always in the desert. I love the southwest and especially red earth. That’s what calls to me the most and where I always feel spiritually at home.

Kundalini Yoga is a major influence on the jewelry you design. How did you come to make the connection between the adornment of your creations and the power of the practice?

Really, it was just a natural extension. I have been in love with Kundalini Yoga from the moment I found it, so it has infused everything I’ve done over the last few years. This yoga continually creates a higher caliber of life for me—it’s become the foundation of everything I do.

I fell in love with mantra when I started this practice and for the first couple years, I chanted mantras all the time. One day I was making gemstone bracelets (I made jewelry as a hobby back then) and was chanting mantras while I did it and I noticed that the stones began to feel different. Their energy was different, they were vibrating in a new, more powerful way.

I knew it was the effect of the mantra. The energy in the stones is an expression of vibration and so is mantra. The stones really love taking on a mantra of similar vibration. It creates this beautiful alchemy. The trick is matching the right mantra to the right stone. Luckily, I’m kind of a crystal-whisper; I can really quickly tune-in to the frequency of a stone and hear what it has to offer and what it likes.

Mantras and Miracles


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