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Camber Wilson’s journey from secret childhood abilities to life as a leading millennial medium

BY Susanne Wilson

s a spiritual teacher, I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring hundreds of people to develop their intuitive abilities and mediumship. The vast majority of my students use this knowledge to improve their lives and to grow spiritually; they never intend to become professional mediums and that’s just fine. I teach students from all around the world via video conference in small groups; however, I found a gem of a student, right here in my own backyard of Phoenix, Arizona. I’d like to introduce you to Camber Wilson. At 33 years old, Camber is on her way to become a renowned medium and spiritual teacher. Although we share a surname, we aren’t related. But I would gladly adopt her!

Camber Wilson

Emerging spiritual medium Camber Wilson

Thank you, Camber, for agreeing to do this interview. When did you know you could talk with the dead?

When I was a baby my oldest brother, KC, drowned on a family lake trip. I don’t ever remember a time that I wasn’t able to connect to spirit, and more specifically, to my brother. As a toddler with grieving parents, and also being aware that I didn’t quite fit in with the people around me, I looked to my brother in spirit, for comfort, understanding, and support. I remember as a little person trying to make sense of everything I was experiencing, but also knowing that my parents weren’t open to talking about all this. So I relied on spirit and myself to figure it out. KC helped by giving me a lot of validations along the way.

Do you remember as a child the first time your brother in the spirit world connected with you?

One of my earliest memories was of knowing I could hear this beautiful, loving being, and then one day watching a family home video, where KC was playing with me on the floor and making me giggle. I was three or four years old, but I knew that the beautiful person who I connected to so frequently was that little boy that was playing with me in that video. I knew instantly how unique and special our connection was, not only because I could still hear and sense him so clearly, but also that he understood me in a way that no one else could. We had a deep spiritual connection and agreement that he would be with me through my whole life. It was then that I started calling him my guardian angel.

What was it like, knowing your brother wasn’t really ‘lost’ while your parents and siblings all grieved his death?

I didn’t understand my family’s grief because, for me, KC never left. I tried to tell my parents once about how truly close he is all the time, but the misunderstanding I got in return caused me to not be open about my gift with anyone. From that point on I kept my connection to spirit secret, and very sacred to me. I never wanted to be misunderstood, rejected, or have to prove anything to those around me.

Was it ever scary, connecting with spirit as a child?

Even as a child, I was very aware of the light and the dark when it comes to spirit. My brother and my spiritual team—which I thought was the “Holy Ghost” because that was the only term given to me—were the only spirits I was open to as a child-medium. Being a child in a family with grief and turmoil, I hyper-developed my ability to sense the thoughts and feelings of those around me. This was a blessing in disguise because learning to anticipate moods and emotions of people in the physical world helped me tune in to the spirit world. My dad, who took my brothers’ death the hardest, started drinking and became an alcoholic. As an empath, my abilities served me to know when the atmosphere around me was ‘safe’ for the moment. Whenever my dad came home, he would always enter through the back patio. I could sense, by the time he opened the back door, whether I needed to leave the room.

Obviously you’ve always been an empath, meaning that you easily sense the moods, feelings, and emotions of others. Was that a blessing or a curse?

Being an empath, or a clairsentient as it sometimes called, came with a lot of really heavy burdens. As an empath first develops, the first emotions you are most commonly able to sense are all the negative ones: pain, anger, fear, and heartbreak. As a child, I often felt the negative emotions as though they were mine. But when I connected to spirit, I understood that those who have passed have peace and joy, and they always came to me in a beautiful light. I learned early on that life is where we feel pain and where we struggle.

Were all your spirit connections positive?

Early on I became aware of spirits who were not from the light, and were not friendly. Because of the turmoil in my home, we had one specific male individual that hung around and fed off the pain and contention. Looking back, I realize that this dark spirit wasn’t dangerous to me, but he terrified me at the time. I spent most nights hiding under my blankets for hours, praying for help, and always sleeping with the lights on. During the daytime, I couldn’t feel the negative entity as strongly and I didn’t pay him much attention, but at night he would heckle me and try to feed off my fear, too.

It was at this point (about 7 or 8 years old) that I wanted nothing to do with this ability and I started trying to block it out, except to continue to allow the connection I had with my brother.

So it sounds like you tried to tune-out your abilities. How did that work for you?

I was able to block out a lot of my ability in junior high school and high school, but I was always ‘more intuitive’ than others around me. I look back now and I’m grateful for the experience of tuning out, because I learned that I can turn it off when I needed. I don’t want to walk around completely open 24/7, picking up on everyone’s feelings, thoughts, etc. That would be like a tornado picking up everybody else’s debris.

You mentioned your father’s addiction to alcohol after the death of your brother. How has addiction been a force in your spiritual development?

My husband and I married just a few months after high school graduation. Two years into our marriage after our first son was born, I started seeing signs of addiction in my husband and our marriage started falling apart. I ‘lost’ my soul mate for a really long time then, not in the way that physical death takes a person, but in the way that addiction kills a person’s light and who they are, and deforms them into the ‘Mr. Hyde’ of their former self. I couldn’t put my finger on really what was going on, but often in our fights I would say, “There is something going on. There is something you aren’t telling me.”

Eleven years into our marriage my husband finally came to me with an addiction he had struggled with almost his entire life, and into intense therapy we went. Those were truly my darkest moments. All I had wanted after getting out on my own was to escape the abuse, turmoil, contention, and addiction that had plagued my upbringing, and not only did it follow me into my adult life, but it took away the only person that I had opened myself up to completely, my soul mate. My husband is still, to this day, the only person I have personally witnessed who fully recovered from addiction.

That year of my husband’s intervention and therapy brought me to the core of myself. I was completely stripped of everything I held dear, and there were times when I wanted to die. I spent that whole year praying and begging for help and guidance, but not listening to the answers, expecting the answer to be that my husband was the one that needed to change, but at the same time I was having a breakdown myself.

It sounds as though you hit ‘rock bottom’ emotionally. How did you come back from all of that?

I actually thought about suicide for months, and then, finally, I allowed Spirit to enter in. Remember, I had all but closed off my connection to the spirit world, except for my brother in spirit. The first time I heard spirit again was in the middle of a couple’s therapy session, where I was desperately trying to plead my case for the need for change. I was literally emotionally dying. In my thoughts, I cried out for help, and what happened next was amazing. I heard a woman’s voice clearly say, “This is not where you are going to find healing. You need to walk out (with a telepathic understanding to quit this therapy), and God will catch you.” Well, it was like being slapped in the face! I was able to detach from what was going on in that session; I looked at my therapist and my husband and told them I was quitting therapy for now. But after I walked out, I never went back.

I got into my car to leave, but then my bravado had worn off, and I started crying. A song that had meaning to me began to play on the radio. It was the song ‘Preacher’ by OneRepublic: He said God only helps those that learn to help themselves. In that moment, I made the commitment to myself that life was going to be different and I was going to make that happen with God’s help. After that, I went home and spirit started showing me how to heal. Life started to become easier and I finally felt like I could breathe again.

So, now, you are married with three young children, a successful practice as a professional medium, and you even raise goats. Don’t you have a lot on your plate?

Ha! My life is very busy, and I love it. I am still blissfully in love and happily married to my best friend and soul mate. I have been married for 14 years. We are both involved in self-development in our own ways, and he’s been my number one supporter and the first person I was completely honest with about my gift.

What’s up next for you?

I am excited about the Afterlife Research and Education Institute (AREI)’s symposium coming up in Scottsdale, Arizona, this September. I’ll be on a panel with the publisher of Spirit Guides Magazine, Arizona Bell, and others to talk about ‘Millennials: A New Generation of Mediums and Astral Travelers.’ There are lots of amazing guest speakers like George Noory, Dr. Gary Schwartz, Roberta Grimes, Mark Anthony, and of course you, Susanne. AREI is expecting about 500 people to attend. And next year, I plan to study trance mediumship at Arthur Findlay College in England.

What services do you offer? How can you be reached?

I offer two types of readings: Angel Readings and Spirit Team Readings. Angel Readings are readings to connect to loved ones that have passed on, and Spirit Team Readings are readings to connect to guides and angels for direction and insight.

To help ensure my clients get the most from their session with me, I ask them to do a “Pre-Reading Exercise” which is simple but effective. I ask the client to sit down ahead of time and identify who it is they are looking to connect with, and then ‘invite’ those individuals to the reading out loud, and make note of questions they would like answered. Nothing is shared with me before the session; this is how my clients energetically create what it is they are seeking. When they follow these instructions before the session, the session is usually focused, organized, and it brings a sense of peace to the client. I can be reached at

Susanne Wilson

Susanne Wilson

Susanne Wilson is a medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach About Spirit Communication. Website:

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