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Patti Negri is Hollywood’s “It” Reality Show Urban Witch

BY Deborah Brosseau


he’s an actress, a producer, a civic leader, and the go-to spiritualist in Hollywood. Patti Negri—psychic medium and spiritual advisor—has been generously sharing her gifts for decades to empower anyone who wants to bring magic into their lives.

Negri grew up in suburban Lakewood, California, with parents who she remembers as not religious, but definitely “seekers.” Her grandfather, an early and continued influence, was Vitali Negri, a noted humanist and scientist. She remembers being a toddler with imaginary friends who were not really imaginary. She made concoctions from the garden and would astral project to neighbors’ homes. “I didn’t know what I was doing, but I did know what I was doing,” she says.

At 7, Negri conducted her first séance with a friend. “I realized I didn’t know any dead people!” she explained. “So I thought about Marilyn Monroe, John Kennedy—it was the ‘60s. I made up my first chant, then lights and orbs—boom, boom—filled the hall. We ran out screaming, but I was thinking ‘yes, yes!’”

Patti Negri


Being a child of the ‘60s, Negri’s mom had been given a drug during pregnancy that was believed to prevent miscarriage. It did not, and was instead dangerous for the fetus. From ages 15 to 30, Negri was having menopausal symptoms, frail bones, tumors, autoimmune diseases, and surgeries. At 30, she said, “no…to all of this! If I believe in magic…” So she set her intentions, did her work, and all her symptoms disappeared. At age 50, the woman who was projected to be in a wheelchair or dying of cancer was a contestant on the obstacle competition show “Wipeout.” She is her own best example of the power of magic.

Now the president of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, Negri, like any great practitioner, continues to seek and study. When she was younger, it was traditional religions like Christianity, Buddhism, and Wicca. Now, she says, “There’s not a week I’m not studying something—chaos magick, British traditional craft, new age, old age—knowledge is power.”

Though never bullied or ostracized (and getting only one intervention from religious friends), Negri kept her witch work separate from her professional life. She had a “beautiful circle of women for practicing ritual” but as the owner of a booming corporate entertainment company, Brain Brew, her clients couldn’t think that “the person who is putting on motivation seminars runs around bonfires in a cape and talks to dead people.”

After the last market crash, corporate entertainment waned. But reality TV was booming. With her acting background and accessible personality, Negri was a natural. A friend in production needed a séance for a show. Patti delivered in her light and approachable way, and thus, came flying out of the broom closet.

Magical tools on Patti’s dining room table

This work snowballed. “I do some silly shows, but can provide real perspective and empowerment,” she said. “I will not be there to cause a fight.”

Private sessions are her bread and butter, combining magic, energy work, and coaching for regular clients. As an intuitive, she can read her client and work with how they need to learn: by seeing, by hearing, by being academic—as long as it’s empowering. “Who cares if you were Cleopatra? What were the lessons you learned from being Cleopatra?”

A powerful energy shifter, she also does house and business clearings that clean out the bad and infuse the good. Séances are another specialty (check out past and current episodes of “Ghost Adventures”). But as an urban witch, regular every-day magical behavior is what Negri recommends trying, and she’s full of easy-to-follow advice!

Patti Negri

One of Patti’s altars, with a picture of Adrianne, who owned the home and still spiritually lives there


Negri calls herself the “30-second Queen of Things,” offering fast solutions to daily challenges. She works elementally, so generally, no special tools are needed for quick tips. Feeling ungrounded? Hug a tree! Angry or sad? You’re in need of some water, so take a shower, bath, or rinse your hands (always with positive, releasing intent). Got a chatty or foggy brain? Chant! The breathing and vowel sounds create clarity.

In the kitchen, use magical ingredients. Mushrooms, coconut, celery, cinnamon, and peppermint tea increase and amplify psychic awareness. Bell pepper, onion, artichoke, and garlic are protection foods. Tomatoes are good for prosperity and love. And always, always hold and charge your ingredients with your energy and cook with intent.

Patti Negri

Another altar of meaningful items blessed with intention

In the car, have a protection totem. Negri says it could be anything from a crystal to a plastic dragon. Keep aromatherapy spritzers for reducing stress (lavender is a good choice). Use your time in the car to enjoy uninterrupted “me” time.

Glue a charged stone to your cell phone case. Use a symbol of protection as your screen saver. In the digital world, “it’s still energy.”

And here, according to Negri, is the “secret to the world”: We all know color is powerful. So wearing dark blue undies is a power move—a high vibration color on your lower chakras raises vibrations.

The bottom line for everyday magic is keeping “a consciousness of how things make you feel, and going with those cues to make choices.”

Patti Negri

Patti and Princess Dora, the other Hollywood star in the family

Deborah Brosseau

Deborah Brosseau

Deborah Brosseau is a freelance writer and owner of Spinner PR, a boutique audience development company for A&E, lifestyle and nonprofit industries. She has worked with award-winning publishers and theater companies, internationally recognized recording artists and world-serving charities, as well as some of the most creative and progressive independent talents around.

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